2016 PEI Travelers Curling Club Championship


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Charlottetown men, Western women win PEI Travelers Ch’ship

travelersicelogo400The Dennis Watts rink from the Charlottetown Curling Complex had to play in two finals today, against the previously-unbeaten Barry Cameron foursome from the Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club in Summerside, but they won both, to capture the PEI Travelers Curling Club Championship men’s title at the Cornwall Curling Club. The women’s championship was won by the Sharon Horne team from the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton, who went undefeated in the competition, beating Charlottetown’s Tammi Cudmore rink 4-2 in the afternoon final. The Watts and Horne rinks will now advance to the national Travelers Curling Club Championship, Nov. 20-26 at the Kelowna Curling Club, featuring 14 men’s and 14 women’s teams from Curling Canada’s Member Associations — the 10 provinces, three territories and Northern Ontario.

Other members of the winning Dennis Watts men’s rink are third Erik Brodersen, second Andrew MacDougall, and lead Doug MacGregor. Completing the Sharon Horne women’s rink are third stone Bobbi-Jean MacMillan, second Alison Griffin, and lead Iva Griffin.

The runner-up Cameron team includes Paul Matheson, Darrel Thibeau, and Corey Montgomery, with Susan Dowling- Shaw, Anne Chouinard, and Karen Hardy rounding out the Cudmore squad.

In Tuesday afternoon’s first men’s final, Cameron had a 4-1 lead after six ends of play in the eight end contest. Watts scored a deuce in the seventh, and then stole a triple in the final end for the come from behind win. The rules specify that a team who goes  through round robin play undefeated and then loses in the final must be beaten twice, so a second “sudden death” final was played in the evening. This time, Watts took the lead early, stealing a single in the first end. Cameron responded with a single point in the second, with Watts blanking end three, taking a deuce in the fourth and stealing singles in the fifth and  for a 5-1 lead. Cameron took a deuce in seven, but ran out of rocks in the eighth, losing 5-3.

In the Tuesday morning semi-finals, Watts beat Bob Matheson and his Maple Leaf rink 8-6, while Cudmore edged Crapaud’s Julie Mutch rink 4-3 to advance to the finals against Cameron and Horne. Seven men’s and six women’s rinks, who won their respective club championships, took part in the championship.

Championship round set following Men’s tiebreakers at PEI Travelers

The men’s tiebreaker round, between the Montague, Crapaud, and Maple Leaf men’s teams, took place today at the PEI Travelers Curling Club Championship at the Cornwall Curling Club, in order to determine the final spot in Tuesday’s semi-finals. All three teams, plus the Charlottetown (Dennis Watts) rink finished round robin play with 3-3 win-loss records. Tiebreaking rules advanced Charlottetown into the semis, with the other three teams playing off.

travelerscornwallsmallLarry Richards photo

The first tiebreaker saw the Crapaud foursome, skipped by Alan Inman, beat the Paul Morrison-skipped Montague team by a 7-2 score.  Crapaud then took on the Maple Leaf rink, skipped by Bob Matheson, with the O’Leary squad winning by a 6-5 score to win the berth in the 11 am Tuesday semi-final against Charlottetown (Watts). The women’s semi at the same time sees Crapaud (Julie Mutch) and Charlottetown (Tammi Cudmore) square off. Both finished round robin play with 3-2 win-loss records. The winners of the semis will advance to their respective 3 pm Tuesday final, where they will face undefeated Western (Sharon Horne) on the women’s side, and the Silver Fox (Barry Cameron) on the men’s.

The rules state that teams who were unbeaten in round robin play, but lose the final, must be beaten twice, so, in the event that Horne or Cameron lose the final, they will play in another (sudden death) final at 7 pm.

The eventual winners will advance to the national Travelers Curling Club Championship, Nov. 20-26 at the Kelowna Curling Club, featuring 14 men’s and 14 women’s teams from Curling Canada’s Member Associations — the 10 provinces, three territories and Northern Ontario


Draw and Schedule

Men Women
Date Time Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Men’s Bye
11am 1 Crapaud vs Western Maple Leaf vs Charlottetown Montague vs Cornwall Silver Fox
3pm 2 Western vs Silver Fox Cornwall vs Charlottetown Crapaud vs Montague Silver Fox vs Western
6:15pm Opening Ceremonies
7pm 3 Crapaud vs Maple Leaf Silver Fox vs Cornwall Montague vs Charlottetown Western
9am 4 Charlottetown vs Montague Silver Fox vs Crapaud Western vs Cornwall
12pm 5 Silver Fox vs Montague Crapaud vs Cornwall Western vs Maple Leaf Charlottetown
4pm 6 Cornwall vs Crapaud Silver Fox vs Montague Western vs Charlottetown Crapaud vs Charlottetown
8pm 7 Silver Fox vs Charlottetown Montague vs Maple Leaf Cornwall vs Western Crapaud
9am 8 Western vs Montague Silver Fox vs Cornwall Charlottetown vs Crapaud
12pm 9 Western vs Charlottetown Silver Fox vs Maple Leaf Montague vs Crapaud Cornwall
4pm 10 Cornwall vs Maple Leaf Western vs Crapaud Cornwall vs Montague Silver Fox vs Charlottetown
8pm 11 Montague vs Western Silver Fox vs Crapaud Cornwall vs Charlottetown Maple Leaf
11am 12 Tie Breaker/OR/PA & P1
3pm 13 Tie Breaker/OR/PA & P1/OR/PB & P2
11am 14 PA P1
3pm 15 P2 PB
7pm 16 PC* P3*

