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The recording of the history of the Maritime Masters (Men’s and Ladies) is part of a project initiated by Jerry Muzika through the PEI Curling Association with the view to preserving the curling heritage of Prince Edward Island. Minutes have been reviewed and excerpts taken and compiled chronologically. Minutes from some years were not available.
Thank you - to all who have cooperated and participated in this project. Especially to Debbie Carragher and Janet Doiron at Sport PEI, and Alfred (Chick) Morris\son, who located the minutes and entrusted them to me as I carried out my review. Any errors and/or omissions are unintentional and corrections should be passed on to me at this web site. - Jerry Muzika

The Maritime Masters minutes are recorded first and the PEI Masters minutes are at the end of the document.

This excerpt from a memo from Gerry Leblanc, Dartmouth NS in December 1999 gives a brief overview of the formation of the Maritime Masters Competition:
“The Maritime Masters Competition began in 1987 for men and 1988 for women. The competition format consists of two mens and two ladies team from each province competing in a separate round robin series. In 1995 a Maritime Masters Executive Committee was formed to oversee the organization, regulation and administration of the Maritime Masters Competition. The committee consisted of one man and one woman from each province elected at the Annual Masters Competition to serve for one year unless re-elected at the next annual meeting.”

Maritime Masters Minutes - 1995 - 2006
(Note that 1998 , 2001 and 2003 are missing)


A general business meeting of Maritime Masters Curlers was held at the Fredericton Golf and Curling Club on Tuesday, February 21, 1995. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached.

The meeting was chaired by Colin Barrett, New Brunswick contact for Maritime Masters Curling, and was attended by approximately 35 curlers. The Provincial contact for Prince Edward Island, Henry MacWilliam, was also in attendance. The Chairman of this year’s Maritime Championship, Daryl Barr, acted as Secretary.

Recommendations received from the Host Committee of the 1994 Championships held in Sydney, Nova Scotia, were reviewed. The following issues were included:

1. Bonspiel format

2. Advance notice of location of future Championships

3. Awards for winners and runners-up

4. Liaison between Ladies and Mens Associations

5. Liaison between participating Provinces

6. Competitors fee at club level

7. Expansion beyond the present Maritime concept into Eastern Canada to include Quebec and Newfoundland

Subsequent discussion centered around the lack of coherent direction for dealing with the organization and administration of the Maritime Championships and the absence of any clear decision-making mechanism for effecting necessary change.

The concept of a Maritime Masters Executive Committee was presented and discussed at some length. Gerry LeBlanc, Dartmouth Curling Club, expressed concern that a Maritime Association might conflict with the situation in Nova Scotia because of their affiliation with the Nova Scotia Curling Association, particularly if the Maritime body became involved in levying fees for membership, etc. It was indicated that New Brunswick participants have not affiliated with the Curling Association here and that, in fact, the Ladies do not have the requisite number of teams to do so. It was concluded that a Maritime Association or Committee restricted to organization/administration activities would not be incompatible with the broader responsibilities of the Provincial Curling Associations.

On motion by Eleanor Stewart, Thistle St. Andrews Curling Club, Saint John, seconded by John Baird, Mayflower Curling Club, Halifax, it was approved that an Executive Committee be established to manage the Maritime Masters.

The following individuals were named by their respective Provincial representatives to constitute the Executive Committee:

Nova Scotia Mary Harper, Dick Coleman
Prince Edward Island Pearl Giggey, Henry MacWilliam
New Brunswick Eleanor Stewart, Colin Barrett

It was agreed that it would be the responsibility of the Provincial organizations in future years to replace or reconfirm their representatives on the Executive Committee as they may consider appropriate.

It was also agreed that the Executive Committee will be chaired by the Host Province Masters Curlers Chairman; Chairman of the Committee hosting the Maritime Masters Championships.

With the establishment of the Maritime Masters Executive Committee, it was generally felt that the remaining agenda items would typically fall within their jurisdictional responsibility. However, the meeting was requested to identify issues and to make any recommendations they would like pursued by the Executive Committee. A number of items were presented as follows:

1. The determination of appropriate prizes for winners and runners-up, perhaps with a dollar value limit on total prize expenditures.

2. Rules of play and format for Ladies and Men should be the same with the provision that the two Provincial teams should meet early in the round robin.

3. Playoffs should be of 8 ends duration

4. Without sponsorship, the inclusion of Newfoundland and Quebec as future participants in the Championships would be prohibitive on the basis of cost.

5. That the Executive Committee follow up on the possibility of securing an appropriate sponsor, or on other means of fundraising.

