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15 & Under

Provincial Curling Championships

February 23-25 2012

Crapaud Community Curling Club

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Tyler Smith and Jenny McLean rinks win O'Connor Glass 15 and Under Ch'ships

Feb. 25-The O’Connor Glass Provincial 15 and Under Curling Championships wrapped up today at the Crapaud Community Curling Club, with the Tyler Smith rink from the Crapaud and Charlottetown clubs winning the boy's section, and the Jenny McLean team from the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in Summerside winning the girl's. Both rinks were undefeated in the event.


Photo (L-R): Sponsor David O'Connor, Tyler Smith, Alan MacLean, Noah O'Connor, Andrew Cameron, Coach Matthew


Photo (L-R) Jenny McLean, Lauren MacFadyen, Ava Whitney-Coulter, Emily Vaniderstine

Smith grabbed an early lead in this evening's final against Brooks Roche and his Montague team, taking a triple in the first end and a single in the second, and went on to win 6-2. McLean was ahead 3-2 after three ends in her game against Kaleign MacKay and her rink from the Silver Fox and Crapaud clubs, but followed a stolen triple in four with a single steal in the fifth to lead 6-2. MacKay came back with a deuce in six, but a McLean triple in seven brought the score to 10-4. MacKay was able to pick up a deuce in the final end to make the final score 10-6 for McLean.

Other members of the Smith team are third Alan MacLean, second Noah O'Connor, and lead stone Andrew Cameron, with coaches Glen MacLean and Kevin Smith. Lauren MacFadyen plays third for the McLean team, with Ava Whitney-Coulter at second stone, and Emily Vaniderstine in the lead position. Coach is Brent McLean. Playing with the runner-up Roche team were Ryan and Dylan Lowery, and Owen Newson, with coach Cody Dixon, while Abby MacFadyen, Kaleigh Peters and Alyssa Wright, with coaches Sheila Compton and Shelley MacFadyen, complete the MacKay rink.

Photo (L-R): David O'Connor (sponsor), Brooks Roche, Dylan Lowery, Ryan Lowery, Owen Newson, Coach Cody Dixon


Photo (L-R): David O'Connor (Sponsor), Kaleigh MacKay, Abby MacFadyen, Kaleigh Peters, Alyssa Wright and
Coach Sheila Compton.

Smith downed Alex MacFadyen of the Silver Fox 10-2 in this afternoon's semi-final round, while Roche got by Justin Campbell of the Fox 9-7. The McLean rink recorded a five ender and two fours in a 16-0 blanking of Charlottetown's Lauren Moerike team that lasted only five ends, while MacKay edged the Rachel O'Connor rink from the Cornwall Curling Club by a 6-5 score.

Only one tiebreaker was needed following round robin play, between Alex MacFadyen of Summerside’s Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club and Leslie Noye from the Western Community Curling Club on the boys side, with MacFadyen coming back from a 5-4 deficit to pick up 3 in the 7th and win 7-6.

Smith and Campbell finished round robin play on Friday with 3-0 win-loss records, with MacFadyen and Roche coming second in their pools at 2-1. On the girl’s side, McLean was first after the round robin with a 3-0 record, while MacKay and O’Connor were next at 2-1.  The Moeirke team were second in their pool at 1-2, and also advanced to the semi-final round.

Nine boys and six girls rinks took part. The KFC 12 and Under goes Sunday at the same club, with the first draw at 9 am, and results available at http://peicurling.com/12andunder. Six boys and six girls teams are participating.

O’Connor Glass 15 and Under Awards

Feb. 26-The annual Fair Play sportsmanship awards, as voted on by all the players, and the Asham coaching awards, as voted on by their coaching peers, were handed out following yesterday’s O’Connor Glass 15 and Under Curling Championships finals at the Crapaud Community Curling Club.

Skip Jenny McLean from the winning girl’s rink out of the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in Summerside won the girl’s Fair Play honours, while Cameron Jenkins, skip of the Charlottetown Curling Club’s Jenkins rink, won the boys.

Photo (L-R): Sponsor David O’Connor, Jenny McLean

Photo (L-R): Sponsor David O’Connor, Cameron Jenkins

The coaching award for the girl’s division team went to Pat Quilty, coach of the Rachel O’Connor rink out of the Cornwall Curling Club.


Photo (L-R): Pat Quilty, sponsor David O’Connor

The coaches award for the men’s division teams went to David Parker, coach of the Cameron Jenkins rink from the Charlottetown Curling Club.

