Curling’s Brett Gallant among inaugural KidSport ambassadors

Charlottetown, PE – Sport PEI is pleased to announce its inaugural KidSport Ambassador Team.  The relationship was formed between KidSport PEI and the following accomplished, home-grown, athletes: Lorie Kane, Jared Connaughton, Mark Arendz, Brett Gallant, Emily Cameron, Mozzi Gyorio and Kameron Kielly.

brettkidsportPhoto: Brett Gallant

Brett Gallant, from Charlottetown, PEI, currently plays second for the Brad Gushue Rink out of Newfoundland and Labrador.
He is also a 2016 Brier Silver Medalist, 2009 Canadian Junior Curling Champion, and a  2007 Canada Games Bronze Medalist

The mission is to create awareness of the KidSport Program, a charity that provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing sport.  As elite athletes from PEI, the KidSport Ambassadors know the impact sport can have on youth.  They recognize that all children deserve the opportunity to discover the power of sport.

Former Canadian Track Athlete and two time Olympian Jared Connaughton was asked to share his thoughts on becoming a KidSport PEI Ambassador. “I was excited to join (Team) KidSport for several reasons but specifically for the potential positive impact on the lives of young boys and girls, men and women sport can provide to their lives,” said Connaughton. “Without organizations like KidSport, access to foundational coaching, encouraging environments and safe equipment might never be realized.” Connaughton went on to explain that, “On PEI, sport is often the cornerstone of the community, a galvanizing force in building confidence and morale, and mostly importantly an opportunity to create a healthy sense of self and accomplishment, all important facets of a healthy productive society, all which ought to be accessible to all.”

Ambassadors Emily Cameron, Mark Arendz and Kameron Kielly’s first task was accept a cheque with KidSport PEI partner, D.P. Murphy Hotels and Resorts, represented by Mr. Danny Murphy, and Sport PEI President Tracey Clements for the funds raised at the recent KidSport Corporate Challenge.

In 2015, KidSport PEI disbursed over $150,000 in grants to over 640 youth.  These grants aid in the rising costs of sporting equipment and registration fees.  KidSport PEI is one of the only KidSport programs that do not implement any restrictions when it comes to the amount of families who apply for funding.  In order to continue operating in this inclusive environment, fundraising efforts must be continuously generated each year.

For more information on Team KidSport, or the KidSport program, visit:

Team Canada rower Emily Cameron among those to address female athletes age 10-16 at Cda Games Legacy event

Attention female athletes aged 10-16…

On August 9th, Sport PEI will be hosting an All Girls Event, “Play Hard, Train Hard”, in Summeride at Credit Union Place’s beach volleyball courts.

Come join champion rower Emily Cameron to hear about her high performance sport experience at this fun-filled event. The Summerside rower has won silver medals for Canada at the World Championships and World Cup, even had a boat named after her. Cameron, 33, is retiring from the team and moving to England to attend Oxford University this fall.

Girls from ages 10 to 16 are all welcome to participate in the day filled with activities from a yoga fitness class to a goal setting session. Guest speakers Cameron, and Shannon MacAulay, Canadian Hockey, along with Hannah Taylor, Canada Games Wrestling Medalist,  are excited to interact with the participants and engage with them throughout the day. MacAulay, who recently joined Cameron as an Ambassador for KidSport, knows how important it is for young female athletes to stay in the game, “Sport has opened many doors for me both personally and professionally. I have learned many life skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and it has also taught me a healthy way of living which I can promote to the next generation.”
Brought to you by:
Supporting emerging & high performance athletes.
“Play Hard, Train Hard”
Emily Cameron Team Canada Rower
DATE: Tuesday August 9TH, 2016
TIME: 10 AM – 2 PM
LOCATION: Credit Union Place – Summerside
COST: $20 (includes lunch and a T-shirt)
Emily Cameron, Team Canada Rower
Shannon MacAulay, Canadian Hockey
Hannah Taylor, Canada Games Wrestling Medalist

Guest Chats, Fitness Class, Fun Group Games,
Goal Setting Activities
CONTACT SPORT PEI: 40 Enman Crescent,
Charlottetown, PE
TOLL FREE ON PEI: 1-800-247-6712
PHONE: 902-368-6253


Signup by Aug. 15 for Crapaud’s Early Season curling, starting Sept. 6

The Crapaud Curling Club will again be having Early Season Curling, beginning on September 6th  2016, provided that they have 50 confirmed curlers by August 15th. The cost will be $100 plus HST which includes league play and practice times. They will be having 1 league night this year on Thursdays and practice times will be on the weekends starting Friday at 7:30 pm. Practice times must be booked at the club and preference will be given to paid rentals. Early Season curling is open to all curlers from all curling facilities.

Due to the increase in costs and the aging of their plant, they are only having 1 league night so we can keep the cost to the curlers the same and extend the life of the plant. To confirm that you will be taking part in the Early Curling, please email your name, address, contact # and email address to, put “Early Curling Season” as the subject and send payment by cheque to the Crapaud Community Curling Club, 20573 Trans Canada Highway, PO Box, 76, Crapaud, PE C0A 1J0. Cheques will be returned if the Early Curling Season does not proceed. If you have any questions, please contact Susan at 902-598-8800.


First Canadian U-18 Championships to be staged in Moncton, N.B. (Curling Canada)

History will be made next April in Moncton, N.B., when the city plays host to the inaugural Canadian Under-18 Boys and Girls Curling Championships.

The event, which will feature representatives of all 14 of Curling Canada’s Member Associations in both genders (aged 17 and under as of June 30, 2016), will be co-hosted by Curl Moncton and the Superior Propane Centre, and is scheduled for April 18-22.

Curl Moncton will co-host the inaugural Canadian Under-18 Curling Championships next April. (Photo, Courtesy Curl Moncton) 

“It’s an exciting time for curling because this event has been talked about for some time now, and to see it finally take shape, and give our country’s young stars a chance to show their talent on the national stage, will be a thrill for all involved,” said Hugh Avery, Chair of Curling Canada’s Board of Governors. “Moncton has stepped up for the sport of curling on so many occasions in the past, and has a notable history of hosting first-class events, so I know the host committee and volunteers will make these young curlers, their coaches and their families feel truly welcome.”

Moncton has a rich history of hosting national and international curling events. The city played host to the world men’s championship in both 2009 and 1980, and also hosted the 1985 and 1956 Brier.

Other major events in Moncton include the 1975 Macdonald Lassie Canadian women’s championship, the 2000 Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s Championships and the 1973 and 1952 Canadian Junior Men’s Championships.

Games will be played at both Curl Moncton as well as the Superior Propane Centre, giving young curlers more experience on arena ice.

The Superior Propane Centre in Moncton. (Photo, Greg Weston)

The teams will be seeded into two seven-team pools, and will play six eight-end round-robin games. The top three teams will advance to the playoffs, with the pool winners advancing directly to the semifinals, and the second-and third-place teams meeting in crossover quarter-finals.

“We’re honoured and privileged to be hosting the first Canadian Under-18 Boys and Girls Curling Championships, and we’re already hard at work to make sure this is a memorable event, both on and off the ice,” said Jacques Robichaud, Chair of the Moncton Host Committee. “We want to send our visitors home with wonderful memories, not only of what took place on the ice, but of the way they were made to feel at home in Moncton.”