6. That consideration be given to establishing an outer perimeter to the area for hosting the Championships in order to ensure that travel distances are reasonable. One suggestion was to include all of Prince Edward Island; Nova Scotia, within the boundaries of the New Glasgow, Halifax, Amherst triangle; and Fredericton, Moncton and St. John in New Brunswick.
Respectfully submitted
Darryl Barr
Host Committee Chairman


The statement to the effect that ‘nothing is so good that it can’t be better’ most certainly applies to the Maritime Masters Championship. The following are several recommendations which our committee sincerely feels are necessary if the competition is to proceed in that direction.

1. The rules of play, designed to declare the winner and runner-up for both the ladies and men, are currently not the same, which is unfair to the host club. The rules applicable to ladies’play, when two teams are tied for wins following conclusion of the round robin, dictate that a playoff must be held; the number of ends to be determined by the host committee. On the other hand, the rules followed by the men, in a similar situation, would automatically identify the winner as that team which has defeated the other in round robin play.

This very situation, as described above for both men and women, occurred this year. Had the rules for both been identical, then at least all four teams would have been present for the presentation of the prizes. As it was, all other teams had departed, except the two ladies teams, which were completing in their playoff.

Recommendation - that the same format be adopted by the ladies and men for determining the winner and the runner-up.

2. The mens’ draw is currently made in advance by the Host Committee, while the ladies’ draw is made by the women the evening prior to the start of play. There is merit associated with each.

It has been suggested that the draws for the following year be held during the banquet of the current championship.

Recommendation - that a common approach be decided on with respect to the draw, and initiated for future championships.

3. The Committee shall be recommending to the Nova Scotia Branch that they decide on the site for the 1997 Maritime Masters Championship at least two(2) years in advance and preferably three (3) years, in order to avoid a repetition of this year’s delayed announcement of the host location. It may be appropriate for all three provinces to adopt a similar approach,
if such has already not been done.

4. The presentation of silver trays and other items of a somewhat similar nature does not seem to evoke unanimous approval. Perhaps the design and approval of an attractive crest may be viewed as a more desirable alternative or additions to the presentations.

5. Recommendation - that the masters from each province, both ladies and men, appoint a representative or spokesperson, for the purpose of liaison and their counterparts in other provinces be informed accordingly.

6. Recommendation - that a $10.00 competitor’s fee be considered at the club level; the money to be collected and set aside exclusively for the use of the masters. A portion could be used to augment the costs of the host club for the Provincial Championship, with another segment being utilized to defray travel expense for teams attending the Maritime Championship. The balance might the be retained and accumulated to cover costs in actually running the Maritime Play-downs when hosted every third year by the province.

7. While attending the Brier in Red Deer, Alberta, I was approached by Willard Orr of the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. The Association spans the Ontario/Quebec border, extending from Montreal West to the Cornwall area or thereabouts. I have been requested to provide information relative to their desire to establish a Masters Competition in their area. Will do.

They have also inquired into the possibility of being included in the Maritime Masters Play-downs. While this would entail added distance travel distance and cost, it could take on the perspective of becoming an Eastern Canada Play-off.

While this is a move in the direction of a National Championship, such is not likely to occur in the near future as Western Canada is presently against such a move.


Chairman’s Report

The 1995 Annual Meeting of the Maritime Masters Curling Association held February 20th, in Fredericton, New Brunswick directed the newly elected Executive Committee to consider a number of items of organization, regulation, and administration, and where appropriate, act upon or recommend the action to be taken.

Accordingly, the chairman circulated a letter to the members of the Executive Committee listing the various items to be considered, requesting that their individual input and recommendations on each item be submitted to him. When the replies had been summarized, a pre-arranged conference call was placed, and the various items reviewed briefly and a consensus reached.

The results are as follows:

1. The bonspiel format and rules of play shall be uniform for both men’s and women’s teams.

a. Play shall be round-robin.
b. The “free guard zone” will be in effect.
c. The “draw” shall be made by the Host Committee.
d. The two Provincial teams shall meet early in the round robin.

2. A rink shall consist of four members, but may include a fifth member.

3. A rink shall consist of a bona fide members who are 60 years of age, or over, as of June 30th of the previous year, whose memberships may be held at different clubs.

4. In the event of a two-way tie for first place the rink having won when the two teams met in round-robin play shall be declared the winner.

5. In the event of a three-way tie for first place, a meeting shall be held with the three affected skips and the Tournament Committee to decide on a method to resolve the final position standing.


(a) Closest draw to the button.
(b) Some other mutually agreeable solution.
© Playoff as a last resort.
(This meeting is asked to decide on a ruling).

6. In the event that there is a clear winner in round-robin play, and a tie for runner-up the tie shall be broken in the manner described in 4 and 5 above.

