History Ladies Assoc. Minutes 1970-71 through 1979-80

PEI Curling Association Minutes (Ladies'Assoc.) 1970-71 through 1979-80

The recording of the history of the PEI Curling Association (Men’s and Ladies) and curling clubs on PEI is part of a project initiated by Jerry Muzika through the PEI Curling Association with the view to preserving the curling heritage of Prince Edward Island. Minutes from the Associations and some of the curling clubs have been reviewed and excerpts taken and compiled chronologically. Some anecdotal accounts have also been included for their historical interest.

Thank you - to all who have cooperated and participated in this project. Especially to Debbie Carragher and Janet Doiron at Sport PEI, Shirley Lank, Cornwall Curling Club, Ron Atkinson, Belvedere, and all those who located minutes and entrusted them to me as I carried out my review. Any errors and/or omissions are unintentional and corrections should be passed on to me at this web site. - Jerry Muzika

Below are the minutes of the PEI Ladies Curling Association from the 1970-71 through the 1979-80 seasons.

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November 7, 1970

A meeting of the Executive of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held at the Charlottetown Curling Club on Saturday, November 7th at 1:30pm. With Mrs. Anne Wood presiding.

It was moved by Phyllis Warner and seconded by Irene Kassner that the new copies of the PEI Ladies Curling Association Constitution and By-Laws be printed and sent to the delegates and Presidents.

There was a recommendation that advertisements for General and Annual meetings in newspapers be reduced in size.

The following names were submitted as delegates to School Girl Curling:

Belvedere: Carol Taylor
Souris: Irene Kassner (Until someone is appointed)
Montague: Evelyn MacLure
C.F.B.: Nina Edison
Summerside: Wanda Hunter
Crapaud: Elaine Dawson
Charlottetown: Evelyn Goss
Alberton: Hazel Prescott
There being no further business the meeting adjourned to attend the General Meeting.

Mrs. Anne Wood, President
Isabel Murray, Secretary-Treasurer

November 7, 1970

A General meeting of the P.E.I.P.L.C.A. was held on November 7th at 2:30 p.m. in the Charlottetown Curling Club with approximately 45 members present.

The President Mrs. Anne Wood presided. Irene Kassner, reporting on School Girl Curling, said names had been submitted for delegates. She also reported that nothing concrete had been done as yet but mentioned that girls under 20 years of age as of September 1st would be eligible to play. She also mentioned that School Girl Curling would have their own committees but would be directed by the ladies.

The meeting was adjourned by Peg Sullivan and seconded by Blanche Smith following which coffee and sweetbreads were served by the Charlottetown ladies.

Anne Wood, President
Isabel Murray, Secretary-Treasurer

May 1, 1971

The Annual Meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held May 1, 1971 at the Charlottetown Curling Club with 35 members present.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm with President Anne Wood presiding. The only clubs not represented were Souris and Alberton.

Minutes of the Annual Meeting May 2, 1970 and also minutes of February 2nd, 1971 and May 1, 1971 Executive meetings were read by the Secretary and approved.

President Anne then called on Wanda Hunter for a report on Girls Curling. Wanda asked if the Provincial Ladies Curling Association would like to affiliate with Girls Curling and after considerable discussion it was decided by a vote of 3 For, 18 Against. Girl Curling should operate on their own and not be a part of the Provincial until a later date when the C.L.C.A. decide what they will do.

Games Chairman
Pauline Burden gave a full report dealing with all provincial competitions and congratulated all winners. She suggested that in future all Senior Play be a Double Knockout and called on Liz MacDonald who said that all other provinces play Double Knockout and 10 end games.

It was moved by Olave MacDonald that the Senior Ladies Play be Double Knockout, all games being
10 ends, limited to two games a day. Three games should be played the final day if necessary. Seconded by Gladys Carruthers. Motion carried.

Pauline then moved the adoption of her report. Seconded by Peg Sullivan.

It was moved by Liz MacDonald that a Committee of 3 headed by Phyllis Warner be appointed to consider wording of the Constitution and By-Laws and update them. This was seconded by Carol Taylor. Committee appointed: Phyllis Warner, Liz MacDonald and Marion Dockendorff. Motion carried . All in favor.

The following delegates were appointed for the 1971 - 1972 season:
Crapaud: Julia Robinson
Charlottetown: Olave MacDonald, Mary MacKenzie
Montague: Blanche Smith, Edith Worth
Belvedere: Eileen McMillan, Peg Weir, Joyce Beer
Summerside: Dot Tupper, Wanda Hunter
C.F.B.: No names submitted
Souris: No names submitted
Alberton: No names submitted

Phyllis Warner advised that at a meeting of the Girls Curling in February Irene Kassner resigned as Provincial Delegate and that she was replacing Irene in this capacity.

