2017 PEI Future Scotties/Future Tankard


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Pineau rink finishes Future Scotties/Tankard with 3-0 record

The Cruz Pineau rink from the host Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Community Complex were the only team to finish the Future Scotties/Tankard combined event with a 3-0 record. Four teams, skipped by Chase MacMillan, Rachel MacLean, Lauren Ferguson, and Alexis Burris, all from the Cornwall Curling Club, finished tied for second, with 2-1 win-loss records.

Pineau and Ferguson rinks both undefeated going into Future Scotties/Tankard final draw

It’s down to the championship round for the Tankard Men’s Provincial Curling Championship, and the Scotties Tournament of Hearts Provincial Women’s championship, and to the final draw in the three-game partial round robin for the Future Scotties/Tankard under 21 developmental event, all happening today at the six sheet Silver Fox Curling and  Yacht Community Complex in Summerside. The three events are all happening at the same time and venue as part of a pilot to increase interest in the Olympic sport of curling.

The Future Scotties/Tankard is a combined event, with six junior girls and two junior boys teams taking part. Although the emphasis is on the Scotties and Tankard experience rather than the results, the Cruz Pineau boys team from the host club, and the Lauren Ferguson girls team from the Cornwall Curling Club are both undefeated going into their third game. These teams don’t play each other in the event – Ferguson is taking on clubmate Rachel MacLean (1-1), while Pineau faces Charlottetown’s Katie Shaw, also at 1-1.


Pineau wins Future Scotties/Tankard opener

It was an exciting evening at the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Community Complex, with the “B” finals in both the Scotties provincial women’s championship, and the Tankard men’s, plus the opening game in the Future Scotties and Tankard developmental event for young curlers all going on at the same time on the six sheet ice surface. As a pilot to help increase interest in the Olympic sport of curling, the Tankard and the Scotties, along with the Future events, are being held on the same weekend at the same venue.

The first game in the eight-team partial round robin Future Scotties/Future Tankard developmental event for curlers under 21 took place on Friday evening, with the two boys teams, skipped by Chase MacMillan of Cornwall, and Cruz Pineau from the host Silver Fox club, squaring off in an eight-end contest (Scotties and Tankard games are 10 ends), with Pineau picking up a 7-6 come-from-behind win. MacMillan led 6-3 after five ends, but Pineau fought back with a deuce in six to narrow the gap to 1, and then stole the next two ends for the victory. The Future teams each play three games in the event, with the remaining games at 9 am and 1 pm on Saturday, and 1 pm on Sunday.


Note: Future Scotties/Tankard games are 8 ends, while Scotties and Tankard are ten.

It’ll be a busy five days from January 18 to 22, at the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Community Complex in Summerside, as the six-sheet facility will be hosting both the Tankard PEI men’s curling championship and the Scotties Tournament of Hearts PEI women’s championship, along with (on January 21 and 22) the Future Scotties/Tankard developmental event for curlers under age 21. Hosting all the events at one venue at one time is being done as a pilot project, and it is hoped it will increase interest in the Olympic sport of curling.

Admission is just $5 a draw (with up to six games on the ice at once), $8 for an entire day, or $20 for a full event pass. Admission is free for two draws – those featuring only the Future Scotties/Tankard teams, at 9 am on the 21st, and 1 pm on the 22nd. Opening ceremonies go at 5:45 pm on Wednesday the 18th, with the opening draw following at 6:30 pm.

Future Scotties/Tankard

The Future Scotties and Future Tankard, a developmental event designed to introduce young curlers to the Scotties and Tankard experience, will be a combined event this time, with the six junior women’s teams and the two junior men’s rinks all playing three games in a partial round-robin format. Six teams entered are from the Cornwall Curling Club, and are skipped by Alexis Burris, Lauren Ferguson, Clara Jack, Rachel MacLean, Bailey O’Grady, and Chase MacMillan, while the Katie Shaw rink is entered from the Charlottetown Curling Complex, and the Cruz Pineau foursome are representing the host Silver Fox curling facility.

Scotties (Women’s), Tankard (Men’s),
Future Scotties and Tankard Schedule

S=Scotties, T=Tankard, F=Future. Qualifier games have game # in yellow.

Date Draw Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Ice 5 Ice 6
Jan-18   5:45 On-ice Ceremony
1 6:30 S1 S2 T1 T2 T3 T4
Jan-19 2 10am   T5 T8 T6 T7  
3 3pm T10 T9 T11 S4 S3  
  6:30pm Banquet
Jan-20 4 1pm T13 T12 S5 T15 T14  
5 6pm S7 S6 T16 T17 T18 MacMillan
vs Pineau
Jan-21 6 9am   Pineau vs O’Grady Shaw vs MacLean Burris vs Ferguson Jack vs MacMillan  
7 1pm Ferguson vs Jack MacLean vs Burris S8 T20 T19 O’Grady vs Shaw
8 6pm   T21   S9    
Jan-22 9 10am     WA   MA  
10 1pm MacLean vs Ferguson Pineau vs Shaw   MacMillan vs O’Grady   Burris vs Jack
11 3:30pm     MB   WB  


 Future Scotties Team Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Alt. Coach  Club
Alexis Burris Sydney Howatt Meghan Sherren Madelyn Cantwell   A.J.Campbell Cornwall Curling Club
Lauren Ferguson Emma Coffin Sierra Clyke Emily Sanderson   Edgar Coffin, Dario Zannier Cornwall Curling Club
Clara Jack Beth Walsh Aurora Ulvstal Darrah MacLeod   Aleya Quilty, Hanny MacLeod Cornwall Curling Club
Rachel MacLean Jordan Dunphy-Condon Olivia Barbour Avery Nicholson   Carl Nicholson Cornwall Curling Club
Bailey O’Grady Gillian Barbrick Meaghan Perry Katelyn Burgoyne   Ann Doucette Cornwall Curling Club
Katie Shaw Amy Spence Izzy Tatlock Lexie Murray Grace Bulger Leigh Gustafson, David Murphy Charlottetown Curling Complex


Future Tankard Team Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Coach Club
Chase MacMillan Liam Barbrick Davis Nicholson Jack MacFadyen Rob Roberts Cornwall Curling Club
Cruz Pineau Brock Rochford Noah Gallant Brayden Snow Shelley MacFadyen Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club