7. Playoffs if held, shall be 8 ends duration.

8. Suggested prizes for winners and runners-up are to be local crafts. Dollar value of prizes to be determined by availability of crafts and availability of funds.

9. Outer perimeter of Host Locations for Annual Championships: Nova Scotia - Halifax, Truro, New Glasgow, Amherst, New Brunswick - Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton triangle.



Maritime Masters Curling

A general meeting of the Maritime Masters Curlers was called to order by N.S. Executive member Dick Coleman at 7:30pm on Sunday, February16th at the Glooscap Curling Club. Dick acting as chairman of the meeting on behalf of all the master curlers thanked Glooscap Curling Club for the use of their fine facility and hosting the 1997 Masters Curling Bonspiel.

The following executive members were present:

N.B. Men Vern McCarville

N.B. Ladies Grace MacDonald

PEI Men Henry MacWilliam

PEI Ladies Not present

N.S. Men Richard (Dick) Coleman

N.S. Ladies Not present (letter of regret)

Dick Coleman presented the agenda which has been received by all curlers, and asked if there were additions (copy of agenda attached). One item was presented from the floor and appears at 12A. Subject - Entry fee for Maritime Masters Curling Bonspiel.

Henry MacWilliam read a letter of his report which refers to the 1995 meeting moved adoption of his report and seconded by Trace Dolan, some discussion followed.

The minutes of the 1996 Maritime Masters General Meeting which was held at the Belvedere Golf and Winter Club in Charlottetown, PEI were presented and read by Vern McCarville. He moved the adoption of the minutes as read and it was seconded by Avery Stewart. Motion carried. Some discussion followed and it was noted that the items discussed would fall under agenda items.

Rules of play-breaking ties. A fair amount of discussion followed on this subject. It was moved by Gerry LeBlanc and seconded by Doug McNeil that the following system be used in breaking ties. Each member would throw one rock (with sweeping allowed) on a point system, Button -4 points, 4Foot 3 points, 8 Foot 2 points, 12 Foot 1 point. Team with most points declared winner. If tied after this, then the Skips will throw one rock to decide the winner. After some discussion - motion carried. The subject of a Maritime sponsor was discussed. It was moved by Henry MacWilliam that a committee be formed, one from each province to address the subject of finding a sponsor seconded by Vern McCarville after some discussion the motion was defeated.

It was moved by Gerry LeBlanc that New Brunswick try to find a sponsor, seconded by John Byrne. After some discussion the motion was withdrawn.

The two N.B. executive members agreed that they would try to address the subject of a sponsor and bring back a report at the general meeting in 1998.

Re-election of executive members, only Nova Scotia was in a position to elect new members. It was moved by Graham Thompson that Gerry LeBlanc and Ruth Taylor be the new Nova Scotia executive members, seconded by John Byrne. Motion approved by the N.S. members attending the meeting.

The following are the executive members for the Maritime Masters for 1998.

N.B. Men Vernon McCarville

N.B. Ladies Grace MacDonald
PEI Men Henry MacWilliam

PEI Ladies Pearl Giggey

N.S. Men Gerry LeBlanc

N.S. Ladies Ruth Taylor

(Separate copies of addresses and phone numbers attached)

Re-entry Fee: Moved by Avery Stewart and seconded by Ron Oliver that the entry fee for the 1998
Masters be $80.00 per team, some discussion followed, and the amendment was moved by John Byrne and seconded by John Brennan that the motion read not to exceed $80.00 per team. After some discussion the amendment carried.

The N.B. Executive announced that the 1998 Masters Curling Bonspiel would be held in St. John, N.B. at the Thistle St. Andrew’s Curling Club in mid February.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.

Recorded by:

Jack Balsor
Glooscap Curling Club


1999 Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club, Summerside

Maritime Masters Curling

The annual general meeting of the Maritime Masters Curling Association was held at the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in Summerside on Monday, February 15, 1999, following the banquet.

The meeting was called to order by Henry MacWilliam, Co-Chair of the PEI Masters Curling Association. The agenda was approved by Walter Nason and seconded by Archie Campbell. The minutes of the 1998 Annual Meeting were read by Pearl Giggey and approved on motion.

Business Arising from Minutes

1. A question on the amount of team registration fees was raised. Chairman Henry explained that the $10.00 increase from $70.00 to $80.00 was in accordance with the maximum $80.00 fee that had been set a few years previous.

2. The question of possible ongoing sponsorship of the Bank of Nova Scotia was discussed. Chairman Henry reported that a letter had been written to the Summerside Scotia Bank on March 1998. After many phone calls to the bank we were eventually informed on November 3, 1998 that the Bank would not be a sponsor. Chairman Henry suggested that we should continue to look for an Annual Major Sponsor.