Girl Curling delegates remain the same except for Crapaud where Audrey Enman replaced Ruth Cutcliffe.

A lengthy discussion on Girl Curling followed and it was decided that Girl Curling delegates would bring a decision from their clubs to the Fall meeting as to whether they wanted to be affiliated to the Provincial Ladies Curling Association and the C.L.C.A. The delegates were then asked to have their respective clubs read the minutes of the 11th Annual Meeting of the C.L.C.A. with respect to this subject.

There being no further business, Kay Roberts moved the meeting be adjourned following which coffee and sweetbreads were served by the Charlottetown ladies.

Anne Wood, President
Isabel Murray, Secretary-Treasurer


October 23rd, 1971

A General meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held October 23rd, 1971 at 3 pm at the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club. The President, Mrs. Eileen MacMillan presided. There were 37 members present.

The minutes of the last Executive and Annual Meeting of May 1st, 1971 were read and approved with the correction - Betty Robertson, Crapaud delegate not Kay Roberts.

Report of Committee on Disposal of Records
Mrs. Liz MacDonald reported that this committee had met and disposed of the “bits and pieces” and old correspondence up to 1968-1969. Some material pertaining to the origin of our Provincial had been retained. All remaining records were passed to the Provincial Secretary-Treasurer.

Girl’s Curling
It was moved by Mrs. Matthews, seconded by Evelyn MacLure “ That the PEI Schoolgirl Curling affiliate with the Canadian Ladies Curling Association but will retain their own Provincial Association.” Motion carried. Discussion followed regarding payment of dues by Schoolgirl Curling and in this regard we quote the following paragraph from Newsletter 1 September 28, 1971, Page 3

“ An affiliated member is one who has been registered with the Provincial Association which pays a per capita fee for that member. The 1971-1972 fee is .40¢ per member. Negotiations are underway for a federal grant to the C.L.C.A. for their affiliated members. I am extremely hopeful that the grant will be awarded and a portion of the grant is available for the promotion of Girl’s Curling. Thus it is conceivable that if C.G.C.A. ensures that their membership affiliation are turned over to the C.L.C.A., our actions on behalf of all affiliated members would have true meaning. If this is done for this year, I’m quite sure that the C.L.C.A. General Council would see fit to then make a grant back to the Girls for the same amount plus whatever funds Ottawa releases for Girl Curling. I am going out on a limb by giving you this assurance.

A motion “That .10¢ per individual be paid to the PEI Ladies Curling Association by the Schoolgirl Curling Association as Provincial Affiliation dues.” was moved by Carol Taylor and seconded by H. Prescott.

Motion Carried
.50¢ per individual will now be paid yearly by Schoolgirl Curling to the Provincial Ladies Curling Association.
There being no further business Mrs. MacMillan adjourned the meeting.
Coffee and sweetbreads were served by the Host club.

D. Eileen MacMillan, President
Margaret I. Weir,Secretary-Treasurer

February 1st, 1972

A meeting of the Executive of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held at the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club February 1st, 1972 following the Provincial Ladies Curling Championship Banquet with the Vice President Mrs. Wanda Hunter presiding.

The roll call was answered as follows: Alberton 2, Belvedere 3, C.F.B.2, Charlottetown 3, Crapaud 3, Montague 4, Souris 2, Summerside 2.

Minutes of the Executive meeting held October 23rd, 1971 were read and approved.

Girl Curling
Carol Taylor, Secretary of Girl Curling, reported that the Provincial Girl Curling Playdowns would be held at the Charlottetown Curling Club February 12th and 13th. Fee would be $4.00 per team. Discussion followed regarding sending the Girl Team to Winnipeg for the National finals in March. It was moved by Betty Robertson and seconded by Olave MacDonald that PEI would send a team to these finals. Motion carried by a majority vote.

Senior Ladies Curling
Marion Dockendorff Chairman told us that a that a Provincial Flag (same size as other provinces) would be required for the 1973 Playdowns. It is hoped that in the very near we will have a sponsor for this event.

Marion also gave the Executive a general outline of all the committees that would be required to host the National Playdowns in 1973.

It would be announced at this meeting that Mrs. Irene Kassner, Souris, had been named General Committee Chairman for 1973.

Mrs. Hunter requested Crapaud to name a Vice President for the remainder of the year.


Margaret I. Weir
Secretary - Treasurer

April 29th, 1972

A meeting of the Executive of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held at the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club, Saturday, April 29th, 1972 at 1:30pm - prior to the Annual Meeting. Wanda Hunter presided.

Delegates were present from the following clubs: Alberton 2, Belvedere 2, C.F.B. 1, Crapaud 1, Charlottetown 2, Montague 2, Souris 1, Summerside 1.

Minutes of the February 1st, 1972 Executive meeting were read and approved.