Curling Canada’s Member Associations and Board of Governors approved the introduction of the Canadian Under-18 Boys and Girls Championships during the 2016 National Curling Congress last month in Cornwall, Ont.

Athletes who meet the age requirements will be able to enter this event as well as the Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships, which are set for Jan. 21-29 in Esquimalt, BC.

Click to read this story at the Curling Canada website.

Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club getting refresh, rebranding (Journal)

Restaurant gets a refresh, rebranded the Breakwater Bar and Grill

(by Nancy MacPhee)

Gordon Lapp walked into the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club after more than 15 years away from Summerside and immediately saw the potential.

lappGordon Lapp

Gordon Lapp, the new general manager of the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club, looks over the work in progress last week in the lounge/restaurant of the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club. The refresh is the first of many changes that Lapp has planned for the facility.

He also realized, after a look around the facility, that it needed a refresh.

“I want to make the club more inclusive. I don’t mean to sound like we were exclusive, but people really looked at the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club and just that, a curling and yacht club,” said Lapp, its new general manager. “And why wouldn’t they? That’s what it is called.”

But the Silver Fox, soon to be rebranded the Silver Fox Entertainment Centre, “is so much more,” he added, with a restaurant, banquet and meeting space and an entertainment venue that he hopes to expand into a 200-seat cabaret-style space.

Click to read full story in the Journal Pioneer.

World Curling Federation Sweeping Summit: Initial Findings (WCF)

wcflogoThe World Curling Federation Sweeping Summit was held between 23 and 26 May at the North Grenville Curling Club in Kemptville, Ontario near Ottawa, Canada.

This event brought together an impressive group of world class athletes, high performance experts, curling administrators and curling equipment manufacturers to conduct testing and research into the unusual and over-effective impact of sweeping reported during this past season.

The Athlete group included Olympic Champions, World Champions and World Championship competitors.

Testing was conducted under the supervision of the National Research Council of Canada, using
scientific methodologies and high-tech recording equipment.

The objectives of the Sweeping Summit were to:

* determine which existing combinations of materials, construction and design allow sweepers to have a directional influence on a swept curling stone;
* determine which combinations of materials, construction and design, enforceable sweeping technique(s), or both “eliminate or significantly reduce the ability for a curling broom to have directional influence on a swept curling stone”; and,
* recommend applicable standards for sweeping equipment and rules for sweeping to the WCF General Assembly.

The Sweeping Summit objectives took into account feedback from almost 5000 responses to the WCF Sweeping Survey about what influence brushing should be allowed to have on a swept curling stone.
The outcomes from the survey clearly identified that:

* the delivery should be the most important aspect of a successful curling shot;
* sweeping should never be able to slow a stone down or make a stone “fall back” against the curl; and,
* sweeping should have only marginal ability to directionally impact a stone.

Initial Findings

The Sweeping Summit tested almost 50 brush models supplied by six equipment manufacturers, both in their original forms and with alternative combinations of fabrics and constructions. These new concepts were provided by manufacturers with the aim of determining sweeping devices which produced little or no directional influence.

The public debate which occurred this past season included the suggestion that the unusual impacts of sweeping being observed were caused by a particular sweeping technique and if sweepers were made to sweep at 90 degrees, fully across the face of the stone, the undesirable effects would cease to be an issue.

Although the full data set from the Sweeping Summit is still being correlated by the NRC, it was
quickly determined that certain combinations of materials and constructions proved to be far too
effective in the hands of top sweepers of either gender.

Testing confirmed that regardless of the technique, even with sweeping at 90 degrees, certain brushes had the ability to manipulate the stone in ways that ran counter to the views expressed in the Survey, including slowing it down.

Sweeping Summit Recommendations

Following the conclusion of the Sweeping Summit, the participating athletes made the following unanimous recommendations to a joint meeting of the WCF Competition and Rules Commission and the WCF Athlete Commission:

1. Only WCF approved sweeping equipment should be allowed for use at WCF Championships and events.

2. A single fabric from a single source should be used on all brushes approved for use at WCF Championships and events. The preferred fabric identified at the Sweeping Summit is a woven product with no external waterproof coating or artificial texturing.

3. The brush head construction should include a hard plastic base of minimum and maximum dimensions, foam of a specific density and thickness and no other internal components or features, such as foil, inserts or ridges.

4. Three specific fabric type brush head constructions were extensively tested and unanimously recommended.

5. Each player should have their own brush and swapping of brushes between players should not be permitted.

6. Only one brush head should be allowed for use on each broom in each game, unless replacement is approved by competition officials in cases where environmental challenges produce less than ideal playing conditions.

7. The only sweeping technique requiring enforcement should be the rule prohibiting depositing debris in the path of the stone, or “dumping”.

After discussion and deliberation, the recommendations from the Sweeping Summit were supported by the two Commissions and forwarded to the WCF Board for consideration.

Following several weeks of consideration and consultation with stakeholders, including curling equipment manufacturers, the WCF Board also supported these recommendations in principle.

Further discussions are ongoing and work continues to develop the detailed proposals which will be voted on at the WCF Annual Congress in Stockholm in September.


Equipment produced under these recommended standards has been demonstrated to be capable of having a reasonable impact when used by elite athletes with a high fitness and skill level and this equipment is specifically intended for use in WCF Championships and events. It is also likely these standards will adopted by other competitions contested by the same elite athletes.

The recommendations from the Sweeping Summit were developed following performance tests conducted in controlled conditions and the keen observations of the resulting effects by some of the best curling athletes in the world.

There were a number of fabrics tested which performed within acceptable margins but the single recommended fabric produced particularly consistent results, regardless of which of the three recommended head constructions or techniques were used.

The recommendation for a single fabric from a single source is intended to add an additional measure of security to protect the integrity of the field of play in elite competition. By requiring all teams to have the same fabric on their brushes and for construction of the brushes to be within a particular set of specifications, any difference in sweeping performance becomes the difference in the athletic ability and skill of the sweepers.

The immediate focus for the WCF will be to continue to work collaboratively with the manufacturers to understand the implications of these recommendations in terms of creating equipment for elite level players in time for the 2016-17 season.

The NRC will produce reports on the testing outcomes from the Sweeping Summit and those reports
expected in the next month may assist organizers of other competitions and events, from elite level
tours to clubs, in choosing how best to apply the WCF standards for brush heads to their events or

That being said, ensuring equipment used by curlers at every level of play provides appropriate
effectiveness, enjoyment and safety is important to the WCF.

Therefore, based on the preliminary results from the Sweeping Summit which are still to be
confirmed by the NRC, the WCF has begun consulting with curling equipment manufacturers to
determine what steps, if any, should be taken regarding curling equipment intended for recreational

After the work of the NRC is completed and the full test results are presented to the WCF Board and
Members for consideration, a report will be made public.

Licensed Manufacturers

This past season demonstrated the need for clear standards and specifications for curling equipment and the importance of having in place an efficient and effective system for quality assurance and testing.
To that end, collaboration with curling equipment manufacturers has begun to develop a licensing arrangement for those manufacturers who wish to have their equipment approved for use at WCF Championships and events.

Approval of Recommendations

Under the terms of the WCF Constitution, it is the Member Associations at a General Assembly that have the authority to make decisions regarding Rules of Curling. The next General Assembly is in Stockholm Sweden in early September.

