After ‘devastating’ year, Crapaud Curling Club back on solid ice (CBC PEI)

Club sees its future not just as a curling venue, but as a community centre

By Tom Steepe, CBC News

The Crapaud Curling Club is set to re-open this fall with new optimism, new ice-making equipment and — hopefully — new members.

Last year, just as the curling season was set to begin, a chiller barrel — a critical component of the club’s ice plant — unexpectedly broke down, leaving club executives with no choice but to cancel the entire season.

It was a huge blow to the club and its volunteers who had worked hard to ensure members were signed and paid up for the winter.

“It was very devastating,” said Jonathan Ramsay, one of the club’s board members. “We had high hopes on getting the ice going. We were making headway before this had happened, and then all of a sudden, it just blew up in our face and we had to deal with it and thankfully we had help and now look we’re getting ice.”


A new chiller barrel, a key component of the club’s ice plant, is being installed this week. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

A new chiller, which costs about $115,000, is being installed this week at the club. It’s the first step toward what the club hopes will be a busy curling season.

The focus now shifts to try and lure back local curlers who were forced to play elsewhere last year.

The club has begun an advertising campaign, and has reached out to past members.

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