Business Arising from the Minutes
Marion Dockendorff reported that she had been unable to obtain a Prince Edward Island flag the same size as the other provinces and asked that if anyone knew where one could be purchased that they contact her.

Marion also told the meeting that the 1973 National Senior Ladies Championships will be held in Ottawa at the RA Curling Club, Clark Memorial Center, 2451 Riverside Drive. The first game will get underway Sunday, March 18th, 1973 and two games will be played each day until the championship is completed.


Margaret I. Weir
PEI Ladies Curling Association

April 29th, 1972

The Annual Meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held April 29th, 1972 at the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club at 2:30 pm. The eight Island clubs were represented as follows: Alberton 3, Belvedere 8, C.F.B. 1, Crapaud 2, Charlottetown 14, Montague 4, Souris 1, Summerside 4.

The meeting was called to order by the President Mrs. Wanda Hunter. Minutes of the General Meeting of October 23, 1971, Executive meeting of February 1st and Executive meeting at 1:30pm April 29th, 1972 were read and approved.

New Business
Mrs. Irene Kassner General Committee Chairman read over the names on the Steering Committee for the National Playdowns (which your secretary did not get down, by the way) and stated that all lady curlers would be expected to work on one or other of these committees. Irene said that it was hoped that Belvedere would host pre-game practice sessions and perhaps put on a luncheon for the curlers.

Mrs. Evie Cudmore, Montague, Pin Chairman, has come up with a design for a Pin. She asked that each club submit a name, to be given to her, accepting responsibility for selling these pins in their own club. Montague will be manning a booth at the Charlottetown Hotel while the visitors are here.

Moved by Alice Trainor and seconded by Doris MacDonald that the meeting adjourn. Coffee and sweetbreads were served by the host club.

Margaret I. Weir
Secretary - Treasurer
PEI Ladies Curling Association


April 28, 1973

The Annual Meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held at 2:30 pm on April 28, 1973 at the Summerside Curling Club. The President, Wanda Hunter, presided over the meeting.

The minutes of the Annual Meeting of April 29, 1972 were read along with the minutes of the October 21, 1972 Semi-Annual Meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

The Secretary then outlined the highlights of the Executive meeting held prior to the Annual meeting.

Business Arising Out of the Minutes:
There was some discussion regarding the letter written to the National Executive regarding the Jr. Ladies eligibility for Ladies Provincial events. It was pointed out that the reply received had not been too clear, but Marion Dockendorff informed the ladies that the C.L.C.A. rules, when they are distributed will provide the answer. At present, it was felt that to be eligible for Ladies events a Junior Lady Curler must be a member of a club and 18 years of age.

It was moved by Marie Toole and seconded by Pauline Deighan that the Association accept the recommendations from the Charlottetown Ladies which were approved by the Executive at their meeting prior to the Annual Meeting. This motion read:

1. That Mr. Walter Goss be asked to be our Provincial Draw Master.
2. That the draw for the Provincial Ladies, Provincial Senior Ladies and Junior Ladies be the one in which the winner of the top bracket drops down and plays the winners of the losing sections.
3. That in the case of the Provincial Ladies, the draw be speeded up by scheduling games in the a.m. and teams play more than two games a day as long as they are not back to back or have at least two hours between games.

Motion carried.

The President reported that an outline of the curling events for the 1972-1973 season had been written and forwarded to the Sports Secretariat’s office for publication in their next newsletter. A request was made to have a copy sent to each Provincial delegate.

The Secretary read a letter from Allie Croft Chairman for the 1975 Scottish tour of the Maritimes requesting our assistance during the tour. Letters of thanks were also read from the Senior Ladies and the Provincial Ladies winning teams for the gifts presented to them by the Provincial Association.

New Business
It was decided that the new Executive would look into our involvement in the 1975 tour of the Scottish Lady Curlers. It was moved by Irene Kassner and seconded by Olave MacDonald that Edith Worth be contacted by the new Executive to see if she would agree to handle arrangements for the Scottish tour. Motion carried.

Olave MacDonald reported that the PEI flag must be replaced immediately for the Dominion Senior Championships. Apparently, we had sent the requested size but they had now decided they preferred larger flags. Since the Association does not own this requested size, it shall be forwarded.

Irene Kassner who had been on the C.L.C.A. Championship Committee during the year thanked all the clubs for their excellent cooperation. Marion Dockendorff National President added her thanks to everyone who helped make the C.L.C.A. Championships such a success.

Ann Wood brought up some of her concerns related to the Junior Lady Curlers and their organization. It was mentioned that their organization would now probably dissolve in the very near future since the Junior Ladies are going to be under the C.L.C.A.