This timeframe would not allow sufficient time for manufacturers to produce equipment complying with these recommendations prior to the start of the 2016-17 season, thereby impacting WCF Championships and potentially other elite curing events.

Therefore, the WCF Board has taken the extraordinary step of advising the Member Associations of these recommendations, their intended impacts and the undesirable consequences of waiting until the General Assembly in Stockholm.

After asking for and receiving no objections from the Member Associations to proceeding at this time, the Board has taken the decision to proceed with establishing standards based on these recommendations so manufacturers can begin producing WCF approved equipment in time for next season.


The WCF Board would like to put on record its deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those involved in the Sweeping Summit.

The single-minded focus of this group to find a solution to the challenges faced by the sport over the past season has made a significant contribution to ensuring the fundamental principles of curling as a sport which demands a high degree of athletic performance and mental skill, are protected.

Click to read at WCF website

Veronica Smith to skip new PEI women’s team

A new PEI women’s curling team has been formed for the upcoming season, skipped by Veronica Smith, and including third Jane DiCarlo, second stone Whitney Young, and lead Aleya Quilty. Smith is a three-time PEI junior champion.

smithwomenPhoto (L-R): Smith, DiCarlo, Young, Quilty

Team Facebook page:

PEI’s Angela Hodgson joins Curling Canada board, new formats, new event introduced at 2016 National Curling Congress (Curling Canada)

Not only will Curling Canada have new formats for its national men’s and women’s championships, it will also have a brand new national championship.Curling Canada's 2016-17 Board of Governors, from left, front, Shirley Osborne, Cathy Hughes, Maureen Miller, Chair Peter Inch, Vice-Chair Resby Coutts and Lena West. Back, from left, John Shea, Ron Hutton, Angela Hodgson, Scott Comfort. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

Curling Canada’s 2016-17 Board of Governors, from left, front, Shirley Osborne, Cathy Hughes, Maureen Miller, Chair Peter Inch, Vice-Chair Resby Coutts and Lena West. Back, from left, John Shea, Ron Hutton, Angela Hodgson, Scott Comfort. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

The moves came out of Curling Canada’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday in Cornwall, Ont. — the concluding event of the 2016 National Curling Congress.

For the 2017-18 season, both the Tim Hortons Brier and Scotties Tournament of Hearts will expand to 16 teams, featuring champions of Curling Canada’s 14 Member Associations, the defending champion Team Canada as well as the top-ranked non-qualified team on the Canadian Team Ranking System once each provincial/territorial playdown is completed. The format is a pilot that was approved in concept at the 2015 Curling Canada AGM, which takes advantage of the fact the 2018 championships will have little or no bearing on the qualifying process for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Hugh Avery, winner of the Board of Governors Special Recognition Award, with fellow governor Shirley Osborne. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

Hugh Avery, winner of the Board of Governors Special Recognition Award, with fellow governor Shirley Osborne. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

The teams will be split into two pools of eight, with the top four teams from each pool then advancing to a championship pool that will determine the final four playoff teams. The format allows the Tim Hortons Brier and Scotties Tournament of Hearts to stick to their traditional nine-day formats, while satisfying the desire of the Member Associations that all 14 teams have direct entry into the main portion of the championship.

In addition to the format changes, Curling Canada and its Member Associations approved the introduction of a new Canadian Under-18 boys and girls curling championship.

The event will make its debut in the spring of 2017 (dates and location TBA), and will complement the existing Canadian Junior (Under-21) Curling Championships, which will take place in January 2017 in Esquimalt, B.C.

Alberta won the 2015-16 MA Cup, presented by TSN. Governors Ron Hutton, left, and Scott Comfort, right, present the MA Cup to Brenda Asmussen, left, and Joan Westgard of the Alberta Curling Federation. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

Alberta won the 2015-16 MA Cup, presented by TSN. Governors Ron Hutton, left, and Scott Comfort, right, present the MA Cup to Brenda Asmussen, left, and Joan Westgard of the Alberta Curling Federation. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

“The introduction of a formal Under-18 national championship is a key element in our Long-Term Athlete Development plan,” said Gerry Peckham, Director, High Performance for Curling Canada. “We already have some amazing athletes in that age group who are succeeding on the national and world stage, but we want to keep growing the competitive opportunities for our younger athletes to help them in their progression to the high-performance level.”

Also on Saturday, Curling Canada welcomed two new members to its Board of Governors: John Shea of Ottawa and Angela Hodgson of Charlottetown will formally begin their four-year terms in September.

hodgsonCurling Canada photo: Angela Hodgson

They replace outgoing governors Hugh Avery of Halifax (the outgoing Chair) and Cindy Maddock of Morden, Man.

Nova Scotia won the Governors' Cup. Governors Hugh Avery, left, and Scott Comfort, right, present the Governors' Cup to Cathy Dalziel and Harry Daemen of the Nova Scotia Curling Association. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

Nova Scotia won the Governors’ Cup. Governors Hugh Avery, left, and Scott Comfort, right, present the Governors’ Cup to Cathy Dalziel and Harry Daemen of the Nova Scotia Curling Association. (Photo, Curling Canada/Neil Valois)

Peter Inch of London, Ont., will serve as Chair of the Curling Canada Board of Governors for the 2016-17 season, while Resby Coutts of Winnipeg will be the Vice-Chair.

“I have big shoes to fill, but I’m looking forward to the 2016-17 season and continuing to work with our operational staff and our Member Associations to build our sport in Canada,” said Inch. “We had five extremely productive days of meetings in Cornwall and I know everyone went home excited about what we accomplished and the opportunities that are ahead of us.”

Avery also was presented with the Board of Governors Special Recognition Award, the first time the award has been presented since 2006.

The National Curling Congress concluded with the awarding of the MA Cup, presented by TSN, and the Governors’ Cup.

The MA Cup, presented by TSN, goes to the Member Association whose teams produced the best average finishes at all of Curling Canada’s national championships. The Alberta Curling Federation finished on top of the standings for the second time in three years.

Meanwhile, the Nova Scotia Curling Association claimed the Governors’ Cup for posting the biggest improvement in averages finishes from the 2014-15 season.

Click to read this story at the Curling Canada website.

Curling Canada adopts concussion policy for national championship events (Curling Canada)

Athletes who suffer suspected head injuries at Curling Canada-operated events will be subject to a return-to-play protocol, it was announced today at Curling Canada’s National Curling Congress in Cornwall, Ont.


Ottawa Ont.Mar 10, 2016.Tim Hortons Brier.Curling Canada/ michael burns photo

Ottawa Ont.Mar 10, 2016.Tim Hortons Brier.Curling Canada/ michael burns photo


It was part of a new set of guidelines surround head injuries and protection that are being recommended for adoption by Canadian curling centres.

The concussion protocol, though, will be mandatory for all athletes attending events operated by Curling Canada, and falls in line with protocols in place for other non-contact sports.

“With so much more attention being paid to the issue of head injuries, it was time that Curling Canada took a proactive approach before something along these lines happened at one of our events,” said Hugh Avery, Chair of Curling Canada’s Board of Governors. “Protecting our athletes is vitally important, and we all know the ice can be very unforgiving, so I’m happy to see that we have this protocol in place going forward.”

