Pepsi U16 Jr. Developmental League

Pepsi U16 Development League at Cornwall adds 8th team, schedules double-header for this Sat.

Here is the revised draw for the PEPSI U16 Development League, open to curlers from all clubs, at the Cornwall Curling Club.  An eighth team, Team Rochford, has now been added. There are two games this Sat. Dec. 21, at 10 and 1, as well as on Feb. 22. The January 11 draw has now been moved to Sunday January 12. A new date, Feb. 1 has been added.

All games start at 10:00 am unless otherwise noted.

Date Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Bye
21 Dec. 10 am Easter vs Butler Jack vs Lenentine Rochford vs Shaw Dalton vs MacLean
21 Dec. 1 pm Jack vs Shaw MacLean vs Easter Butler vs Dalton Rochford vs Lenentine
12 Jan. (Sunday) Rochford vs Dalton Butler vs Shaw MacLean vs Lenentine Easter vs Jack
25 Jan. Shaw vs Lenentine Easter vs Dalton Jack vs Rochford MacLean vs Butler
1 Feb. Rochford vs Easter Lenentine vs Butler Shaw vs MacLean Jack vs Dalton
22 Feb. 10 am Lenentine vs Dalton MacLean vs Rochford Butler vs Jack Shaw vs Easter
22 Feb. 1 pm MacLean vs Jack Shaw vs Dalton Lenentine vs Easter Butler vs Rochford
28 Feb. U16 Provincials – Charlottetown Curling Club
6-8 Mar.  U13 Provincials – Montague Curling Club


All Games are scheduled for 8 ends in length with a start time of 10:00am, unless otherwise noted;

8th end must be started no later than 1 hour 50 minutes after play commences. If the 8th end is not started by then,  finish the end you are in. An extra end will be played if the game is tied; 

Coaches will have unlimited access to the ice surface during games, but may only communicate with their team when the opposition has control of the house.

Team Rosters (as provided – not yet fully complete)

Skip Mate Second Lead Alt. Coach
Madalyn Easter Kenna Warnell Sophie Gallant Veronica Peter Koby-Lynn Gallant  
Isaiah Dalton Sheamus Herlihy Nate Connor Bruce    
Clara Jack Beth Walsh Grace Bulger Aurora Ulvstal    
Ella Lenentine Kacey Gauthier Mollie Erika Pater    
Luke Butler Ella Clow Julia Smith Anna Jackson   Veronica Smith
Nate Shaw          
Tracy MacLean          


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