The meeting at this point was interrupted briefly while Centennial medals were presented to the top three teams competing in the Provincial Ladies Bonspiel. Mr. Charles Hogan, representing the Centennial Committee, presented the Gold medals to the Elaine Thompson rink, the Silver medals to the Audrey Inman rink and the Bronze medals to the Pauline Burden rink.

Liz MacDonald and Jennie Boomhower are to purchase this plaque.

It was moved by Francis Roberts and seconded by Liz MacDonald that the small provincial flag returned from the Senior Ladies Championships be flown at our Provincial Playdowns.
Motion carried.

Following a short discussion of the rotation order for the Junior Ladies Bonspiel Anne Wood moved a vote of thanks to the Crapaud Club who hosted the Junior Ladies this year.

Annual Reports:
The following reports were presented:

President’s Report - Wanda Hunter
Treasurer - Carol Anne Newson
Games Chairman - Pauline Deighan
Senior Delegate - Francis Roberts
Delegate to the Senior Ladies - Olave MacDonald

The clubs were then asked to report their delegates for the 1973-1974 year:

Alberton - Mrs. Ed Turner (Games)
‒ O’Leary
‒ Miss Erica MacNeill (Exec.)
Coleman, R.R.#3

C.F.B. - Mrs. Karen Gagne (Games)
P.O. Box 404
Slemon Park, Summerside
‒ Mrs. Jiggs Campbell (Exec.)
P.O. Box 192
Slemon Park, Summerside

Summerside - Mrs. Jean Spears
‒ Miss Mary Gallant

Crapaud President - Mrs. Betty Robertson, Victoria
Secretary-Treasurer - Mrs. Shirley Smith
Games Chairman - Mrs. Elaine Thompson
North Tryon RR#1

Belvedere - No names submitted

Charlottetown - Mrs. Cathy Dillion (Games)
17 Sycamore Drive
- Miss Pauline Johnson (Exec.)
100 McGill Avenue

Montague - No names submitted

Souris - Florie Stewart (Games) - Souris
- Mrs. Irene Kassner (Exec.) - Souris

Vice President - From Charlottetown club

Wanda Hunter, President
Carol Ann Newson, Secretary


October 20, 1973

The semi - annual meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held at the Community Curling Club, Crapaud, October 20, 1973.

Business Arising Out of the Minutes
A letter from Edie Worth declining to be the contact for the Scottish Tour was received. It was suggested we contact Sally Rodd and/or Eileen MacMillan to see if one of them or both would be interested in this.

It was suggested that we contact Mr. George Nicholson, Montague, to design a pin for the Scottish Tour.

Minutes of a meeting held in Crapaud by the PEI Girls Curling Association were read by Mrs. Evelyn MacLure.

The girls are now a part of the PEI Ladies Curling Association.

It was moved that the Girls Championship Fund be put under the P.E.I.L.C.A. signing authority and the money from their regular fund be put into the championship account and be made into one account. This will be deposited in a separate account at the bank called the P.E.I.L.C.A. Junior Ladies Championship Fund. This was approved by the meeting.

Marion D. passed on one of the interesting subjects discussed at the Executive Meeting held in Ottawa on October 10, 1973. They are hoping eventually to have an International Tour similar to the Scottish Tour. U.S.A., Canada, Scotland and possibly Sweden would be involved.

Betty Robertson, President
Shirley Smith, Secretary - Treasurer

April 27, 1974

The Annual Meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held at the Community Curling Club, Crapaud, April 27, 1974.
Minutes of the Annual Meeting April 28, 1973 were read and approved. Minutes of the Executive Meeting April 17, 1974 were read and approved.

The following reports were presented.
Presidents Report - Betty Robertson
Delegates - Wanda Hunter
Games Chairman - Elayne Thomson
Treasurer - Shirley Smith

Marion spoke briefly on how much she enjoyed working with the National and how disappointed she is that it is over.

Business Arising from the Minutes
That a selection of a Chairman for the National Seniors be passed on to the incoming Executive with a proposal that all clubs be contacted to submit the name of a person that would be interested prior to May 15, 1974. The Executive Committee to select a Chairman from the names submitted by May31st.

That the crests for the provincial winners be left to the incoming Executive as to the size and design. Moved by Ruth, seconded by Liz.

That a Chairman for the National Seniors Playdowns to be held in Charlottetown in 1976 be appointed.

That the miniature trophies for the “Miss C” be purchased by the P.E.I.L.C.A.
That the Ladies runner-up crests be dropped.
That an appendix be added to the by-laws containing the draws for 8 and 16 teams.

By-Laws Section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
That a paragraph be added to the by-laws reading:

That entry fees for this competition will be established by the Provincial Executive at the fall meeting preceding the competition.

The meeting then adjourned.

Betty Robertson, President
Shirley Smith, Secretary - Treasurer


June 14th, 1975

The Annual Meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held at the Charlottetown Curling Club on Saturday, June 14, 1975. The meeting commenced at 2:30 pm.