When an athlete falls during a game, and a head injury is suspected, the athlete will be required to be examined by a physician and undergo tests to determine whether a concussion has occurred. If no concussion is diagnosed, the athlete can return to the game. Otherwise, the athlete will be required to undergo and pass a five-step testing process, each requiring a minimum 24 hours, before being cleared to return to play by a physician.

“We appreciate Curling Canada’s efforts in making sure the curlers’ health and well-being over the long haul is protected as best as possible,” said Jon Mead, president of the World Curling Players Association. “Obviously, this would only be utilized in extreme circumstances, but it’s important that the protocol is in place to avoid what could be a tragedy if not treated correctly.”

While the return-to-play protocol applies only to Curling Canada events, the national governing body is recommending that the guidelines covering head injuries and protection be adopted by Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations as well as curling centres.

The guidelines cover such aspects as warm-ups that focus on stretching strengthening and improving balance; using proper equipment and making sure procedures are in place to detail with head injuries when they happen.

Additionally, the guidelines include a helmet policy that would strongly recommend using protective headgear, as well as grippers on both shoes (other than the player delivering the stone), for youth curlers 12 and under (unless they have two years of on-ice training), casual curlers (not in leagues) and curlers 65 and over.

Curl Atlantic Ch’ship not being held in 2016-2017 season

The Curl Atlantic Championship, Atlantic Canada’s premier curling event, which was scheduled to be held in Charlottetown in September, is not taking place. The Curl Atlantic Board will explore the idea of running it again in the 2017/18 season.  The event, last held in September 2014, was cancelled last season due to a date conflict with the Tour Challenge Grand Slam of Curling event in Paradise NL.

2014 Curl Atl Chship 002Action at the 2014 Curl Atlantic Ch’ship

Joyce Myers Trust Fund announces 2016 Capital Works Grants and Scholarship Recipients


The Trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund, established under Curl Atlantic from
profits from the 2003 Brier and the 2005 Roar of the Rings curling events in Atlantic
Canada, have announced the 2016 recipients of its Student/Athlete Scholarships and
Curling Club Capital Works and Curl Atlantic Member Association Program Initiatives

The 2016 Joyce Myers Scholarship recipients are:

  • Prince Edward Island ($500 each): Annika Kelly, Chloé McCloskey, Brooks Roche
  • Nova Scotia ($500 each): Karlee Burgess, Matthew Manuel
  • Newfoundland and Labrador ($500 each): Kyle Barron, Sarah Ford, Liam Gregory
  • New Brunswick ($500 each): Justine Comeau, Samantha Crook, Peter Robichaud

The 2016 Joyce Myers Capital Works Grant recipients will each receive $1500. The successful curling centres are:

  • Sussex Golf and Curling Club, NB
  • Silver Fox Curling Club, PE
  • Bluenose Curling Club, NS
  • Caribou Country Club, NL

The 2016 Joyce Myers Program Initiative Grant will be used to help license the “Rocks and Rings”
elementary school program throughout Atlantic Canada. “This joint initiative between
Curl Atlantic and the four Atlantic associations appears to fit well with the
intent of junior curling development of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund and with Curl
Atlantic”, said Gary Wilson, Chair of Curl Atlantic. “The Rocks and Rings program is a
great way to introduce and bring curling to the school setting.  The program has
received much attention during the televising of Curling Canada’s championship events, and
is hugely popular across the country and in great demand.”


The Joyce Myers Trust Fund is an Atlantic Canada initiative to foster the development
and promotion of the sport of curling throughout Atlantic Canada.

The Trust Fund, which was established from profits from the 2003 Nokia Brier and
2005 Tim Horton’s Roar of the Rings, provides funding for the development of curling
in Atlantic Canada through grant opportunities for Curling Club Capital Works projects,
Student/Athlete Scholarships, and Curl Atlantic Member Association Program

The trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund announced plans for future investments in
the sport of curling for Atlantic Canada and released its first grants during the 2009-2010 curling season.
Joyce Myers was inducted into both the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame and the
Canadian Curling Hall of Fame as an athlete and a builder. Joyce’s accomplishments
as an athlete, administrator, coach and official made her one of the most versatile and
impacting persons in Nova Scotia sports. Her passion for sport and the countless
hours she contributed to many individuals and events has left a lasting impression.
Joyce was a true inspiration and mentor to many.

Capital Acquisition Grants

The Trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund created the Capital Acquisition Grants as
a means to assist member curling clubs within Atlantic Canada with capital projects.
Expenses that are of a special and/or extraordinary nature will be eligible for funding.
In other words, programs and initiatives that are both unusual and occur infrequently;
they are not part of the regular, day-to-day operation of the club. Listed below are a
few possibilities:

The repair, replacement, purchase or construction of a curling facility or part of a
curling facility. For example, the repair or replacement of a curling club roof;
The repair, replacement or purchase of a plant asset or piece of equipment. For
example, the repair or replacement of ice making equipment.

The purchase of special curling equipment. For example, the purchase of little rocks
for a junior curling program;

Exempt from funding are any expenses of an operational nature. For example,
membership dues, utility and tax bills do not qualify.


Curl Atlantic has implemented a scholarship to curlers who have enrolled in full time
studies in a post-secondary institution. The intention of these awards is to allow
talented athletes to devote primary sources of time and energy to training, rather than
extensive employment in order to fund post-secondary education. Recipients will be
expected to devote a full-time, shared commitment to sport and education exclusively.
This award is not intended to reward past achievements but rather a means to pursue
further achievements that surpass the current level of performance. Priority will be
given to athletes attending Atlantic universities, colleges or vocational schools.
$1500 is allocated per province, divided among the recipients.

For the Love of Curling scholarship deadline is June 30

ftloc_logonewThanks to the incredible generosity of curlers across Canada, 10  For The Love Of Curling scholarships are available again for young men and women pursuing their academic and athletic goals at university or college. The application deadline is June 30,

This year, the scholarship program helped young curlers like Janique LeBlanc, who went on to win gold with Team Nova Scotia at the 2016 World Juniors.

All of the recipients were able to accomplish amazing things, on and off the ice, thanks to the generous donors who gave at the 2015 golf tournament; the sweeps of the crowd at the championship events; the online auctions; and to the direct mail appeals that these scholarships are available.

Go to for more information and the application process.

Last year there were over 60 applications from all across Canada.

Performance Training for Curlers starts Tues. Attend 1st night for free!

If you have read about this program but are not sure if it is for you, you can attend the first night for free and decide after that.

PrintFor Curlers…ALL AGES…

Synergy Fitness & Nutrition in Charlottetown is once again offering an off-season Sport Performance Training Program to Island curlers again this summer.  This Program includes both fitness sessions, nutrition sessions, and fitness testing; 40 sessions in all.

This Program is open to curlers of all ages.  It will run on Tuesdays & Thursdays from May 31 – Oct. 6 at 7:30pm, and includes 36 one-hour fitness sessions; 2 nutrition seminars and 2 fitness testing sessions.  The final cost will cost is $200 + HST ($228) per participant.

The first night will begin at 6:30pm with the first Nutrition Session followed by the Fitness Testing at 7:30pm.

If Tuesdays & Thursdays do not work for you but you are interested in this Program please let Amy know and they will see if we can work something that will fit your schedule.

If you are interested in checking out the program to see if it’ll work for you please feel free to show up on the first night.

