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2012 Provincial Junior Mixed Championship


Montague Curling Club, Mar. 9-12 2012
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Sarah Fullerton and Cameron Jenkins foursomes
win Provincial Junior Mixed

March 12-The Provincial Junior Mixed Curling Championships wrapped up today at the Montague Curling Club, with the Cameron Jenkins rink from the Charlottetown Curling Club, aided by a four point fourth end, beating the James Dalton team from the Silver Fox and Cornwall clubs by a 9-5 score to win the 15 and Under section, and the Sarah Fullerton rink from the Charlottetown Curling Club defeating the Christopher Gallant team, also from Charlottetown, 5-2 to win the 20 and Under division.

Completing the winning Fullerton foursome, and finishing out their junior career with this event, are Matthew Nabuurs, Michelle McQuaid, and Connor MacPhee, with coach Arnie Nabuurs (Matthew’s father). Rounding out the runner-up Christopher Gallant rink are third Emily Keen, second Andrew Cameron, and lead Emma Matheson, with Peter Gallant as coach.

20 and Under

20 and Under winners (L-R): PEICA and host club President George Koke, Connor MacPhee, Michelle McQuaid, Matthew Nabuurs, Sarah Fullerton, Arnie Nabuurs (Coach).
Photo Credit: Eastern Graphic


20 & Under Runners Up (L-R): George Koke PEICA Pres, Lead Emma Matheson, 2nd Andrew Cameron, 3rd Emily Keen, Skip Christopher Gallant, Coach Derrick Cameron

Other members of the winning age 15 and Under Jenkins rink are third Jessica Watts, second Jonathan Cann, and lead stone Jenny Mutch, with coach David Ross. Playing with the runner-up Dalton rink are Meghan Ching, second Matthew MacDonald and lead Lauren Lenentine, with coach Pat Quilty.

15U Winners

15 & Under Champs (L-R) :  George Koke (PEICA Pres.), Skip Cameron Jenkins, 3rd Jessica Watts, 2nd Jonathon Cann, Lead Jenny Mutch, Coach David Ross

(15 and Under runners-up photo not available)

Connor MacPhee will be hitting the ice again on Wednesday evening, when the 2012 CIS/CCA University Curling Championships, presented by The Dominion and hosted by Brock University, get underway at the Welland Curling Club in Welland, Ontario, with UPEI’s Brett Gallant rink, which includes MacPhee in the lead position, opening against the University of Waterloo at 8 pm Atlantic. Team UPEI also includes Alex MacFadyen at third and second stone Sam Ramsay.

The Fairplay awards went to: Aleya Quilty (20 and Under), and to Cameron Jenkins (15 and Under)


Photo (L-R): Aleya Quilty, Gayle Johnston (PEICA)


Photo (L-R): George Koke (PEICA), Cameron Jenkins

The coaching awards went to Pat Quilty for age 20 and under and to Mark Reid for age 15 and Under (photo not available).

Pat Quilty

Photo (L-R): Pat Quilty, Gayle Johnston (PEICA)

Click for live end-by-end results at

Click on draw number below for individual draw scores.