New Business

1. A letter of invitation dated May 15, 1998 had been received by Dick Coleman, Nova Scotia Branch of the R.C.C.C., for a team from the Maritime Masters to compete in the Men’s Western Canadian Masters Championship to be held in Tesdale, Saskatchewan on March 18-21, 1999; discussion followed.
A motion by Bob Gordon to defer decision on participation for five years was amended by motion of Walter Nason and seconded by Richard Savidant to discuss and decide annually.
The motion as amended was carried.

2. A motion was presented by Gerry LeBlanc to amend the Constitution to change the masters age eligibility of 60 years as of July 1st - to age 60 years as of the first day Provincial Masters Championship. An amendment was moved by Walter Nason and seconded by Don Nickerson, that the date of eligibility be changed to the 1st day of the Maritime Masters Championship. The motion as amended passed.

The following are the Maritime Masters Executive Members for the year 1999-2000:

Nova Scotia Men’s Gerry LeBlanc
Ladies Ruth Taylor

New Brunswick Men’s Lloyd McKinley
Ladies Ellen Brennan
Prince Edward Island Men’s Jim Smith
Ladies Pearl Giggey

Nova Scotia Chairman Gerry LeBlanc announced that the host club for the year 2000 Maritime Masters Championship would be held at the Dartmouth Curling Club.

Walter Nason moved that the meeting to be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

Updated Information

Nova Scotia Executive 1999-2000
Men’s Gerry LeBlanc
Ladies Elise Doane

The dates of the Maritime Masters Curling Championship for year 2000 are February 20th to
February 23rd.

Henry MacWilliam
Co-Chair PEI Masters Curling



FEBRUARY 14th, 2000

The Annual Meeting of the Maritime Masters was brought to order by the Chairman- Nova Scotia Representative, Elise Doane.

1. The Executive was introduced as follows:
New Brunswick - Barb Mills
Cedric Alaby (not present)

P.E.I. - Pearl Giggey
Jim Smith

Nova Scotia - Elise Doane
Gerry LeBlanc

2. The Host Committee was introduced by Eugene Mattatal
3. The attached Agenda was approved as circulated
4. The minutes of the 1999 meeting were read by Gerry LeBlanc
5. Business arising from the minutes:
a. It was suggested and agreed by all that the reps remember to go back and report to their organizations.

b. Jack McNaughton moved to change the eligibility birth date to December 31st. Seconded by Betty Peppard.
Motion defeated. The feeling of the meeting was to leave the decision to the C.C.A.

6. Gerry LeBlanc talked about the National Masters being held in March. It is not a sanctioned C.C.A. Championship. The N.S. Ladies are going and paying their own way. He suggested that we should find a system where we could all send teams to the National and have monetary help doing it. He suggested that this be brought up at the Masters Meeting in N.B. next year and that we all approach Our Provincial Boards about it.

7. Eugene Mattatall talked about Sponsorship. He has approached Shoppers Drug Mart (62 people in the room shop there) and T.D. Evergreen. It was agreed by the meeting that Eugene continue to talk to these groups and in general look for a sponsor.

8. The location of the 2001 Maritime Masters will be in Moncton, New Brunswick.

9. Paul Gallant moved that the meeting be adjourned.


FEBRUARY 18, 2002

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Jim Smith at 9:20pm. Forty-five curlers present.

Minutes of the previous meeting on February 12, 2001 at the Beaver Club, Moncton, N.B. were read by the Co-Chair Mary Plamondon. On request, it was clarified that the provinces of N.B., PEI and Nfld. were not present at National. There being no noted errors or omissions, it was moved by Graham Thompson, seconded by Marjorie Jardine. That the minutes be approved as read. Approved.

Business from the Minutes - None.

New Business:

1. Re National Championships, it was noted:

1. N.B. is sending last year’s winner this year; no sponsorship for the N.B. team.

2. N.S. did not have sponsorship, except the local association.

3. PEI will defer participation until such time as money is available.

4. Adine Boutilier (Sydney, N.S.) advised that funding was obtained by having a representative of the government on the board of the local association. This amounted to $1,200.00 per team for lodging, banquet, etc., except air fare. It was suggested that fees be raised from $100 to $150, the increase going toward the cost of the National Competition.

It was moved by Bligh Woodworth, seconded by Norm Sibley, that enquiry be made provincial governments for support in funding travel expenses of teams going to National. Motion approved.