Curl PEI Event Schedule for 2016-2017. Tankard/Scotties to be run at same venue/time

Here is the Curl PEI Provincial Events schedule for the 2016-2017 season. The Tankard (men’s) and Scotties (women’s) championships, along with the Future Tankard and Scotties developmental junior events will be held at the same venue in the same timeframe. with the championships going Jan. 18-24 2017, and the Future events taking place Jan. 20-22.  This is a one year trial, at the Silver Fox, of co-hosting the men’s and women’s championships in the same venue.

The Junior Mixed is no longer being held as a Curl PEI event. For the youngest curlers, a Little Rock Jamboree is in the planning stages.

Entries for all events are to be made online at

sitesanddates20162017Click for PDF version.

Curl PEI makes changes to Residency policy, AGM date, entry fees, and appoints auditors

Curl PEI recently held a regular, and a special meeting, and made the following changes:
Regular meeting

  1. Curl PEI has adopted the Curling Canada Policy for Residency allowing one “Free Agent” per team for the Provincial Women’s and Men’s championships.   (new wording will be added to Curl PEI Rules of Play)
  2. Curl PEI also adopted the Curling Canada Policy for Residency for all other events. It is essentially the same policy as the provincial body already had.

    New wording will be added to the Curl PEI Rules of Play to reflect these changes.

Special Meeting:

  1. Motion Carried changing the Annual General Meeting date to before October 15 of each calendar year.
  2. Provincial Championship Event Entry Fee changes: Fees for events leading to a Curling Canada national championship (Juniors, Scotties, Tankard, Seniors, Mixed and Mixed Doubles) increased $10 per team, while entry fees for all other Curling PEI championship events will go up by $5 per team.   As well, the Curling Canada Competitor Fee, collected by Curl PEI on behalf of Curling Canada, increases from $36 to $39 per competitor, per event in the 2016/17 season.
  3. MRSB was appointed as Curl PEI’s auditors for the 2015/16 season financial review engagement.


Off-season Sport Performance Training Program open to curlers of all ages

Synergy Fitness and Nutrition is once again offering an off-season Sport Performance Training Program to Island curlers again this summer.  This Program includes fitness sessions, nutrition sessions, and fitness testing; 40 sessions in all. This Program is open to curlers … Continue reading

Adam Casey finds new team in Saskatchewan’s Meachem rink (Guardian)

(by Jason Malloy) Adam Casey has found a new curling team to compete with next season. The skip of the last two Prince Edward Island Tankard-winning teams is joining the Saskatchewan rink skipped by Shaun Meachem. “They seem like a … Continue reading

WCT lists new PEI women’s rink for 2016-2017 season

The World Curling Tour has listed the Charlottetown team of skip Robyn MacPhee, third Sarah Fullerton, second Meaghan Hughes, and lead Michelle McQuaid on its roster of women’s teams registered for the 2016-2017 season. Teams register to have their Tour … Continue reading

Adam Casey to join Saskatchewan rink

Seven Mile Bay native Adam Casey, who skipped PEI”s men’s championship rink this season, will be playing second stone with the Shaun Meachem rink from Saskatoon in the fall. Other members of the team are third Catlin Schneider, and lead … Continue reading

Sport PEI Sport Scholarship Deadline is May 12, Earl Smith Athletic Award deadline is June 6

Sport PEI offers a Sport Scholarship and an award which recognizes excellence and achievement in sport and academics. Sport Scholarship Sport PEI will be granting two (2) scholarships of $1000.00 each to an Island student athlete. One scholarship is made possible thanks … Continue reading

Coaches wanted!

Every year there are curling teams looking for coaches.  Every year Curl PEI is asked if there is a list of available coaches teams can look at, there is not.  We would like to change that. Curl PEI is looking … Continue reading

Curl Moncton U12/U16 Youth Spiel and Canada Games Mini Dev’t Camp

The 2nd Annual Curl Moncton Youth Spiel and Canada Games Mini Development Camp will be hosted on the weekend of Dec 9-11, 2016, at Curl Moncton, who expect a number of junior teams from around the Maritimes to participate again this year. … Continue reading

Registration open for 2016 Maritime Junior Competitive League at Curl Moncton

The Maritime Junior Competitive League at Curl Moncton is a practice league that provides an opportunity for junior curlers/coaches to get a ‘head start’ on their curling season. This year, the league runs from September 10 – October 2.  We expect a number … Continue reading

Curl Moncton hosting 17th annual Maritime Junior Bonspiel in Oct.

17th Annual Maritime Junior Bonspiel October 14 – 16, 2016 •    To play, curlers must be under 21 years of age on June 30, 2016. •    Number of entries will be limited and the organizing committee reserves the right to … Continue reading

End of season CTRS standings released

The final Canadian Team Ranking System standings for the season have been released, with the Kevin Koe rink leading the Men’s. Team Brad Gushue, with PEI native Brett Gallant, were second, while PEI’s Adam Casey rink were 26th. Rachel Homan, … Continue reading

Tyler Smith team announces 2016-2017 season lineup

The Tyler Smith rink, who were PEI Pepsi Junior men’s runners up this season, and also competed in the Tankard men’s championship, have announced their lineup for next season. Joining Smith on the team will be Chris Gallant, returning to … Continue reading

Curl PEI calls special meeting

Notice of Special Meeting A special meeting of Curl PEI will take place on May 17 at 7:30pm at the House of Sport (Sport PEI, 40 Enman Cres. Room 212).  As per Curl PEI by-laws, this meeting is being called … Continue reading

More on Mary Fay bows out of curling, for now (Local Xpress)

By MONTY MOSHER Local Xpress There will be no title defence for Team Mary Fay. Whispers became fact on Saturday when the world junior women’s curling championship team announced that Chester’s Fay is not returning to the group and is … Continue reading

Nova Scotia World Jr. champ Mary Fay to walk away from curling (CurlingZone)

A surprising announcement was made on Sportsnet during the Champions Cup Grand Slam of Curling women’s quarterfinals today, as Mary Fay, skip of 2016 World and Canadian Juniors champions from Chester Nova Scotia will walk away from curling. Curling Canada … Continue reading

Member Organizations to vote in June on national U18 ch’ship to replace Optimist International (Curling Canada)

Earlier this month, the 2016 Optimist International Under-18 Curling Championship took over the Jasper Place Curling Club in Edmonton. The Saskatchewan men’s and Manitoba women’s teams recently took home the gold medals in this annual event that provides an opportunity … Continue reading

Gushue, Koe both 2-0 after Champions Cup Draw 5. TV coverage starts today. (GSOC)

(by Jonathan Brazeau) SHERWOOD PARK, Alta. — Reigning world champ Kevin Koe of Calgary cruised to a 9-2 victory after clashing with Peter de Cruz of Switzerland during Draw 5 action Wednesday night at the Humpty’s Champions Cup. Kevin Koe … Continue reading

Gushue, with PEI native Gallant, tops Mouat to kick off inaugural Champions Cup (GSOC)

(by Jonathan Brazeau) SHERWOOD PARK, Alta. — Recent Players’ Championship winner Brad Gushue picked up where he left off in the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling series. Gushue of St. John’s, N.L., kicked off the inaugural Humpty’s Champions Cup with … Continue reading

Canada Games Council seeking Athlete Representative

Call for Applications – Sport Committee Position Athlete Representative BACKGROUNDThe Canada Games Council (CGC) is the franchise holder for the Canada Games and Canada Games Movement. We are responsible for the on-going management and delivery of the Canada Games and … Continue reading