Date Time Draw # Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4

12 noon One 1-Cody Dixon vs
2-Sarah Fullerton
3-Chris. Gallant vs
4-Matthew MacLean
5-Shawn Pitre vs
6-Jeff Taylor
3 pm Two
A-Owen Collier vs
B-James Dalton
  C-Cameron Jenkins
vs D-Logan Maker
5:30-6:30 pm Opening Ceremonies and player meal
7:30 pm Three 4-Matthew MacLean vs 5-Shawn Pitre 1-Cody Dixon vs
6-Jeff Taylor
  2-Sarah Fullerton vs
3-Chris. Gallant
9 am Four B-James Dalton vs
E-Brent Matheson
  A-Owen Collier vs C-Cameron Jenkins  
12 noon Five   2-Sarah Fullerton
vs 5-Shawn Pitre
1-Cody Dixon vs
3-Chris. Gallant
4-Matthew MacLean vs 6-Jeff Taylor
3 pm Six A-Owen Collier vs
E-Brent Matheson
  B-James Dalton vs
D-Logan Maker
6 pm Seven 3-Chris. Gallant vs
6-Jeff Taylor
2-Sarah Fullerton vs
4-Matthew MacLean
  1-Cody Dixon vs
5-Shawn Pitre
9 am Eight   C-Cameron Jenkins
vs D-Logan Maker
A-Owen Collier vs
E-Brent Matheson
12 noon Nine 1-Cody Dixon vs
4-Matthew MacLean
2-Sarah Fullerton vs
6-Jeff Taylor
3-Chris. Gallant vs
5-Shawn Pitre
3 pm Ten D-Logan Maker vs
E-Brent Matheson
    B-James Dalton vs C-Cameron Jenkins
7 pm TB1
if needed
9 am TB2 if needed Twelve        
10 am Semi-final if no TB2 Thirteen        
1:30 pm Semi-final if TB2 played, or Final Fourteen        
6 pm Final if semi played at 1:30 Fifteen        

TB=Tiebreaker (if needed)

Eight end games. 2nd and 3rd place play off in the semi final, with winner playing 1st place team in the final.

1. The provincial events coordinator will make all final decisions with regard to administration of playoffs.
2. In the event of 2 or more teams tying for a playoff position, head to head record with the teams involved, will be used to seed the teams in the tiebreaker If no clear winner(s) among the tied teams then the lower team ranking system will be used.
3. Team ranking system will follow Fri 12pm and 3:00pm draw

 Team Rosters

20 and Under Division

Skip Vice-skip/Mate/Third Second Lead Coach #1 Coach #2 Club
1-Cody Dixon Sarah MacPhee Dylan Lowery Danielle Collings Tammy Dewar   Montague
2-Sarah Fullerton Matthew Nabuurs Michelle McQuaid Connor MacPhee Arnie Nabuurs   Charlottetown
3-Christopher Gallant Emily Keen Andrew Cameron Emma Matheson Peter Gallant   Charlottetown
4-Matthew MacLean Amanda MacLean Alan MacLean Aleya Quilty Glen MacLean Pat Quilty Cornwall/Maple Leaf
5-Shawn Pitre Rachel O'Connor Noah O'Connor Breanne Burgoyne David O'Connor   Charlottetown/Cornwall
6-Jeff Taylor Jenny McLean (throws 1st) Alex Jenkins Kassinda Bulger (throws 3rd) AJ Campbell Pat Quilty Cornwall/Silver Fox

15 and Under Division

Skip Vice-skip/Mate/Third Second Lead Coach Club
A-Owen Collier Eve MacKinnon Jayde Maynard Kaleigh MacKay Nancy Collier Montague
B-James Dalton Meghan Ching Matthew MacDonald Lauren Lenentine Pat Quilty Summerside/Cornwall
C-Cameron Jenkins Jessica Watts Jonathan Cann Jenny Mutch David Ross Charlottetown
D-Logan Maker Annika Kelly Jack Ronahan Tati Kelly Mark Reid Charlottetown
E-Brent Matheson Lauren Moerike Ben MacCullum Olivia Corrigan David Parker Charlottetown


Rules for 20 & Under, 15 & Under Junior Mixed

1. There will be two separate Divisions: 20 & Under and 15 & Under.

2. Games are 8 ends with an extra end in case of a tie.

3. Teams can be comprised of no more than 1 male and 1 female that have won a higher age provincial the previous season.

4. All teams must have an adult coach or chaperone.

5. Teams shall be comprised of 2 male and 2 female players and the male and female players must play alternate positions.

6. Each team must consist of 4 players at all games.

7. A substitute must be of the same gender as the indisposed player. Substitutes can play any position in accordance to rule #5.

8. Substitutes cannot come from another team already entered in either Division.

9. Teams can enter only one division.

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