Hope rinks representing PEI at Canadian Masters, starting today in Guelph

Canada’s best age 60+ curlers are in Guelph Ontario for the Hy-Grade Steel Roofing Canadian Masters Curling Championships. PEI is represented by the Bill Hope men’s rink from Cornwall and Charlottetown, and the Sandy Hope women’s team from Cornwall, who both recently won their respective Maritime Masters titles.

(L-R): Bill Hope, Craig Mackie, David Murphy, Bill Doherty

(L-R): Sandy Hope, Shelley Ebbett, Debbie Rhodenhizer, Arleen Harris

Practices and the opening ceremonies go today, with round robin play starting Monday and wrapping up Saturday. Semi-finals go Saturday at 2 pm, with the gold and bronze medal games Sunday April 9 at 10 am (women’s) and 2 pm (men’s).

Well-known curler Al Hackner is among the contenders, representing Northern Ontario, and will be trying to become the first skip to win the men’s, senior’s and master’s titles.

Live scoring: http://ontcurl.com/scoreboard/#!/competitions/2338

Event Website: http://www.2017masterscurling.ca/

  Sheets – Glaces
DATE DRAW TIME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Monday 1 9:00 ns vs pe NT vs BC NS vs NO QC vs NB sk vs ab YT vs SK nl vs bc yt vs on
April 3rd 2 2:00 PM H-T vs AB PE vs ON mb vs yt qc vs sk nb vs nl NS vs MB QC vs NL no vs ns
  3 7:00 PM BC vs NB SK vs NO bc vs ab AB vs NT no vs mb qc vs nb on vs pe ON vs YT
Tuesday 4 9:00 yt vs no nl vs qc PE vs SK NL vs BC ns vs on sk vs bc ab vs nb pe vs mb
April 4th 5 2:00 PM ab vs qc ns vs yt NB vs AB YT vs NS H-T vs NT pe vs no MB vs NO sk vs nl
  6 7:00 PM on vs mb NL vs NB H-T vs BC bc vs nb NO vs ON NT vs QC PE vs YT MB vs SK
Wednes 7 8:00 NO vs YT AB vs QC   MB vs PE   NL vs H-T ON vs NS NB vs NT
April 5th 8 11:30   on vs no nb vs sk mb vs ns pe vs yt ab vs nl   bc vs qc
  9 3:00 PM SK vs NS   ON vs MB   BC vs QC NO vs PE NB vs H-T AB vs NL
    6:30 PM Canada’s 150th Birthday Party – Victoria Park East
Golf Club
Thursday 10 11:00 NT vs NL YT vs MB   SK vs ON NS vs PE BC vs AB   QC vs H-T
April 6th 11 3:00 PM w3 vs w6 w2 vs w7 w4 vs w5 w1 vs w8 wx2-wx3   wx1-wx4  
  12 7:00 PM   Mx2-Mx5 Mx3-Mx4 Mx1-Mx6 M4 vs M5 M2 vs M7 M3 vs M6 M1 vs M8
Friday 13 8:30   Mx3-Mx6 Mx1-Mx5 Mx4-Mx2   wx3-wx1   wx4-wx2
April 7th 14 12:00 w4vs w7 w1 vs w6 w3 vs w8 w2 vs w5 M7 vs M1 M5 vs M3 M8 vs M2 M6 vs M4
  15 4:00 PM     wx4-wx3 wx2-wx1 Mx6-Mx2 Mx4-Mx1 Mx5-Mx3  
  16 7:30 PM M2 vs M5 M1 vs M6 M4 vs M7 M3 vs M8 w6 vs w4 w5 vs w3 w7 vs w1 w8 vs w2
Saturday 17 9:00 M7 vs M3 M8 vs M4 M5 vs M1 M6 vs M2 w7 vs w3 w6 vs w2 w8 vs w4 w5 vs w1
April 8th 18 2:00 PM   SF#2-W     SF#1-W SF#1-M SF#2-M  
    7:00 PM Banquet-Holiday Inn
Sunday 19 10:00     Bronze-W Gold-W
April 9th 20 2:00 PM     Bronze-M Gold-M
    4:30 PM       Closing Ceremonies    
    5:30 PM       Farewell Reception    

Note: Uppercase denotes Men’s games, Lowercase denotes Women’s games

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