Colleen Jones: Thought I was being punk’d when Canadian Sports Hall of Fame called (Sportsnet)

Legendary curler Colleen Jones was shocked when the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame came a calling, but is truly honoured to be recognized and for the chance to live out her dream. The announcement that she will be in the … Continue reading

PEI native Erin Carmody to join Nova Scotia’s Jill Brothers rink

Team Jill Brothers, out of Halifax, announced recently via their Twitter account that PEI native Erin Carmody, who has recently been curling in Alberta, is moving to Nova Scotia to pursue her Masters degree at Mount St. Vincent University, and … Continue reading

PEI Scotties Champs going their separate ways for next season

The reigning PEI Scotties champions. Team Birt, sent out the following message on their Facebook page this evening: As the 2015/2016 curling season comes to a close, we would like to thank our sponsors, family and friends for their support … Continue reading

Spirit of Sandra scholarships deadline extended to May 30

$5000 Spirit of Sandra™ Scholarships Over the past three years, Spirit of Sandra Junior Curling Scholarships have been awarded to outstanding young curlers in all but three provinces across Canada. We’d like to enlist your support in reaching out to … Continue reading

Gushue, with PEI native Gallant, wins Players’ Ch’ship, completes career Grand Slam (GSOC)

(by Jonathan Brazeau) TORONTO — Brad Gushue of St. John’s, N.L., has won the Players’ Championship to complete a career Grand Slam. Brad Gushue at the 2016 Players’ Championship in Toronto. (Photo: Anil Mungal) Gushue defeated defending champ Brad Jacobs … Continue reading

Gushue rink, with PEI native Brett Gallant, clinches Rogers Grand Slam Cup (GSOC)

(by Jonathan Brazeau) TORONTO — Brad Gushue of St. John’s, N.L., has claimed the 2015-16 Rogers Grand Slam Cup. Gushue defeated Niklas Edin of Sweden 7-3 during Saturday afternoon’s quarterfinal draw at the Players’ Championship to clinch the season title … Continue reading

Nova Scotia Strikes Gold at Canadian Firefighters (Truro Daily News)

(by Joey Smith) TRURO – History was made at the Truro Curling Club on Saturday. In front of a crowd of more than 200, Chad Stevens gave Nova Scotia its first Canadian firefighters curling title after an 8-4 victory over … Continue reading

Host Nova Scotia wins their first-ever Canadian Firefighters title

The Chad Stevens rink from the Chester Fire Department didn’t have far to travel to win Nova Scotia’s first Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship today, beating Alberta’s Aaron Bartling squad 7-5 in the semifinal game, and doubling the Greg Tarasoff foursome … Continue reading

Sask. advances to Cdn. Firefighters final, Alta. vs NS in semi

The Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship is down to two games, following the completion of the Page playoffs this afternoon in Truro. The Saskatchewan team, who have only one loss in the entire event, advanced to the 1 pm Saturday final, … Continue reading

PEI finishes play with 4-6 record at Canadian Firefighters Ch’ship

Round robin play concluded this afternoon at the Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship in Truro, with the PEI team, skipped by Leo Stewart from the Summerside Fire Department, finishing out of the playoffs with a 4-6 win-loss record. The Island squad … Continue reading

Prairie teams win Canadian Masters in NS

The Saskatchewan women, skipped by Merle Kopach, and Alberta men, with skip Ed Lukowich. are the Canadian Masters champions, following play in the Annapolis Valley over the weekend. The Saskatchewan women beat the host province, skipped by Margaret Cutcliffe, 6-3, … Continue reading

Four teams with only 1 loss, PEI slips to 2-3 at the Canadian Firefighters Ch’ship

The PEI rink, skipped by Leo Stewart from the Summerside Fire Department, lost both their games – 8-4 to Alberta, and 7-4 to Southern Ontario, today at the Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship in Truro, to slip to a 2-3 win-loss … Continue reading

PEI 2-1, Alberta, Quebec and NS still undefeated at Canadian Firefighters Ch’ship

The PEI team from the Summerside Fire Dept., skipped by Leo Stewart, split their games today at the Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship in Truro, beating Northern Ont. 11-8, aided by a 5 point second end, but losing 7-5 to Saskatchewan. … Continue reading

Summerside names their rookies of the season

The Silver Fox held their closing bonspiel and  banquet on the weekend. Shown are Sheila Compton President of the curling club, presenting  the Rookie Male and Rookie Female awards to Michelle Stark and Ron McIntyre. Photo (L-R): Sheila Compton, Michelle … Continue reading

PEI opens with an extra-end win at Canadian Firefighters Ch’ship in Truro

The Summerside Fire Department team, skipped by Leo Stewart, picked up a win in the opening draw of the Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship, being played at the Truro Curling Club. The Island squad beat Team Manitoba, skipped by Len Krisko, … Continue reading

Epping, who won in Summerside in 2012, hoping for hometown Players’ Ch’ship win (GSOC)

(by Jonathan Brazeau) John Epping is receiving the rock star treatment for his hometown Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling event. The Toronto-based skip has taken his play to another level this season highlighted with a perfect game against Brad Gushue … Continue reading

PEI teams out of the playoffs at Canadian Masters

Women’s round robin play wrapped up Wednesday and men’s round robin play finished this morning at the Canadian Masters Curling Championships in the Annapolis Valley, with both PEI teams finishing out of the playoffs and in the “seeding pool”. Sandy … Continue reading

Joyce Myers Trust Fund Scholarship and Capital Works Grant Applications due May 15

The Board of Trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund created a Scholarship Fund as a means to assist  talented full time student athletes in Atlantic Canada. Priority will be given to athletes attending Atlantic universities, colleges or vocational schools. Click Joyce Myers … Continue reading

Neither 1st place team (with Brett Gallant) nor 2nd place (with Geoff Walker) going to World Mixed Doubles (Curling Canada)

Canada will send an experienced pairing to the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, it was announced today by Curling Canada. Marliese Kasner and Dustin Kalthoff will wear the Maple Leaf at the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Championship. (Photo Curling … Continue reading

Hope 1-1, Walsh 0-2 after opening day at Canadian Masters

Two draws are in the books after opening day play at the Canadian Masters Curling Championships, for curlers age 60 and over, being played in the Annapolis Valley. PEI’s Sandy Hope team, from the Cornwall Curling Club, recovered from a … Continue reading

Summerside Fire Department competing in Canadian Firefighters Curling Ch’ships, starting Saturday

The opening draw takes place on Saturday, following the team draw and opening ceremonies on Friday evening as the 57th Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship gets underway at the Truro Curling Club, hosted by the Nova Scotia Firefighters Curling Association. Truro … Continue reading

PEI native Brett Gallant, Jocelyn Peterman are 2016 Mixed Doubles champs (Curling Canada)

Jocelyn Peterman and Brett Gallant are the 2016 Canadian Mixed Doubles champions after battling to a 12-8 win over Laura Crocker and Geoff Walker at the Nutana Curling Club in Saskatoon, Sask., on Sunday.“It was a bit of a battle. … Continue reading

PEI native Brett Gallant wins Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship

PEI native Brett Gallant, curling with Jocelyn Peterman from Alberta, beat Gallant’s Team Gushue teammate Geoff Walker, teamed with Laura Crocker, who curls out of Edmonton, by a 12-8 score this evening to win the Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship in … Continue reading