Photo: L-R: Sponsor David O’Connor, David Parker


Click for live end-by-end results at LiveCurling.com




Click draw number for end-by-end results at LiveCurling.com
(Girls games in pink, boys in blue)

Date Time Draw # Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
4:30 pm One Collings vs
vs Lewis
Noye vs
vs MacKay
7:30 pm Two Roche vs
DeWolfe vs
Schut vs
vs Campbell
830 am Three   Collings vs
McLean vs
Lewis vs
10:45 am

Opening Ceremonies

11:30 am Four Noye vs
Roche vs
vs Campbell
Smith vs
3 pm Five Lewis vs
DeWolfe vs
vs MacKay
vs Collings
6:30 pm Six Roche vs
Noye vs
Smith vs
vs MacCallum
8:30 am Seven   TB1(4) TB1(4)  
10:30 am Eight   TB2 (4)
or TB (8)
TB2 (4)
or TB (8)
2:30 pm Nine Semi Semi Semi Semi
6 pm Ten   Final Final  

Eight end games, except for tiebreakers, which are four ends if two tiebreakers, eight ends if one.

1. The provincial events coordinator will make all final decisions with regard to administration of playoffs.
2. Playoffs will comprise of top 2 teams in each pool. A1 vs B2 and A2 vs B1 will be semi finals.
3. Winner of both semi finals will advance to championship game.
4. In the event of (2) or more teams tying for a playoff position, head to head record with the teams involved, will be used to seed the teams in the tiebreaker. If no clear winner(s) among the tied teams then the lower team ranking system will be used.
5. Team ranking system will follow GIRLS 3pm and BOYS 6:30pm draw

Tiebreaker games are 4 ends if two tiebreakers, or eight ends if one.


Team Rosters

15 and Under Boys

Pool Skip Throws Vice-skip/Mate/Third Throws Second Throws Lead Throws Coach #1 Coach #2 Club
B Justin Campbell 3rd Jordan MacLean 4th Ben Gardiner 2nd Brett Murphy 1st Eldon Kilbride Angie Arsenault Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
B Donald DeWolfe 4th Avery Wells 3rd Ben Wilson 2nd Riley Taweel 1st Stephen DeWolfe   Cornwall Curling Club
A Cameron Jenkins 4th Spencer Stetson 3rd Jonathan Cann 2nd Andrew Stetson 1st David Parker   Charlottetown Curling Club
B Ben MacCullum 4th Jack Ronahan 3rd Logan Maker 2nd Skyler Beaton 1st Mark Reid David Parker Charlottetown Curling Club
B Alex MacFadyen 4th James Dalton 3rd Matthew MacDonald 2nd Parker MacFadyen 1st David MacFadyen   Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
B Leslie Noye 4th Dylan Vincent 3rd Jacob Wilkins 2nd Alex Ramsay 1st Roger Gavin   Western Community Curling Club
A Brooks Roche 3rd Ryan Lowery 2nd Dylan Lowery 4th Owen Newson 1st Cody Dixon   Montague Curling Club
A Devin Schut 3rd Tyson Smith 4th Spencer Matheson 2nd Mitchell Schut 1st Mike Schut Jonathan Schut Cornwall Curling Club
A Tyler Smith 4th Allan MacLean 3rd Noah O'Connor 2nd Andrew Cameron 1st Glen MacLean Kevin Smith Crapaud/Charlottetown

15 and Under Girls

Pool Skip Throws Vice-skip/Mate/Third Throws Second Throws Lead Throws Alternate Coach #1 Coach #2 Club
B Danielle Collings 4th Chloe Jardine 3rd Maya White 2nd Eve MacKinnon 1st   Valerie Collings   Montague Curling Club
A Karlie Lewis 4th Emma Jean Griffin 3rd Isabelle Getson 2nd Emily Lewis 1st   Norma Jean Griffin   Western Community Curling Club
B Kaleigh MacKay 4th Abby MacFadyen 3rd Kaleigh Peters 2nd Alyssa Wright 1st   Sheila Compton Shelley MacFadyen Silver Fox/Crapaud
A Jenny McLean 4th Lauren MacFadyen 3rd Ava Whitney-Coulter 2nd Emily Vaniderstine 1st   Brent McLean   Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
B Lauren Moerike 4th Katie Reid 3rd Annika Kelly 2nd Tati Kelly 1st Olivia Corrigan Mark Reid   Charlottetown Curling Club
A Rachel O'Connor 3rd Meghan Ching 4th Lauren Lenentine 2nd Breanne Burgoyne 1st   Pat Quilty   Cornwall Curling Club

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