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Four teams remain undefeated after opening day play at the Ferguson-Logan Montague Funeral Home PEI Stick Curling Championships being played at the Maple Leaf Curling Club in O’Leary.  The host club’s Clair Sweet/Bob Matheson twosome is 3-0 in the 15 team Open Division (any combination of male/female), while the Paul and Bernie Field pair from Cornwall and the Harvey Holmes/Frances Ellsworth duo from the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton q43 2-0 in the B pool after opening day round-robin play. In the four-team double round-robin Women’s event, Cornwall’s Gloria Clarke and Ruth Stavert are 3-0, followed closely by defending champions Etta Reid and Elaine Hughes, at 2-1, losing 5-4 in an extra end to Clarke/Stavert in their first of two round-robin encounters, meeting again at 2:30 on Wednesday. There are seven draws Wednesday, starting at 9 am with the last draw at 5 pm, and two Thursday morning at 9 and 10:15, with the top three Open teams from each pool advancing to the playoff round. The second and third-place Women’s division teams advance to a semi-final, with the winner facing the first-place team in the final. The Open and Women’s finals go at 10:30 am Thursday.

The top four Open Division teams and top two Women’s division duos from this event advance to the Maritime Stick Curling Championships March 13-15 in Woodstock NB, while the top four Open and Women’s teams are eligible to compete at the 2020 Canadian Stick Curling Championships to be held April 2-5 at the Highland Curling Club in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Live results from the PEI Stick Championship are available at

Draw and Schedule

Open Pool A Open Pool B Women Pool C
A O’Rourke/MacDonald 1 Betts/Hardy W1 Callaghan/Barwise
B Pineau 2 Harris W2 Fraser/Crockett
C Sweet/Matheson 3 Barwise/Smith W3 Reid/Hughes
D Higginbotham/Chaisson 4 Craswell W4 Clarke/Stavert
E Lewis/Dennis 5 Stewart/MacDonald Open Division Playoff Round is in green
F Hackett/Hogan 6 Holmes/Ellsworth
G Vincent/Callaghan 7 Field
H Power/Kerwin  
Date Time Draw # Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
FEB. 4
9 AM 1 Sweet/Matheson – Power/Kerwin Vincent/Callaghan – O’Rourke/MacDonald Higginbotham/Chaisson – Hackett/Hogan Lewis/Dennis – Pineau
10:15 AM 2 Betts/Hardy – Harris Barwise/Smith – Craswell Stewart/MacDonald – Holmes/Ellsworth Fraser/Crockett – Reid/Hughes
11:30 AM 3 Reid/Hughes – Clarke/Stavert Sweet/Matheson – Higginbotham/Chaisson Callaghan/Barwise – Fraser/Crockett  
1:15 PM 4 O’Rourke/MacDonald – Pineau Stewart/MacDonald – Field  Harris – Craswell Betts/Hardy – Barwise/Smith
2:30 PM 5 Fraser/Crockett – Clarke/Stavert Callaghan/Barwise – Reid/Hughes Lewis/Dennis – Hackett/Hogan Vincent/Callaghan -Power/Kerwin
3:45 PM 6 Hackett/Hogan – Power/Kerwin Lewis/Dennis – Vincent/Callaghan Pineau – Higginbotham/Chaisson O’Rourke/MacDonald – Sweet/Matheson
5 PM 7 Stewart/MacDonald – Craswell Callaghan/Barwise -Clarke/Stavert Field – Barwise/Smith Harris – Holmes/Ellsworth
FEB. 5
9 AM 8 Lewis/Dennis – Higginbotham/Chaisson O’Rourke/MacDonald – Power/Kerwin Vincent/Callaghan – Sweet/Matheson Pineau – Hackett/Hogan
10:15 AM 9   Callaghan/Barwise – Clarke/Stavert   Fraser/Crockett – Reid/Hughes
11:30 AM 10 Barwise/Smith – Holmes/Ellsworth Field – Harris  Callaghan/Barwise – Fraser/Crockett Betts/Hardy – Stewart/MacDonald
1:15 PM 11 Sweet/Matheson – Hackett/Hogan Vincent/Callaghan – Pineau Power/Kerwin – Higginbotham/Chaisson O’Rourke/MacDonald – Lewis/Dennis
2:30 PM 12 Field – Betts/Hardy Reid/Hughes – Clarke/Stavert Craswell – Holmes/Ellsworth Stewart/MacDonald- Harris
3:45 PM 13 Pineau – Sweet/Matheson Higginbotham/Chaisson – O’Rourke/MacDonald Power/Kerwin – Lewis/Dennis Hackett/Hogan -Vincent/Callaghan
5 PM 14 Harris – Barwise/Smith Craswell – Betts/Hardy   Holmes/Ellsworth – Field
FEB. 6
9 AM 15 Higginbotham/Chaisson – Vincent/Callaghan  Hackett/Hogan – O’Rourke/MacDonald Sweet/Matheson – Lewis/Dennis Power/Kerwin – Pineau 
10:15 AM 16 Craswell – Field Callaghan/Barwise- Reid/Hughes Barwise/Smith -Stewart/MacDonald Holmes/Ellsworth – Betts/Hardy
11:30 AM 17 Q1 Q2 Fraser/Crockett – Clarke/Stavert  
1:15 PM 18   SEMI W SEMI 1 SEMI 2
2:30 PM 19   FINAL O FINAL W  
Open Pools will play a single round-robin and the Women’s Pool  will play a double round-robin
Open Division Playoff Round: Women’s Division Playoff Round:
Q1(O) – 2 Place pool A vs 3rd place pool B SEMI (W) – 2nd place vs 3rd place
Q2(O) – 3rd place pool A vs 2nd place pool B FINAL (W) winner SEMI (W) vs 1st place
SEMI (O) 1 – winner of Q1(O) vs 1st place pool B  
SEMI (O) 2 – winner Q2(O) vs 1st place pool A
Final (O) – winner SEMI (O) 1 vs winner of SEMI (O) 2
Games – Teams play an extra end with 3 rocks each    
Playoffs – 1st by wins and losses by team, 2nd by head to head results, 3rd by points – 3 Pts for a win, 0 pts for a loss, 1 Point per end, ½ pt for a blank end, 3 pts (MAX.) difference of score