Casey wins “Tuff” bonspiel

Adam Casey won the one-on-one “Tuff Spiel”, sponsored by Dow AgroSciences and Bayer CropScience, which took place Saturday at the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in Summerside. Tim Hockin was the runner-up, while  Sheila Compton won the Consolation Round … Continue reading

Optimist U18 event to be replaced (upon approval) by a Curling Canada national U18 ch’ship

(by Lisa Shamchuk) It was announced at the banquet last night that this will be the last year for the Optimist U18 Curling Championships. The Optimist U18 Steering Committee has been working with Curling Canada for many years to establish … Continue reading

Ontario men and Nova Scotia women win gold at Everest Seniors (Curling Canada)

Ontario’s Bryan Cochrane and Nova Scotia’s Colleen Jones claimed the men’s and women’s 2016 Everest Canadian Senior Curling Championship titles on Saturday afternoon in Digby, N.S. Cochrane overpowered the defending champion, Randy Neufeld, 6-3, while Jones defeated Saskatchewan’s Sherry Anderson, … Continue reading

PEI native Gallant advances to Mixed Doubles quarters, Smith/Holland finish with 3-4 record (Curling Canada)

Ottawa’s Emma Miskew and Toronto’s Ryan Fry put together a second-half comeback Saturday night to reach the quarter-finals of the 2016 Canadian Mixed Curling Championship in Saskatoon. Ryan Fry and Emma Miskew secured their berth in the quarter-finals with a … Continue reading

PEI’s Smith/Holland duo pick up Canadian Mixed Doubles win over a pre-tournament favourite (Curling Canada)

After eight rounds of play, the pool standings are taking shape, with five teams remaining undefeated as the competition heads into Round Nine. Rachel Homan/Mark Nichols along with Laura Crocker/Geoff Walker both lead Pool A with undefeated records of 5-0.They … Continue reading

Championship round is underway at Everest Canadian Seniors (Curling Canada)

Ontario’s Bryan Cochrane remains undefeated and Cathy King (Alberta) and Sherry Anderson (Saskatchewan) continue to battle for top spot on the women’s side as the championship round got underway on Thursday at the 2016 Everest Senior Men’s and Women’s Curling … Continue reading

PEI native Brett Gallant 3-0 at Mixed Doubles, Sabrina Smith/Kyle Holland are 0-3 (Curling Canada)

The 2016 Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship kicked off on Thursday with 32 teams – including some very familiar names – vying for the chance to compete at the world championship in Karlstad, Sweden in April. National Mixed Doubles Coach Jim … Continue reading

Canadian Masters start Monday in Annapolis Valley area. PEI represented by Hope and Walsh teams

The Wolfville Curling Centre and the Glooscap Curling Club are the co-hosts of the 2016 men’s and women’s Canadian Masters Curling Championships, for curlers age 60 and over, which take place April 4 to 10, 2016. PEI will be represented … Continue reading

Update: Both Dolan and MacDonald make the Ch’ship round at Canadian Seniors

We just received word from Robyn Mattie of Curling Canada that the Kim Dolan rink has also advanced to the Championship round at the Canadian Seniors in Digby, as they were tied with BC in win-loss records, but they were … Continue reading

Cdn. Seniors: MacDonald (3-3), Dolan (2-4) both make the playoff round (Curling Canada)

Saskatchewan’s Sherry Anderson, Ontario’s Bryan Cochrane and Nova Scotia’s Alan O’Leary will enter the Championship Pool of the 2016 Everest Canadian Senior Curling Championships as the only undefeated teams heading into the playoffs. Sherry Anderson of Saskatchewan delivers her rock … Continue reading

Rod MacDonald rink 3-1, Kim Dolan gets 1st win at Canadian senior curling championships (Journal)

DIGBY, N.S. – The Rod MacDonald-skipped rink won two games at the Canadian senior curling championships on Tuesday. Nova Scotia’s Alan O’Leary delivers his rock to sweepers Danny Christianson and Harold McCarthy during round robin play at the 2016 Everest … Continue reading

Curling wrapping up at Island clubs

Curling is wrapping up at PEI’s seven full-time curling facilities, with the last closing bonspiels scheduled for next weekend. The Montague Curling Rink’s “Milkcan” spiel goes this weekend. Here is the opening draw: Thursday March 31st 6:00 pm Jillian Macguire … Continue reading

Sabrina Smith, Kyle Holland, Brett Gallant in Canadian Mixed Doubles Ch’ship, beginning Thurs. in Saskatoon (Curling Canada)

The most talent-laden field in the history of the event will open play Thursday at the Nutana Curling Club in Saskatoon in the 2016 Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship. photo (L-R): Kyle Holland, Sabrina Smith [PEI will be represented … Continue reading

PEI men 1-1, women 0-2 following opening day play at national Seniors (Curling Canada)

The 2016 Everest Canadian Senior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships kicked off Monday at the Digby Area Recreation Centre in Digby, N.S., with 28 teams – 14 men’s, 14 women’s – competing for the right to represent Canada at the … Continue reading

Holland Hurricanes finish with 2-5 record and pick up Fair Play award at CCAA nationals

The Holland Hurricanes women’s curling team finished round robin play at the at CCAA nationals in London ON, hosted by Fanshawe College, with a 2-5 win-loss record, picking up wins over Confederation and Niagara colleges, but they did not advance … Continue reading

PEI men’s and women’s rinks sweep Atlantic Under 18 Curling Championships

It was a PEI sweep at the Atlantic Under 18 Curling Championships, which wrapped up Sunday afternoon at CFB Halifax, with the PEI U18 championship rinks, skipped by Tyler Smith and Lauren Lenentine, capturing both the men’s and women’s divisions. … Continue reading

Everest Seniors begin Monday in Digby (Curling Canada)

The 2016 Everest Canadian Senior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships begin Monday at the Digby Area Recreation Centre in Digby, N.S. It’s the second time that the city has hosted the championships, following the 2011 edition at the same venue. … Continue reading

PEI’s Team Casey parting ways after season (Grand Slam)

(By Jonathan Brazeau) Team Casey’s run has come to an end. Photo by Anil Mungal: Adam Casey The reigning P.E.I. champs are parting ways, announcing Tuesday on Facebook  that lead Robbie Doherty and second Anson Carmody are both stepping back from … Continue reading

PEI rinks in Atlantic U18 Ch’ships, starting Friday

Cornwall’s Lauren Lenentine rink and the Tyler Smith team from Crapaud and Charlottetown and  Montague will be  competing in the Atlantic Under 18 Curling Championships this weekend at CFB Halifax. Photo (L-R) Skip, Lauren Lenentine Third, Kaleigh Mackay Second, Breanne … Continue reading

Holland College at Nationals

The Holland Hurricanes are ready to compete in their final National Championship of the 2015-2016 season this week when the women’s curling team takes on the country’s best in London, Ontario for the 2016 CCAA National Curling Championships hosted by … Continue reading

NS and PEI teams capture Stick Curling Titles

The Dave MacDougal/Paul Doucet team from Yarmouth NS won the open division of the Maritime Stick Curling Championship held recently at the Cornwall Curling club by narrowly defeating the Ron Crowe/Bill Spinney team from Truro. The women’s division championship game … Continue reading

