Fall Fling gets underway Friday morning at the Silver Fox

Opening draw is at 11:30 am on Friday in the 13th annual Fall Fling Junior Cashspiel, sponsored by Quality Inn, with a full draw of 12 junior women’s and an equal number of junior men’s teams, from all four Atlantic Provinces, competing at the Silver Fox in Summerside. The junior men’s and women’s round-robin draws, with teams divided into two pools, will be done Friday, prior to event start. Live end-by-end results will be available at PEICurling.com. All round-robin draws on Friday and Saturday are eight ends, while the semi-finals at 9 am Sunday and the finals at 1 pm are ten ends. Round robin draw times are at 11:30 am, and 2, 5 and 7:30 pm on Friday, and at 8 and 10:30 am, plus 1, 4, 6:30 and 9 pm on Saturday.

Direct link to live scoring: https://peicurling.com/scoreboard/#!/competitions/6185

Three members of last year’s winning junior women’s team from Cornwall, now skipped by Katie Shaw, are back this year, along with the runner-up Kate Paterson squad from Saint John. Neither the winning Tyler Smith rink from Charlottetown nor the runner-up Ethan Young foursome from the Mayflower Curling Club in Halifax are back, so there will be a new Junior Men’s winners’ circle.

Here are the team rosters (skip to lead, coach, club):

Junior Men’s

Mitchell Schut, Chase MacMillan, Cruz Pineau, Liam Kelly, Coach Brenda MacMillan (Cornwall Curling Club)

Aidan Hennigar, Keith Langlois, Craig Weagle, Ryan MacDonald, Coach Karen Langlois (CFB Halifax Curling Club)

Rajan Dalrymple, Logan Pugsley, Riley Dowden, Cameron Sallaj,  Coach Brian  Dalrymple (Gage Curling Club, Oromocto NB)

Calan MacIssac, Evan Moorhouse, Owen Fisher, Chris McCurdy,  Coach: Craig Burgess (Truro Curling Club)

Alex Peasley, Emmanuel Porter, James Larlee, Noah Riggs, Coach John Peters (Gage Curling Club)

Declan Johnston, Sullivan Goodine, Samuel Goodine, Anson Green, Coach Jonathon Goodine (Florenceville Curling Club)

Luke Godin,  Alan Fawcett, Connor Smith, Brian Young Coach Steve Godin (Mayflower Curling Club, Halifax)

Brayden Snow, Jack MacFadyen, Liam Barbrick, Davis Nicholson   (Silver Fox Curling Club Summerside, and Charlottetown Curling Club)

Jamie Stewart, Pierce Davis, Emmett Knee, Timothy Marin, Coach Jeff Stewart (Thistle St.Andrews Curling Club, Saint John)

Liam Marin, Josh Vaughan, Adam Tracy, Dylan MacDonald, Coach Félipe Marin (Thistle St. Andrews Curling Club, Saint John)

Ryan Strang, Zack Boutilier, Kolby Boutilier, TBA, Coach Mike Strang (Lakeshore Curling Club, Lower Sackville NS)

Josh Nowlan, Wil Robertson, Issac Downey, Jacob Nowlan, Coach Daryell Nowlan (Curl Moncton)

Junior Women’s Teams   

Brooke Tracy, Kristen Donovan, Kamdyn Cawdle, Sierra Tracy, Coach Jeremy Tracy (Gladstone Curling Club, Fredericton Junction, NB)

Kate Paterson, Paige Brewer, Lauryn Cawdle,  Abby Barker, Coach Rob Paterson (Thistle St. Andrews Curling Club, Saint John)

Leah Cluff, Emma Archibald, Chloe O’Hara, Lauren Price, Coach Scott Archibald (Woodstock Curling Club, NB)

Katie Shaw, Alexis Burris, Meghan Sherren, Lexie Murray, Coach David Murphy (Cornwall Curling Club)

Clara Jack, Beth Walsh, Grace Bulger, Aurora Ulvstal, Coach Shelley MacFadyen (Cornwall Curling Club)

Sophie Blades, Kate Weissent, Alexis Cluney, Stephanie Atherton, Coach Andrew Atherton (Chester Curling Club)

Kaylee Nodding, Katelyn Nodding, Lydia Locke, Alexis Chaisson, Coach Scott Nodding (Bridgewater Curling Club)

Brianna Batherson, Diana Milburn, Larissa Giles, Ella Wilson, Coach Darren Milburn (Lakeshore Curling Club, Lower Sackville NS)

Marybeth Milburn, Peyton Bowser, Kerkeslin MacDonald, Amelia Richard, Coach Chris MacDonald (Lakeshore Curling Club, Lower Sackville NS)

Allyson MacNutt, Anna Varga, Cerys Fisher, Mary Larade, Coach Jim Burgess (Truro Curling Club) 

Sarah McDonah, Olivia McDonah, Natalie MacKinnon, Annalise MacNutt, Coach D’ Arcy McDonah  (Truro Curling Club)

Emily Neary, Victoria Snow, Charlotte Belbin, Victoria French, Coach Jeannette Hodder (Remax Centre, St. John’s NL)

Here is the games schedule. Teams will be assigned to their respective draw slot numbers after a draw is held on Friday morning. Junior men’s round-robin games are in light blue, junior women’s are in yellow.


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