Recreation PEI – 2020 Facilities Webinar Series (Free of Charge)

Recreation PEI has put together a series of webinars specifically designed for organizations that own/operate ice skating and curling facilities. All four webinars are free of charge and will run each Thursday, August 20th through September 10th at 2:00PM ADT. Topics include; Social Distancing and Space Management, Infection Prevention and Cleaning, Arena Facility Safety Practices, and Recreation Facility Asset Management. We highly encourage all arena facilities to have at least one person from your organization attend each session.

Please pre-register using the links below.

Thursday, August 20th / 2:00PM
Planning to re-open? How many people can I let in and how will we manage them?

Your doors are opened or opening to the public. Are you ready for physical distancing within your space? Here at Smarter Spaces we are aware of the challenges that businesses will face. Using our existing technologies to provide a “birds eye view” in conjunction with our Emergency Planning expertise, we are able to help you plan out your space. With a plan in place, we can help you maximize the number of people that can use your space safely. Please join us for a webinar explaining our Proximity PlanningTM service.
Presenter: Tim Mansfield, Smarter Spaces Inc.

Thursday, August 27th / 2:00PM
Infection Prevention & Control In Recreational Facility Settings
This is an informative online session designed to engage and educate facility management staff from ALL organizational levels about the latest developments in infection prevention and control (IP&C) and how to adapt learnings from healthcare to the recreational facility setting. This online presentation will provide overviews of:
• Key IP&C concepts, including up-to-date details regarding COVID-19
• IP&C product evaluation and selection criteria
• IP&C procedures and auditing methods
• Emerging trends and technologies in the field of IP&C
• Practical ideas and resources to help enhance existing IP&C initiatives
Presenter: Mark Ambler, Germ Aware IPC

Thursday, September 3rd / 2:00PM
Arena Safety Procedures for Ice Skating and Curling Facilities
The Provincial Chief Boiler Inspector will give a brief overview of the refrigeration plant room inside an ice arena. He’ll describe the roles of various safety devices and best practices along with some avoidable risks and hazards associated with the operation of a typical refrigeration plant room. Both, Ammonia and Freon facilities will be discussed.
An emphasis will be placed on the need for facilities to be up to date in their safety codes, the need for worker safety training, the proper use of personal protective equipment, proper ventilation, alarm systems, safe storage of hazardous substances, and the importance of recording in the official plant log, and what to do in case of a variety of emergencies.
This webinar is highly recommended for all arena personnel including ice technicians,
canteen staff and management as emergencies can happen to anyone at any time!

Presenter: Steven Townsend, Chief Boiler Inspector – Province of PEI

Thursday, September 10th / 2:00PM
Marmak’s Recreation Facility Asset Management (RFAM) Software

This presentation will focus on creating an accurate asset inventory which is essential to Asset Management and can be stored in RFAM’s Inventory Module which Recreation PEI offers at no cost as part of their member services. This module encourages a standardized methodology to collect and manage assets’ details including: model, condition, replacement cost, and more. The presentation will also highlight RFAM’s ability to assist with adopting new safety regulations including creating inspections and work orders. To learn more about the extensive functionality offered by RFAM please visit:

Presenter: John Tarantino, Marmak Information Technologies
Join Live: (No need to pre-register.)

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