Charlottetown men, Western women win PEI Travelers Ch’ship

The Dennis Watts rink from the Charlottetown Curling Complex had to play in two finals today, against the previously-unbeaten Barry Cameron foursome from the Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club in Summerside, but they won both, to capture the PEI … Continue reading

Watts steals triple in final end to force sudden death Travelers men’s final, Horne goes undefeated to win women’s

The Dennis Watts rink from the Charlottetown Curling Complex took a deuce in the seventh end and stole a triple in the eighth to come from behind and hand the Barry Cameron team from the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht … Continue reading

Little Rocks Jamboree reminder

The Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club in Summerside is hosting a Little Rocks Jamboree, aimed at Little Rockers and new curlers age 6-13. Everybody (all clubs) welcome. The Jamboree takes place Tuesday March 22 from 10 am to 3 … Continue reading

Curler Ryan Giddens goes from beer league to the Brier (CBC PEI)

Amateur curler Ryan Giddens now has a story he’ll be telling for years — how he got to throw rocks at the Canadian Men’s Curling Championship. “It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I’ll never trade that for anything else,” Giddens … Continue reading

Ryan Giddens recounts Brier experience (CBC PEI audio)

CBC’s Mitch Cormier sat down with Team Adam Casey 5th player Ryan Giddens on Island Morning this morning to talk about his Brier experience. Click for audio. Ryan Giddens (CBC photo) … Continue reading

Championship round set following Men’s tiebreakers at PEI Travelers

The men’s tiebreaker round, between the Montague, Crapaud, and Maple Leaf men’s teams, took place today at the PEI Travelers Curling Club Championship at the Cornwall Curling Club, in order to determine the final spot in Tuesday’s semi-finals. All three … Continue reading

Cornwall hosting Maritime Stick Curling Ch’ship, starting Wednesday

The Cornwall Curling Club is hosting the 2016 Maritime Stick Curling Championships, featuring the top 4 teams from the provincial 2 person stick curling competitions in the three Maritime provinces in the Open (any combination of men/women) Division, and the … Continue reading

Hot-shooting Koe leads Alberta to Tim Hortons Brier championship over NL (Curling Canada)

OTTAWA – Kevin Koe’s razor-thin pick of a Brad Gushue counter in the seventh end was the pivotal shot that led to Alberta’s 9-5 win over Newfoundland-Labrador in the championship game of the Tim Hortons Brier Sunday evening. “Pretty special … Continue reading

Silver Fox Men, Western Women advance to Travelers finals

Round robin play wrapped up Sunday evening at the provincial Travelers Curling Club Championship in Cornwall, with the Silver Fox men, skipped by Barry Cameron, and the Western Community Curling Club women, with skip Sharon Horne, finishing with perfect 6-0 … Continue reading

Rachel MacLean rink goes undefeated to win KFC Under 13

The Rachel MacLean rink from the Cornwall Curling Club won all seven of their games to capture the KFC Provincial Under 13 Curling Championships, which wrapped up this afternoon at the Charlottetown Curling Complex, edging their clubmates, the Chase MacMillan … Continue reading

Measurement gives Alberta semifinal Brier win over Northern Ontario (Curling Canada)

OTTAWA – It took 10 nail-biting ends and a measurement on the winning point for Kevin Koe of Alberta to get by Brad Jacobs of Northern Ontario 6-5 in the Tim Hortons Brier semifinal Saturday evening. Alberta had a stone … Continue reading

Silver Fox Men, Western Women still unbeaten at the Travelers Curling Club Championship

Round robin play wraps up Sunday at the provincial Travelers Curling Club Championship, being played at the Cornwall Curling Club, with the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club men’s team, skipped by Barry Cameron, and the Western Community Curling Club … Continue reading

KFC U13 Semis set, MacLean, Schut undefeated after round robin play

Round robin play concluded Saturday evening at the 11 team KFC PEI Under 13 Curling Championship, being played at the Charlottetown Curling Complex, with the Rachel MacLean team from Cornwall, and the defending champion Mitchell Schut rink from Cornwall and the … Continue reading

Newfoundland-Labrador, with PEI native Brett Gallant, advances to Tim Hortons Brier final (Curling Canada)

OTTAWA – Brad Gushue of Newfoundland-Labrador made a gentle tapback to count one in the 11th end Friday to beat Brad Jacobs of Northern Ontario 7-6 in the Page 1-2 playoff game and earn a berth in Sunday’s gold-medal game of … Continue reading

Team PEI’s Ryan Giddens – the most electrifying man in curling (TSN Video)

Of all the competitors at this year’s Brier, Ryan Giddens may have been the most unlikely participant. Vic Rauter has more on P.E.I’s fifth player, who only started curling three years ago. Click to view video at … Continue reading

Casey completes Brier play with 2-9 record (Journal)

OTTAWA – P.E.I. completed round-robin play at the 2016 Tim Hortons Brier with a record of 2-9 (won-lost). The Adam Casey-skipped rink fell 8-3 to Manitoba’s Mike McEwen in the final round-robin draw. P.E.I., Nova Scotia, Yukon and Nunavut, will … Continue reading

Casey records second win at Brier (Journal)

OTTAWA – P.E.I.’s Adam Casey rink snapped a four-game slide at the 2016 Tim Hortons Brier on Thursday morning. © From left are third David Mathers, skip Adam Casey, second Anson Carmody and lead Robbie Doherty. Casey took advantage … Continue reading

Sackville NB Curling Club looking for used “modern” Little Rocks

Diane Michaud , President of the Sackville Curling Club in Sackville NB is looking to purchase a second set of used modern Little Rocks. If your club is looking to sell a set, please get in touch with her at:  … Continue reading

Reporter Bob Weeks, whose family has PEI roots, being inducted into Curling, then Golf, Hall of Fame (Guardian)

(by Jason Malloy) Renowned golf journalist Bob Weeks can trace his introduction to the sport to the Strathgartney Highlands Golf Course.  Weeks was visiting family on the Island when a ferry strike left his father looking for something to do … Continue reading

Casey loses pair Tuesday at Brier to drop to 1-5 record (Guardian)

The Adam Casey rink dropped two games Tuesday to fall to 1-5 at the Tim Hortons Brier in Ottawa. Team P.E.I. dropped the morning draw with Northern Ontario’s Brad Jacobs 6-2 in nine ends and lost 8-5 to Saskatchewan’s Steve … Continue reading

PEI Travelers Curling Club Ch’ship starts Friday in Cornwall

The PEI Traveler’s Curling Club Championship, featuring teams who win their club championships, takes place at the Cornwall Curling Club from March 11-15, 2016 (if no tiebreakers, it could wrap up on the 14th). First draw is Friday at 11. … Continue reading

Atlantic Podium Project/Next Generation Coaching Clinic with Earle Morris

Where? Curl Moncton When? September 10-11, 2016 Instructor? Earle Morris How much? $50 per coach (two meals included) Who can register? Anyone who is currently coaching or looking to coach a competitive U15, U18 or U21 curling team Curl Atlantic … Continue reading

Silver Fox hosting Little Rocks Jamboree for new and Little Rocks curlers age 6-13

The Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club in Summerside is hosting a Little Rocks Jamboree, aimed at Little Rockers and new curlers age 6-13. Everybody (all clubs) welcome. The Jamboree takes place Tuesday March 22 from 10 am to 3 … Continue reading