(2) Ozzie Stiles of Bridgewater, N.S. addressed the meeting with a presentation detailing the attributes and facilities of Bridgewater, the location of the next Maritime Masters competition in 2003.

(3) Following the above presentation, it was noted by Henry MacWilliam that traditionally the location of the next year’s bonspiel is decided at the current meeting and in this regard Bridgewater was not mentioned in the minutes of the last year’s meeting. It was further noted that the minutes of the 1996 meeting stated the rule competitions were to be held in the major centres of the provinces, i.e. Fredericton, St. John and Moncton for N.B., Halifax, Truro and Sydney, N.S. and Charlottetown, Summerside for PEI as to whether the games could be held at that location, they were advised that Cornwall would qualify because it was in the vicinity of Charlottetown).

It was moved by Henry MacWilliam, seconded by John Byrne, that in order to change the accepted rules of the Maritime Masters Curlers, notice of motion be submitted in the year prior to the year of change.

On request, it was explained by the mover that the reason for the motion was to allow time for discussion by the provincial association before changing the rules. A lively discussion ensued with many comments and suggestions, including a suggestion by the Chair Jim Smith, that the Co-Chairs of the three provinces should get together for the purpose of drafting a common set of by-laws to govern the Association. Another suggestion was that because of improved roads and the Confederation Bridge and improved access to smaller centres, and the difficulties experienced in obtaining offers to host the Masters, the rules regarding location are no longer relevant and should be relaxed to allow the smaller centres to participate.

Although there were several expressions of agreement with the above suggestions, no motions were forthcoming in this regard, and an offer by the original presenter to amend the motion on the floor was not accepted.

The motion was put to a vote by a show of hands and was defeated.

(4) Following a presentation in which it was demonstrated that the rules of play regarding “ties” in the current competition differed from Maritime Masters Rules of Play adopted in 1997, it was moved by Elise Doane, seconded by Bob Fairweather, that we follow the Maritime Masters Rules of Play. Motion carried.

(5) It was further moved by Charlie Sullivan, seconded by Ian MacKenzie, that the rules for the Maritime Masters Association be incorporated in the by-laws of the provincial associations. Motion carried.

6. In an address to the meeting, Graham Thompson of Middleton C.C. stated that some progress had been made with the N.S. Curling Association. The Masters were recognized and some monetary support had been secured to help defray the expenses of teams going to the National. He encouraged the other provincial associations to do the same and suggested looking to the sports associations of each of the provinces for development money.

7. The following three motions were made by Elise Doane, seconded by Margie Jardine:

a. Winner responsible for getting trophy to next championship.
b. After event, record of winners to be sent to each representative, complete with phone numbers, etc.
c. Amend Maritime Masters Rules of Play, Item 1 as follows:
To be eligible to play in the Maritime Masters Championship (MMC) a player shall
be a minimum of 60 years of age by December 31 of the year preceding the championship. Motions carried.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by a motion of Graham Thompson.

G. Dockendorf D.M. Simms
Recording Secretary Co-Chair


FEBRUARY 23rd, 2004

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Leroy McGinn, New Brunswick’s Master’s representative.

Leroy suggested that the minutes of the previous meeting on February 18th, 2003 be dispensed with and handed the floor over to Nova Scotia Rep Eugene Mattatall. Elise Doane, Nova Scotia Masters Rep was asked to act as secretary.

Committee Members from each province attending were:

New Brunswick
Leroy McGinn
330 Victoria Street
Fredericton, N.B.
E3B 1W6
506-459-1143 [email protected]

Marlene Vaughn
25 Northumberland Street
Saint John, N.B
E2S 2L2

506-652-7934 [email protected]

Nova Scotia

Eugene Mattatall
5 Overdale Lane .
B3A 3V2
902-456-0242 (cell)
[email protected]

Elise Doane
13 McNab Drive
Halifax, N.S.
B3P 2P3
902-499-7778 (cell)
902-477-7626 (Fax)
[email protected]

Prince Edward Island

Alfred Morrison Jr. (wife Sherren)
28 Riverdale Road
Bonshaw RR#3 PEI COA 1CO

Jeanne Duffenais
88 Kelly Drive
P.O. Box 251
Miscouche PE COB 1TO
[email protected]

Two items were on the table arising from last year’s minutes:

1. Who can vote at Master’s meetings?

It was moved by Ray Winkclaar and seconded by Marlene Vaughn that “anyone who has attended a Master’s competition plus the executive should have a vote”.

2. Discussion on the new rules put together last year and to be voted on this year.

Rule #8 - “Every effort shall be made by the Host Committee to give each team 10 minutes
practice time prior to the commencement of each game. The team with last rock advantage
shall practice first”.
There was discussion but no motions on practice times. Some felt there should be practice
times before every game but the organizers said there was no club time to do this unless games were started an hour earlier. Most did not want to start earlier.

