Donald DeWolfe rink edges Mitchell Schut team to win PEI Under 18 Boy’s ch’ship

Donald DeWolfe and his Cornwall, Silver Fox, and Western Community team had two opportunities today to win the PEI Under 18 Boy’s Championship, and managed to do it on the first try, edging the Mitchell Schut rink from Cornwall 4-3 in an exciting game this morning. Schut, playing on his 14th birthday, led the match, which had three blank ends, until the seventh end, stealing a deuce in end two, with the teams trading singles in ends 3 and 5.

Photo: DeWolfe angle runback in end seven

In end seven, DeWolfe did an angle runback on his own guard, taking out a Schut counter, and tied the game with a deuce. In the final end, Schut was left with a draw to the four foot ring, but it went wide of the target.

Photo: Final stone

Winning DeWolfe team (L-R): Donald DeWolfe, Jacob Wilkins, Alex Gallant, Nick Johnston, coach Roger Gavin

The DeWolfe rink, which includes third stone Jacob Wilkins, second Alex Gallant, and lead Nick Johnston, with coach Roger Gavin, along with the Lauren Lenentine girl’s team, now advance to the  Canadian Under 18 Boys and Girls Curling Championship, operated by Curling Canada, April 18 to 22 at Curl Moncton and on arena ice at Moncton’s Superior Propane Centre. 

Runner-up Schut team (L-R): Mitchell Schut, Colin MacKenzie, Michael MacEwen, Liam Kelly, Nancy Yeo

Other members of the runner-up Schut team are third Colin MacKenzie, second Michael MacEwen, and lead Liam Kelly, with coach Nancy Yeo. The Schut rink, the girl’s runner-up Rachel MacLean team, and several other teams from the U18 event will be heading to Alberton on Saturday and Sunday for the Provincial Under 16 Curling Championships at the Western Community Curling Club, with three boy’s and six girl’s teams taking part.


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