President Diane Blanchard in her opening remarks welcomed and thanked the members for their attendance.

Roll Call: (Followed with the following results)

Belvedere 7 Montague 3
C.F.B. 2 Souris 1
Charlottetown 18 Summerside 4
Crapaud 5 Western 1 Total 41 members

The minutes of the 1974 Annual Meeting, also those of an Executive Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting were read by the Secretary. The minutes were adopted as presented on a motion moved by the Secretary and seconded by Betty Robertson. Motion carried.

There was no business arising out of the minutes.

Presidents Report
(Diane Blanchard). Dianne in her report outlined in detail the business carried on by the Executive during the past year.

Games Chairman Report
(Cathy Dillon). Cathy in her report covered all aspects of the Provincial Playdowns. She also advised that all engravings had to be brought up to date. Included in this report was the 3 year rotation on sites of playoffs (Provincial).

Cathy moved the adoption of her report, seconded by Ruth Cutcliffe. Motion carried.

Senior Delegate Report
(Elizabeth MacDonald). In the Senior Delegate’s report she outlined the procedure of the C.L.C.A. National meetings, also giving the meetings an up to date information data on the business being conducted and the work planned by the C.L.C.A.

Liz moved the adoption of her report, seconded by Phyllis Drysdale. (Carried).

Committee Reports : Due to the circulation of these reports the reading of the same were waived.

Scottish Tour: In the absence of the Chairperson Sally Rodd, this information was presented by Betty Robertson. Sally’s report informed the meeting of the progress to date on this item, also with her report was an itinerary of the Scottish Tour. The adoption of this report was moved by Betty Robertson and seconded by Jennie Boomhower. Motion carried.

Winter Games Report: (Diane Blanchard). Diane’s report covered the method of the selection of teams, the time and place of playoffs, also a short sketch of both the boys and girls winning teams. She also included recommendations for future competitions such as this. Diane moved the adoption of her report. Seconded by Judy Bullock.

Curl Canada Instructors: As PEI Co-ordinator of the Curl Canada Instructors Clinic, the membership was fortunate to receive a comprehensive coverage on all the aspects of this important part of our curling events. Diane moved the adoption of her report, seconded by Judy Bullock.

Association - Permanent Secretary-Treasurer: (Betty Robertson). It was recommended in this report that a permanent Secretary-Treasurer be appointed on a three year trial basis. The recommendation also advised that they requested Lois Hennessey to this position. Betty moved the adoption of her report, seconded by Irene Kassner.

Constitution and By-Laws: (Wanda Hunter & Irene Kassner), presented this review of the proposed changes in the Constitution and By-Laws. It was agreed by the membership present that the presentation of the Constitution and By-laws be dealt with on a section by section review and voting procedures on this basis follow.

Following the presentation and acceptance of the revision of the Constitution and By-laws, a vote of thanks was extended by Olave MacDonald on the behalf of the membership to the Executive, and in particular, the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, expressing the gratitude for a job well done.

Permanent Secretary - Treasurer: A motion (read by Diane Blanchard) which was passed by the Executive at a special Executive meeting held on May 6th, 1975 was presented for approval.
1. The Executive recommends the appointment of a permanent Secretary-Treasurer on a three year trial basis:
2. That an honorarium of $100.00 plus expenses if necessary be paid for this position.
3. That Lois Hennessey be appointed in this position.
No.1 Motion moved by Irene Kassner, seconded by Elizabeth MacDonald
No. 2 Motion moved by Judy Bullock, seconded by Jean MacLean
No. 3 Moved by Carol Taylor, seconded by Jennie Boomhower.

Three motions were approved.

Respectfully submitted, Lois Hennessey, Secretary


Fellow Members of the PEI Ladies Curling Association,

As I report on the year’s activities of your Association, it is with great satisfaction and a heartful thanks to all the Executive for the work they have done to make this year for me — a most enjoyable one. Thank you for all your continued interest and support.

The last Annual Meeting alluded to the fact that the selection of the Chairman of the Senior National Championship was left in the hands of this years Executive. Jean Court was selected by the Executive and accepted the job early in the Fall; however this Spring because of time restraints and possible conflicts blooming on the horizon for next March, Jean asked the Executive to accept her resignation. We did so with regret. However, we are most pleased to officially announce to you that Helen Likely and Liz MacDonald have consented to co-chair the Championship Committee. The Championship will be held at the Charlottetown Curling Club the 21st thru to the 26th of March 1976.

On your instructions from the last Annual Meeting the Executive examined the size of the Provincial Winners Crests and ultimately had the crest reduced to 2/3rds of its size this year. The only provincial winners to wear the new size crests were the Senior Ladies Team.

Early in the year a Constitution committee was formed to examine the feasibility of up-dating the Constitution and By-laws.