It was also suggested that more care be taken in assuring the practice ice the night before the
competition be more like the ice conditions that would be experienced the next day.

There was discussion on #11 of the new rules

It was moved by Marg Cameron and seconded by Marlene Vaughan that the rule read, “In
the event that after the start of a Championship, one or more curlers from a competing team is/are unable to continue play due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, 1or 2 substitutes may be used. If the team has named a fifth he or she is considered a member of the original team and may enter the game and play any position. Substitutes, if one, must play lead and, if two, play lead and second”. Was changed to say “Substitutes may play any position”.


There was also discussion on Rule 14, The Shoot Out, but no motion to change things was


a. Marlene Vaughn bought up the fact that now the National Seniors will no longer be televised, the date of their playdowns may be changed to March, the same time as the Masters Nationals. She wondered if there was any chance that the dates of the Provincial and Maritime Master’s might be changed to allow a team to play in both competitions.

February 23, 2004 - Maritime Masters Minutes Page 3

2. The executive will look into the dates and find out if anything can be done.

Leroy McGinn announced that a letter from “Chick” Morrison of the Cornwall Curling Club, PEI COA 1HO has invited the Maritime Masters next year. It was suggested that next year’s organizers send entry forms and a list of places to stay to each province to be available for the winning teams at their provincial playdowns. Eugene Mattatall has agreed to create a folder to go to the chairman of each Master’s competition with the rules and a list of the duties of the committee. This would create continuity.

It was moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elise Doane, Nova Scotia, Secretary

2004 Winners

Men: PEI
Lou Nowlan - Skip
Doug Currie
Wayne Gardiner
Raymond Thompson

Runners Up: PEI
Louis Walsh - Skip
Earle Hayes
Vernon Simpson
Archie Barrett

Ladies: New Brunswick

Marlene Vaughan - Skip
Grace MacDonald
Fran Meeghan
Millie Johnson

Runners-up: Nova Scotia
Yvonne Martin - Skip
Carol Hampsey
Gwen Merriam
Barbara Marsland

FEBRUARY 14, 2005

Chairman Alfred Morrison, Prince Edward Island’s Master’s representative, called the meeting to order following a delightful meal and resounding entertainment by a Barber Shop Quartet celebrating Valentine’s Day. All of this to the total enjoyment of the participants and the many guests including the Premier of PEI, the Hon. Patrick Binns.

Alfred suggested the minutes of the previous meeting on February 14th, 2004 in Fredericton, NB be dispensed with and requested Nova Scotia Rep Eugene Mattatal, to act as secretary for the meeting.

The Maritime Masters Committee (Members in bold type were in attendance [editors note: copy provided did not have bold type])

New Brunswick
Leroy McGinn
330 Victoria Street
Fredericton, NB
E3B 1W6

[email protected]

New Brunswick

Fran Meehan
819 Cherry Tree Lane
St. John, NB
E2M 3G6


[email protected]

Nova Scotia

Eugene Mattatall
5 Overdale Lane .
B3A 3V2
902-456-0242 (cell)
[email protected]

Elise Doane
13 McNab Drive
Halifax, N.S.
B3P 2P3
902-499-7778 (cell)
902-477-7626 (Fax)
[email protected]

Prince Edward Island

Alfred Morrison Jr.
28 Riverdale Road
Bonshaw RR#3 PEI COA 1CO

Jeanne Duffenais
88 Kelly Drive
P.O. Box 251
Miscouche PE COB 1TO
[email protected]

Eugene advised the meeting that he had been requested by the 2006 Masters Committee to seek and increase in the entry fee to assist in the ever increasing costs of hosting the Maritime Masters Curling Championship (MMCC). He then moved the entry fee to be increased from $100.00 to $125.00. Seconded by Verda Kempton. After discussion the amount was amended from the floor to $120.00 (as being more easily divided between 4 team members. The amended motion was approved.

The N.S. representative then advised the CANADIAN OPEN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP will also be held in Nova Scotia in 2006 at the BRIDGEWATER CURLING CLUB, April 2nd to 7th under the chairmanship of Chester Smith.

Alfred was congratulated on the excellent signage that he had arranged and it was suggested that the banners could be used from year to year and that same be given to one of the attending teams from the following years host province who would in turn deliver them to the Hosting Club. AGREED. After the meeting Eugene suggested a third of the $150.00 cost of printing the banners be shared by each province in the amount of $50.00).

The Chairman called for any new business and hearing none accepted a motion to adjourn.