 Team Rosters

O=Open Division (any combination of male/female)


O – Barwise/Smith

Western Community Curling Club, Alberton, PEI

Sherill Barwise, Bill Smith

O – Betts/Hardy

Western Community Curling Club, Alberton, PEI

Glen Betts, Leslie Hardy

O – Craswell

Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PEI

Barry Craswell, Myrna Craswell

O – Field

Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PEI

Paul Field, Bernie Field

O – Hackett/Hogan

Western Community Curling Club, Alberton, PEI

Alvin Hackett, Victor Hogan

O – Harris

Maple Leaf Curling Club, O’Leary, PEI

Muncey Harris, Leah Harris

O – Higginbotham/Chaisson

Montague Curling Club, Montague, PEI

Sterling Higginbotham, Wayne Chaisson

O – Holmes/Ellsworth

Western Community Curling Club, Alberton, PEI

Harvey Holmes, Frances Ellsworth

O – Lewis/Dennis

Maple Leaf Curling Club, O’Leary, PEI

Arthur Lewis, Dale Dennis

O – O’Rourke/MacDonald

Montague Curling Club, Montague, PEI

Tom O’Rourke, John MacDonald

O – Pineau

Maple Leaf Curling Club, O’Leary, PEI

Alfie Pineau, Marie Pineau

O – Power/Kerwin

Montague Curling Club, Montague, PEI

Billy Power, Howard Kerwin

O – Stewart/MacDonald

Montague Curling Club, Montague, PEI

Floyd Stewart, Gordon MacDonald

O – Sweet/Matheson

Maple Leaf Curling Club, O’Leary, PEI

Clair Sweet, Bob Matheson

O – Vincent/Callaghan

Western Community Curling Club, Alberton, PEI

John Vincent, Walter Callaghan

W – Callaghan/Barwise

Western Community Curling Club, Alberton, PEI

Audrey Callaghan, Anne Barwise

W – Clarke/Stavert

Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PEI

Gloria Clarke, Ruth Stavert

W – Fraser/Crockett

Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PEI

Janette Fraser, Carolyn Crockett

W – Reid/Hughes

Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PEI

Etta Reid, Elaine Hughes


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