Your Executive Committee nominated the late Mrs. Barbara Roper this past year to the Curling Hall of Fame. We were most pleased when we were advised in Moncton in February that our nomination had been accepted. Mrs. Roper, a great curling builder, has duly received a well deserved honor.

To all of you Junior girls, middle of the road ladies, and senior ladies, get involved with your Association. Enjoy the ladies from Scotland and our 10 provincial senior winners coming here to play for their National Championship all happening in 1975-1976. Your Association needs your support and your talents to make our curling program and Association the best in Canada. No matter what your age and stage in life give of your time freely.



The Annual Meeting of the Prince Edward Island Ladies Curling Association was held at the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club on Saturday May 29, 1976. The meeting commenced at 2:30 pm. Phyllis Drysdale, President presiding and Lois-Hennessey, Secretary-Treasurer.

Minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read by the Secretary and approved.


President (Phyllis Drysdale).

Secretary - Treasurer- (Lois Hennessey). Moved by Lois, seconded by Betty Robertson. Motion carried.

Games Chairman - (Edna Lord). Moved by Edna, seconded by Esther Cox. Motion carried.

Senior Delegate - (Betty Robertson). Moved by Betty, seconded by Carol Taylor. Motion carried.


Scottish Tour - (Sally Rodd). Moved by Sally, seconded by Helen Likely. Motion carried.

Curl Canada - Diane Blanchard. Moved by Diane, seconded by Mary Porter. Carried.

Senior Ladies Curling Championship - (Helen Likely). Moved by Helen, seconded by Eunice Cudmore. Motion carried.

Constitution and By-laws - (Diane Blanchard) reported that no work had been done in the past year on the Constitution and By-laws.


(Diane Blanchard) reported that the sleeve size crest meets the general approval and no work or suggestions had been done or received on possible changes.

(Irene Kassner). A design for a pin by Irene was circulated but no definite decision on the adoption of this design was made at the meeting.

It was suggested by Sharon Knox that the adoption of a warm -up period fifteen minutes prior to any National Championship game should also be in effect on the provincial level for all provincial playdowns this coming year.

(Per capita). It was moved by Isabel Laidlaw and seconded by Luci Jardine that the recommendation of the Executive to raise the present per capita fee of .40¢ (Forty cents) be raised to a $1.00 per member effective for the 1976-1977 curling year.

(Diane Blanchard). The following are the nominations for the 1976-1977 PEI Ladies Curling Association Executive.

President: Wanda Hunter Summerside Curling Club
Vice President: Luci Jardine Charlottetown Curling Club
Secretary - Treasurer: Lois Hennessey
Games Chairman: Wanda MacLean Summerside Curling Club
Senior Delegate: Phyllis Drysdale Belvedere Golf & Winter Club
Junior Delegate: Wanda Hunter

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Following the adjournment, Wanda Hunter, President thanked the outgoing executive for their past year endeavors and asked for the help and co-operation from each and everyone during her term of office. She then called for a meeting of the new executive immediately following the lovely luncheon of sweetbreads, etc. served by the members of the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club.

Approved: Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Drysdale, President
Lois Hennessey, Secretary - Treasurer



I wish to present a report of the activities of the Prince Edward Island Ladies Curling Association for 1975-1976.

The year started in fine style with the Scottish Tour in November. Sally Rodd and her committee of Betty Robertson and Edie Worth did a wonderful job of entertaining twenty Scottish Curlers and Joan Whalley, President of the Canadian Ladies Curling Association and Allie Croft, Tour Director. I attended every function so know how well entertained they were and how much they enjoyed their visit. Every club took part in this tour and they all put a lot of effort into it. It may interest you to know that Prince Edward Island was the only province where the visitors didn’t win in the curling. My sincere thanks to Sally and her committee and all who helped make the Scottish Tour such a great success.

We extended an invitation to the Canadian Ladies Curling Association to host the Junior Ladies Championships here in 1979, and it was accepted.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Drysdale


We have 578 Lady curlers and 182 Junior curlers from eight affiliated clubs.

We were pleased to have a visit from Janet Merry, President of the Canadian Ladies Curling Association in December at which time she attended a meeting in Summerside.

We were pleased that two of our curlers were inducted into the Hall of Fame this year; the late Mrs. Barbara Roper as Builder and Mrs. Betty Linkletter, the first Provincial President.

Respectfully submitted,

Wanda Hunter, Senior Delegate

Lois W. Hennessey, Jr. Delegate


The Annual Meeting of the Prince Edward Island Ladies Curling Association was held at the Summerside Curling Club, Summerside, PEI on Saturday, April 30th, 1977. The meeting commenced at 2:45 pm. The President Wanda Hunter presided.

The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read by the Secretary Lois Hennessey and approved.

