Charlottetown Curling Complex – Registration Dates and season startup info

Registration Dates (on-site at the Complex)

September 13th from 5-7 pm; September 16th from 11 am -1 pm; September 23rd from 11 am-1 pm; and September 27th from 5-7 pm. Anyone who signs up prior to September 28thwill have their name entered into a draw for a $100 bar/rental credit at the CCC. See membership rates and details below.

Ice Update

They are planning to have the ice in and ready to go on October 10th. If all goes well, league play will begin on the 22nd of October.



A proposed league schedule is below, along with descriptions of the leagues themselves. Changes for this year see the Anything Goes League moving to Thursday in an effort to make this league even more social, and also to try and limit the number of games cancelled due to the “Monday blues”.

The Super League and Semi-Competitive League will play on separate nights this year, with each always playing the early draw.

The Adult Getting Started League will follow Doubles play on Monday night – they encourage all members to invite their friends and family to this league. There was great interest in it last year, when the league was split between the CCC and Cornwall, but this year it will be hosted by the Charlottetown alone. They hope to grow the number of people in this league.

They welcome any suggestions on this proposed plan, and are actively looking for volunteer League Coordinators. Please email for more info, to provide feedback, or to volunteer.


They are in the early stages of planning some events for the season, including: an Open House/Wine and Cheese Night, where members will get to choose the wine served at the CCC for the season; Curl for Cancer; Alpine Fun Spiel; Halloween Spiel; Turkey Spiel; Women in Curling; Newcomers Event; and Junior Days (mini-spiels for 18 and under teams on PD days).

They are currently recruiting volunteers to help out with some of these events. Please email if you are interested in getting involved!


They had some success with a members’ donation drive and want to thank all those who donated. They are still accepting donations – please contact them if you wish to donate.

The Horsemen’s Dance was another success. They hope to build on this year’s results to get the dance back to where it was a few years ago, when it was an even bigger success for the CCC. There will be some other fundraising opportunities throughout the season, which they will be rolling out as the season progresses.


The Board has decided to hire a full-time Club Manager for the season – a posting will be going out soon for that position. They encourage anyone interested to submit an application and/or to spread the word to anyone they think might be interested.

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