WOMEN’S CHAMPION Jeanne Duffenais, Georgie Coulson, Ann Currie, Wanda MacLean PEI, Summerside Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club

RUNNER-UP Ruth Blacklock, Carol Spidell, Betty Peppard, Barb Mills NB, Moncton Curlers Association

MEN’S CHAMPION Hap Mabey, Don Mockler, Dick McBeath, Gerry Wilkins NB, Moncton Curlers Association

RUNNER-UP Lou Nowlan, Doug Currie, Wayne Gardiner, Raymond Thompson PEI, Summerside Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club

One of the shortest meetings in the history of the MMCC.

A suggestion by the Cornwall Tournament Committee is to eliminate the coin toss as is done in most round robin championships with each team getting the same number of last rock opportunities. (Details to follow).

A further suggestion of the Cornwall Committee was to have a shoot-out on the first draw by all teams and this would be used to determine the winners in the event of a tie in the round robin. (This will be placed before the meeting for the 2006 Championship).

Respectfully Submitted,

Eugene Mattatall
Acting Secretary

Maritime Masters Curling Championships
Halifax Curling Club
February 13th, 2006

Chairman Eugene Mattatall, Nova Scotia’s Master’s Representative called the meeting to order following a delightful meal with entertainment by “Hidden Talent” a trio of songsters from Sackville, N.B.

Minutes of last year’s meeting in Cornwall, NB were approved as circulated. Moved by Chick Morrison and seconded by Lou Nowlan.

The Maritime Master’s representatives from each province were introduced and were all present.

They are:

Leroy McGinn
330 Victoria Street
Fredericton, NB
E3B 1W6

[email protected]

Fran Meehan
819 Cherry Tree Lane
St. John, NB
E2M 3G6


[email protected]

Alfred Morrison Jr.
28 Riverdale Road
Bonshaw RR#3 PEI COA 1CO

Jeanne Duffenais
88 Kelly Drive
P.O. Box 251
Miscouche PE COB 1TO
[email protected]

Eugene Mattatall
5 Overdale Lane .
B3A 3V2
902-456-0242 (cell)
[email protected]

Elise Doane
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Elise Doane, Chair of the Championship, introduced the Host Committee.

Business arising from the Minutes:

1. Coin toss procedures were discussed. Last year a suggestion was made by the Cornwall Tournament Committee to eliminate the coin toss with each team getting the same number of last rock opportunities.
With 5 games in our round robin format this would be awkward. After much discussion it was decided unanimously to leave the standard flip as is.

2. A further suggestion of the Cornwall Committee was to have a shoot-out after the first draw by all teams to determine winners in the event of a tie in the round robin. There was a lot of discussion on this.
A motion was made by Chick Morrison, seconded by Leroy McGinn that the “10 minute practice time stated in 14(a) of the “Rules of Play” be eliminated in the case of a tie or potential tie; if after the last game in the competition the shoot-out happens right away. There would be no need to have any practice time. Motion carried.

(This new rule was utilized after final games in both men’s and women’s play this year and worked well, saving a lot of time at the end of the morning).

Eugene reminded the meeting of the Canadian Open Master’s Championship which will be held at the Bridgewater Curling Club from April 2nd to April 7th, under the chairmanship of Chester Smith.

Our own Eugene Mattatal was instrumental in bringing this Championship east for the first time.

Fran Meehan, Women’s Rep for NB, announced that next year’s Maritime Masters Championship will be held at the Thistle St. Andrew’s Club in Saint John from February 11th to February14th, 2007. This would be the 20th anniversary for the Maritime Master’s men.

Chick Morrison, Men’s Rep for PEI, mentioned that 2008 would be the 20th anniversary for the women and would be held at the Silver Fox Curling Club in Summerside, PEI.

New Business:

Status of fifth player with entry form. The $120 entry form covers 4 players and seldom has there been a fifth player. It was moved by Sandra Franey and seconded by Charlie Sullivan that in the future “teams would be welcome to bring a fifth as there is no requirement for the host to provide spares (though they often do). If they bring a fifth, he or she must pay an additional amount of one quarter of the entry fee. Motion carried.

The future of the Maritime Master’s Championship was discussed and the unanimous feeling of the meeting was that we continue, as this Championship is a good tune up for the Nationals. It is also valuable for the teams that might not be able to afford to go to the Nationals out West.