The Secretary advised that due to the numerous letters, bulletins received and responded that the correspondence be waived from reviewing until such time references must be needed due to business possibly arising from the same. Following this two letters, one from David Stewart, MacDonald Tobacco Company advising of their withdrawal of the sponsorship of the Lassie in 1979 and the C.L.C.A. President, Janet Merry’s reply were read by the President Wanda.

Report of Officers
President’s Report - Wanda Hunter.

Treasurer’s Report - Lois Hennessey. Moved for adoption and seconded by Jennie Boomhower. Carried.

Games Chairman Report - Wanda MacLean. Copies of this report were circulated. Moved by Wanda MacLean for adoption, seconded by Phyllis Drysdale. Carried.

Senior Delegate Report - Lois Hennessey. This report was read in full detail. Motion for adoption was moved by Lois and seconded by Liz MacDonald.

Committee Reports

Curl Canada Report
Diane Blanchard. No report was presented.

Warm-Up Period
Discussion was held on this matter on what type of method should be used and also time element was a factor. It was decided that this would be the business of the club hosting the various curling competitions.

Lassie Red Heart
The members present strongly felt that if at all possible the Red Heart should be maintained after the sponsorship of the Lassie is completed by the MacDonald Tobacco Company. On a motion moved by Phyllis Drysdale and seconded by Liz MacDonald, “ that the PEI Ladies Curling Association write the Canadian Ladies Curling Association a recommendation that we like consideration given on the C.L.C.A. retaining the Red Heart as the symbolic crest of the Ladies Curling Championship.

New Business

Due to the ever increasing tasks connected with the running of a Provincial Association and with the role of delegate to the National General Council, it was the decision of the meeting that due to the fact that our Vice President for 1977-1978 Sharon Knox go as an Observer to the 1978 Annual Meeting in Sault St. Marie, Ontario and that travel, accommodations and per diem be paid by the Ladies Curling Association. This was moved by Luci Jardine and seconded by Diane Blanchard.

Report of Nominating Committee - (Phyllis Drysdale)

The following are the nominations for the 1977-1978 PEI Ladies Curling Association Executive.

President: Luci Jardine
Vice President: Sharon Knox
Secretary-Treasurer: Lois Hennessey
Games Chairman: Julie Robinson
Senior Delegate: Wanda Hunter
Junior Delegate: Luci Jardine

The adoption of this report was moved by Phyllis and seconded by Pauline Deighan.

Approved: Respectfully submitted,

Luci Jardine, President
Lois W. Hennessey, Secretary - Treasurer



The 24th Annual Meeting of the Prince Edward Island Ladies Curling Association was held on Tuesday, May 8th , 1979 at the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club with a reception at 6:30 pm and dinner at 7 pm. The meeting followed with President Sharon Knox in the chair and Marion Dockendorff as Acting Secretary.

After President Sharon welcomed all present roll call was answered as follows by the different clubs:

Alberton 4 Belvedere 12 C.F.B. 4
Charlottetown 14 Crapaud 4 Maple Leaf 3
Montague 4 Souris 0 Summerside 15

making a total of 60 present.

The minutes of the last Annual Meeting 1978-79 were read and approved.

President’s Report
By Sharon Knox.

Games Chairman Report
By Evelyn Blanchard. Moved by Evelyn Blanchard and seconded by Jean Shackleton that this reort be accepted as read. Carried.

Delegate’s Report from C.L.C.A.
By Marguerite MacEwen..

Unfinished Business
Minor changes to the Constitution and By-laws accepting the Maple Leaf Curling Club to the Association was moved by Diane Blanchard, seconded by Wanda Hunter. Carried.

Pin designs were circulated and the design submitted by Arlene Harris of C.F.B. was accepted on a vote which was moved by Zeta MacDonald and seconded by Jean Shackleton.

On Motion of Irene Kassner, seconded by Elizabeth MacDonald that the Maple Leaf Curling Club be accepted in rotation of play.

Luci Jardine and Wanda Hunter submitted the Nominating Committee report and as no names were submitted from the floor it was moved by Irene MacRae, seconded by Esther Cox that we accept the following officers for the year 1979-1980:

President: Marguerite MacEwen
1ST Vice President: Donna Seres
2ND Vice President: Cathy Dillon
Secretary-Treasurer: Lois Hennessey
Past President: Sharon Knox

President Sharon welcomed the incoming President Marguerite MacEwen and handed the meeting over to her.

President Marguerite then announced that a Scottish Tour is planned with two ladies from each province and asked that anyone interested submit their name to the Secretary. She suggested that the approximate cost to each would be in the vicinity of $5,000.00 each.

Diane Blanchard announced that the Junior Girls Canadian Championship would be held in the 3rd week of March 1980 and that Kim MacLeod, Kathie Burke, Gloria Basha, Mary Cameron, Marg Muzika and Lois Hennessey have agreed to act on her committee with Lois Hennessey being the Secretary.

