“A” Final set at PEI Mixed Doubles Curling Ch’ship at the Silver Fox

The 1:15 pm Saturday “A” section final is set following Friday action at the PEI Mixed Doubles Curling Championship at the Silver Fox Curling Club in Summerside, with 17 teams, from the Charlottetown, Cornwall, Crapaud, and Silver Fox curling clubs, taking part. The first of three section finals will feature the Chase MacMillan and Rachel MacLean junior duo from Cornwall taking on the Jenny and Edward White couple from the host club.

In the Friday evening “A” semi-finals, MacMillan and MacLean beat Crapaud’s Nick Blanchard and Stephanie Schnare pair by an 11-2 score in seven ends, following an opening end deuce with a single before giving up a deuce in the third end. The Cornwall team took command of the scoreboard for the rest of the game, following a 4th end triple with two stolen deuces and a single. The other semi was much closer, with the Whites scoring in only two ends — stealing a triple in the opening end, and taking four points in the fourth to win an 8-7 squeaker over Calvin Smith and Katelyn Burgoyne from Cornwall. Other Saturday draws are at 10 am and 4:30 pm.

Teams are playing a modified triple knockout round, advancing teams to three qualifying matches for the two-game championship round. With the modified format, winning teams also drop down to compete in the next section. If a team wins all three sections, the championship round will not be played.

Live, end-by-end results will be available at PEICurling.com/scoreboard

The winning duo will advance to the 2020 Canad Inns Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, March 17-22 at Stride Place in Portage La Prairie Manitoba.

Draw Tree

(Modified triple-knockout format with 2-game championship round, if necessary)


Schedule of Games

Date Time Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Ice 5 Ice 6 
Feb. 6
6 pm 1   1 2 3 4  
Feb. 7
9:30 am 2 5 6 7 8 9 10
12:45 pm 3 13 14 11 12 15  
4:00 pm 4   16 18 17 19  
7:15 pm 5 20 21 24 22 25 23
Feb. 8
10 am 6   29 27 26 28  
1:15 pm 7 34 33 32 30 31  
4:30 pm 8   35 37 36 38  
Feb. 9
9:30 am 9   40 39 42 41  
12:45 pm 10   44 45 43    
4 pm 11   47     46  
Feb. 10
9:30 am 12     48      
12:45 pm 13       A    
4 pm 14     B      


Explanation for Championship Round (Games A and B):

1. If one team wins all three qualifying games*: Championship Round is not required.

2. If one team wins two qualifying games*:
They play in both A and B (and win the event if they win either game).
The other section winner plays in A and has to win to advance to B.

3. If there are three separate winners: the team that played in the most qualifying games* advances to B, and the other winners play off in A.
If there is a tie in the number of qualifying games* played, then the team that qualified earliest goes to B and the other two teams play off in A.

*Qualifying games are in yellow on the schedule

Team Rosters


Crapaud Community Curling Club, Crapaud, PE

Nick Blanchard, Stephanie Schnare


Charlottetown Curling Club, Charlottetown, PEI

Robbie Doherty, Amanda Power


Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PE

Lauren Ferguson, Mitchell Schut


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PE

Carl Gawenus, Sandra Walsh


Crapaud Community Curling Club, Crapaud, PEI

Alan Inman, Terri Wood


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PEI

Blair Jay, Yolande Gaudet


Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PE

Liam Kelly, Kristie Rogers (lineup change)


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PE

Andrew MacDougall, Melissa Morrow


Charlottetown Curling Club, Charlottetown, PE, David MacFadyen (coach)

Jack MacFadyen, Amy Spence


Charlottetown Curling Club, Charlottetown, PE, Pat Quilty (coach)

Tyler MacKenzie, Aleya Quilty


Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PE

Chase MacMillan, Rachel MacLean


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PE

Jamie Newson, Miranda Ellis


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PEI

Mallory Rochford, Brock Rochford


Cornwall Curling Club, Cornwall, PE, Susan Hubley (coach)

Calvin Smith, Katelyn Burgoyne


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PE

Brayden Snow, Makiya Noonan


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PE

Jenny White, Edward White


Silver Fox Curling Club, Summerside, PEI

Dario Zannier, Liz Maynard

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