PEI Under 18 Ch’ships start this morning in Charlottetown

The 2017 Provincial Under 18 Curling Championships are being held at the Charlottetown Curling Complex from February 24-27, with six girls and five boys teams entered. Live results will be available at!/competitions/2332

Last year’s winners were the Tyler Smith foursome from Crapaud, Charlottetown and Montague, and the Lauren Lenentine team from Cornwall. Lenentine, who skipped the Under 21 provincial championship team this season, is back. Ryan Lowery is the only returning member from the Smith rink.

This year’s teams will play modified triple knockout formats, advancing the section winners to their respective two-game championship rounds. If a team wins two section finals, they will play in both games, and win the title if they win either game, while the other section winner would have to win both games. If a team wins all three section finals, the championship round will not be played.

The winning U18 teams earn the right to compete in the inaugural Canadian Under 18 Boys and Girls Curling Championship, operated by Curling Canada, April 18 to 22 at Curl Moncton and on arena ice at Moncton’s Superior Propane Centre.

Modified Triple-Knockout Draw


 Boy’s Games   Girl’s Games 

Date Time Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Ice 5
Feb. 24
9:30 AM 1 M1 M2 W1 W2  
1:30 PM 2 W3 W4 M3 M4  
5:30 PM 3 W6 W7 W5 M5 M6
Feb. 25
9:30 AM 4 M7 W8   M8 W9
1:30 PM 5 W11 M9 M10 W10 W12
Feb. 26
9:30 AM 6   W13 W14 M11  
1:30 PM 7     M12 W15  
Feb. 27
9:30 AM 8   PA   P1  
1:30 PM 9   P2   PB  

Explanation for P1/A and P2/B:
1. One team wins all three qualifiers: Championship Round is not required.
2. One team wins two qualifiers. They play in both X and Z (and win the event if they win either game), the other winner plays in Y (and has to win both games).

3. Three separate winners: the team that played in the most qualifying games* plays in Z and the other winners play off in X and Y. If there is a tie in number of qualifying games played, then the team that qualified earliest goes to Z and the other two teams play off in X and Y.

*Qualifying games have yellow text backgrounds on the schedule

U18 Boys Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Coach(es) Club(s)
Donald DeWolfe Jacob Wilkins Alex Gallant Nick Johnston Roger Gavin Cornwall, Silver Fox, Western
Parker MacFadyen Ryan Lowery Logan Maker Cruz Pineau David MacFadyen Silver Fox, Montague, Cornwall
Chase MacMillan Liam Barbrick Davis Nicholson Jack MacFadyen Rob Roberts Cornwall Curling Club
Devin Schut Owen Collier Tyler Garnhum Alec Huestis Arnie Nabuurs, Nancy Collier Cornwall and Montague
Mitchell Schut Colin MacKenzie Michael MacEwen Liam Kelly Nancy Yeo Cornwall Curling Club

U18 Girls Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Coach(es) Club
Alexis Burris Sydney Howatt Meghan Sherren Madelyn Cantwell A.J. Campbell Cornwall Curling Club
Lauren Ferguson Emma Coffin Sierra Clyke Emily Sanderson Dario Zannier, Edgar Coffin Cornwall Curling Club
Lauren Lenentine Kristie Rogers Tati Kelly Rachel O’Connor Pat Quilty Cornwall Curling Club
Rachel MacLean Jordan Dunphy-Condon Olivia Barbour Avery Nicholson Carl Nicholson, Brenda MacMillan Cornwall Curling Club
Bailey O’Grady Gillian Barbrick Meaghan Perry Katelyn Burgoyne Ann Doucette Cornwall Curling Club
Katie Shaw Amy Spence Lexie Murray Grace Bulger Mitchell O’Shea, Leigh Gustafson Charlottetown Curling Complex

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