Marion I. Dockendorff
Secretary Pro tem.


April 26, 1980

Minutes: 1980 Annual Meeting

The 25th Annual Meeting of the PEI Ladies Curling Association was held on Saturday, April 26th, 1980 at the Curl Summerside, Inc. Club. The meeting commenced at 1:45pm following the luncheon. President Marguerite MacEwen presided.

(Lois Hennessey, Secretary) were circulated read and approved.

Question on change of format for the Miss C and Patriot was raised by Elizabeth MacDonald and explanation given by Norma White. Games Chairperson on these one day events. It was suggested we begin the two playoffs on Friday and completion on Saturday and after discussion on same, it was decided to refer the decision until after the Games Chairperson’s report.

President’s Report
By Marguerite MacEwen.

Games Chairperson Report
By Norma White.

Business Arising from Games Report
On the suggestion of Elizabeth MacDonald, “ that the two provincial playdowns, Patriot and Miss C played on two sheets of ice be started on Friday evening and completion on Saturday if necessary”.
This motion was defeated.

A further motion on this subject was moved by Olave MacDonald, Charlottetown Curling Club and seconded by Gen Enman, C.F.B. “ that the decision on the times of play for these two competitions be left to the Games Chairperson and to the Provincial Executive”. Motion carried.

Rotation of Games was circulated with the Games Report and approval was received on the same.

PIN Report
(Arleen Harris) Arleen advised the meeting that following the Annual Meeting last year she submitted her design to Artiss Associates which was approved and as a result 1,000 pins were ordered at a cost of 90 cents per pin. Due to the excellent job Arlene did on the design a drawing of the same was presented to her by the company which Arlene circulated for viewing at the meeting.

Nominating Committee Report
The following report was presented by Sharon Knox.

Past President; Marguerite MacEwen
President; Donna Seres
1ST Vice President; Cathy Dillon
2ND Vice President Barbara Squarebriggs, Lois Hennessey
Secretary-Treasurer; June Moyaert
Games Chairperson; Wanda Hunter

Sharon moved the adoption of this report, seconded by Irene Kassner, Charlottetown Curling Club. Motion carried.

Following this motion a written ballot was taken to decide the 2nd Vice President’s position and as a result of this voting Lois Hennessey was selected as 2nd Vice President. “ It was moved by Elizabeth MacDonald and seconded by Kaye Duffy that this nomination be accepted.” Motion carried.

Following this piece of business, Marguerite MacEwen turned the meeting over to the new Executive. In her opening remarks, Donna Seres, President extended her thanks to Marguerite on behalf of the membership for a job well done.

New Business
Dawn MacFadyen, Community Curling Club, Crapaud advised the meeting that Gordon Hermann, Cornwall was the new Curl Canada Co-ordinator for PEI and he understood that a contact person from the PEI Ladies Curling Association was to work along with him, after discussion on this matter, it moved by Sharon Knox and seconded by Olave MacDonald, C.C.C., “ That this liaison person be chosen from the 1980-1981 Provincial Executive”. Motion carried.

Re: 1983 Canadian Ladies Championship: Gloria Large, C.C.C. requested that the new Executive give priority to the choice of a chairperson for the 1983 Championship so that plans may begin immediately for the hosting of this big event.

With no further business, it was moved by Phyllis MacDonald, C.C.C. that the meeting adjourn.

Signed: Respectfully submitted,

Marguerite MacEwen, President
Lois Hennessey, Secretary-Treasurer


To the Executive and members of the PEI Ladies Curling Association. It is my pleasure as President to present the following report to the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting.

We are pleased to welcome the Maple Leaf Club of O’Leary to our membership and hope that your enthusiasm continues to grow in our Association.

The nomination of our Past President Sharon Knox as 2nd Vice President of the Canadian Ladies Curling Association was well received and passed unanimously at the meeting.

Congratulations Sharon on your appointment and our good wishes and strong support are with you in your years leading to the presidency in 1983. At that time we will all need to work together to host the Canadian Ladies Curling Championship. Hopefully we will have obtained a sponsor by then.

The fact that this year at the Lassie we had our first PEI Ladies Curling Association pin to trade made it a double pleasure to represent you, and they were soon dubbed the “Anne pins”. My thanks to our designer and Pin Chairman Arlene Harris for a job well done.

Hosting the Canadian Girls Curling Championships would have to be the highlight of our curling year and I would like at this time to thank Diane Blanchard, Kim MacLeod and their very capable committee for putting on a curling championship of which we can all be well proud.

To the Charlottetown Curling Club a special thank you for hosting the event and for being so warm and friendly to me personally and making everyone feel at home.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marguerite MacEwen

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