PA and P1 = 2nd place vs 3rd place
PB and P2= Winners PA/P1 vs 1st place
*PC and P3=1st Place Team vs Winner of PB/P2 ONLY if 1st place team was undefeated in round robin play

Team Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Club
Eric McCarthy David Bell Glen Betts Russell Campbell Western Community Alberton
Alan Inman Steven Thomson Daniel MacFadyen Nathan Hardy Crapaud Community Curling Club
Bob Matheson  Wayne Arsenault  Dan Connolly  Paul Wood Maple Leaf Curling Club O’Leary
Paul Morrison (throws 3rd) David Rice (throws 4th) Darryl Campbell Neil Morrison Montague Curling Rink
Barry Cameron Paul Matheson Darrell Thibeau Corey Montgomery Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
Angus Kennedy Robert Thibodeau Wade Deaken Mark MacDonald Cornwall Curling Club
Dennis Watts Erik Brodersen Andrew MacDougall Doug MacGregor Charlottetown Curling Complex


Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Club
Sharon Horne Bobbi-Jean MacMillan Alison Griffin  Iva Griffin Western Community Alberton
Tammi Cudmore Susan Dowling- Shaw Anne Chouinard Karen Hardy Charlottetown Curling Complex
Julie Mutch Lindsay Moore Terri Wood Heather MacRae Crapaud Community Curling Club
Lynn Anne Brousseau Gaylene Nicholson Tracy Yorston Campbell Kathy Leard Montague Curling Rink
Kim Aylward Shelley MacFadyen Debbie Caissy Christine Handrahan Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
Debbie Rhodenhizer Cindy Nicholson Nancy MacFadyen Sandra Sobey Cornwall Curling Club

Travelers Curling Club Championship Eligibility Requirements 2016

We trust that all participants will respect the intent of this championship which is for curling clubs to engage their members to participate in a club championship to declare a club champion to represent the curling club. The event is formulated for true club championship teams, not past or present elite. The objective is to support the development of curling across Canada. We keep this objective in mind as we set our eligibility requirements and on-ice rules, including Curling Canada’s Rules of Curling for General Play. Travelers Canada reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any team that violates this spirit and intent as it pertains to the rules below.

  1. The curling club, represented by the team, must be affiliated with its provincial/territorial curling association and all dues must be paid in full. The players of any club champion team must be members in good standing of the affiliated curling club. Any player can be a member of more than one affiliated curling club, but shall declare one “home club” for this competition.
  2. Each club will declare a men’s team and women’s team of FOUR (4) players to represent their club through either their normal league or club championship process, or through a designated Travelers Curling Club Championship competition within the club. The declared teams, through either process, MUST have at least three players who have played together in a sanctioned club league during the current season. If a replacement fourth player is used, (i.e., a player who did not play regularly on that team throughout the season) that player MUST play lead. Players who play exclusively in a major/super league without playing in another sanctioned club league are ineligible to compete. Clubs that only have mixed or open leagues (i.e., no men’s and women’s leagues) must contact their association for approval to participate.
  3. Each team will be allowed only one player who has played in a Juniors’, Men’s (Brier), Women’s (Scotties) or Seniors’provincial/territorial event in the current or previous four curling seasons or participated in a Grand Slam event in the current or previous four curling seasons (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015- 2016).* No player on the team can have played in a Canadian Juniors, Men’s, Women’s or Senior’s Canadian Championship for those years (i.e. national competitors are excluded as regular or replacement players on the team).

* Exception – Provinces/Territories with an open provincial/territory event will be permitted 1 player who has placed top 25% in a Juniors’, Men’s (Brier), Women’s (Scotties) or Seniors’ provincial/territory event in the current or previous 4 curling seasons, or participated in a Grand Slam event in the current or previous 4 curling seasons.

  1. Players who competed in the 2015 Travelers Curling Club Championship national event are ineligible to compete in the 2016 play downs.
  2. All games will be 8 ends with ties being decided by a full extra end.
  3. Once a four person team has been declared a club champion, a maximum of 1 replacement/substitute player from the club can play lead.
  4. Each team must be comprised of 4 players aged 19 or over, as of November 1st, 2016. Provincial/Territorial curling associations may adopt a more restrictive age criteria if they choose.
  5. Curling Canada has the sole authority to grant exceptions to these rules in extraordinary circumstances. Before exercising this discretion, Curling Canada will consult with the relevant provincial/territorial curling association, and will notify the provincial/territorial association in writing of any decisions regarding exceptions that are granted.