Morris wins 1st men’s berth at the Roar of the Rings. 1 men’s, 1 women’s spot left to be determined

On Saturday at the Road to the  Roar pre-trials in Summerside, the Krista McCarville rink won the first women’s berth to the Roar of the Rings Olympic Trials, Dec. 2-10 in Ottawa.

On Sunday morning, the John Morris team captured the first men’s berth for the Trials, and the Julie Tippin rink advanced to the final women’s Trials qualifier at 2 pm.

Here is the schedule for the remaining qualifiers:

2 pm Meilleur vs Tippin for the 2nd berth

2 pm Howard vs Balsdon
7:30 pm Winner Howard/Balsdon vs Bottcher for 2nd berth


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