Eugene accepted the motion by Lou Nowlan to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Elise Doane
Acting Secretary

WINNER - Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club

Lou Nowlan, PEI #1
Doug Currie
Wayne Gardiner
Raymond Thomson

RUNNER-UP - Capital Winter Club

Charles Sullivan, NB #2
David Sullivan
Rolly Lord
Garth Christie

(By shootout between Sullivan and Don Duffenais, PEI #2)

WINNER: - Mayflower Curling Club

Sue Anne Bartlett NS #1
Rosemary Beck
Carol Whitmore
Marjorie MacKay

RUNNER-UP - Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club

Jeanne Duffenais, PEI #1
Georgina Coulson
Ann Currie
Wanda MacLean

(By shootout between Duffenais, Verda Kempton, NS #2 and Joan Davis, NB #1)




The meeting was opened by Jim Smith, Chairperson, at 2:00pm with approximately sixty curlers present.

There were no previous minutes.

Mr. Smith expressed appreciation to the host committee of the Crapaud Curling Club for their efforts. He also thanked the PEI Curling Association for their participation in the Masters Curling events.

New Business: Mr. Smith announced that a call had been received from a Ms. Dorsey of the 50 and Over Club regarding the wishes of the late “Duck” Acorn who stipulated that the balance of the funds in the Club, when it disbanded, be passed to the Masters Curlers in support of and perpetuation of the sport.

After paying tribute to the Late “Duck” Acorn and to “Chick” Morrison, who carried on after the demise of Mr. Acorn, and a discussion of the matter, Mr. Henry Williams made the following motion, seconded by Mr. Bill Brown:

“Be it resolved that the PEI Masters Curlers extend a hearty vote of thanks to the 50 and Over Club for their contribution of $1,600,00. That the money, in total, be deposited in a special Masters Curlers bank account. That an amount of $200.00 annually be designated as support for (a) teams competing in out-of-province championships, (b) the host committee, when the Maritime Masters are held on P.E.I. That dispersal of funds be made by cheque, requiring the approval of the PEI Masters Chairperson and Co-Chairperson. That an account statement be presented at each annual meeting.

Motion carried.

A second motion was made by Mr. Ken Jay, seconded by Mr. Orville Diamond, that a trophy be purchased in the memory of “Duck” Acorn for the PEI Masters Curlers - one trophy for both male and female curlers. Motion carried.

Nominations for a new executive for the coming year were called for, with the following results:

Chairperson elected: Jim Smith
Co-Chairperson elected: Mary Plamondon

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:45P.M. by a motion of Jim Smith.

Gordon Dockendorff D.J. Smith
(Acting) Secretary Chairperson


NOTE: Minutes of the 2003 AGM have been lost and the following is a summary of the salient points of the meeting as recalled by the chairman.

The meeting was chaired by Past-Chairman Henry MacWilliam in the absence of Chairman Jim Smith who was unable to attend.

The scheduling, organizing and running of the Masters Provincial Championship, is the responsibility of the PEI Curling Association. It was apparent that little effort by the Association had gone into the organization and running of the Championships: No Official Opening Ceremony; and no Provincial Association Official in attendance; local chairman unsure of his responsibilities; confusion in the draw schedule; no provision for a banquet or lunch or coffee. It was noted that the Provincial Association received $1,360.00 in requisition fees, from which the curlers were allocated $500.00 for prizes. No funding is provided by the Provincial Association for the winners and runners-up to compete in the Maritime Masters Championships. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick teams receive team jackets and other support from their respective Associations. In consideration of the afore-mentioned short comings, the chairman was instructed to write the PEI Curling Association, outlining the concerns of the Masters Curlers, and to request that a more equitable division of the entry fees be negotiated.

As the four teams that compete in the Maritime Masters Championships do so largely at their own expense, it was decided on motion to increase the team entry fee for the Provincial Championships from $80.00 to $100.00, the additional $20.00 to be used to help defray the expenses of the teams competing at the Maritime Championships. Douglas Currie of the Summerside Curling Club was elected Chairman, and Mary Plamondon of the Cornwall Curling Club was elected Co-Chairman for the 2003-2004 year.

Meeting Adjourned.

Henry MacWilliam
Acting Chairman

NOTE: A letter was written to the Chairman of the PEI Curling Association, Mr. Bruce Horne, detailing the concerns of the PEI Masters Curlers. (Copy attached). No reply or acknowledgment was received.

PEI Masters Curlers
Annual General Meeting, January 12, 2004
Maple Leaf Curling Club, O’Leary, PEI

The meeting was called to order by Chair Doug Curry. Approximately fifty curlers attended.

The first order of business was the presentation of a financial statement prepared by Gordon Dockendorff. A balance as of December 31, 2003, was reported to be $1,332.94. It was agreed to allocate the usual amount of $200.00 towards the expenses of teams traveling to the Maritime Finals in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The second order of business was to present correspondence from Jody Jackson. He reported that the winning team would receive provincial jackets as prizes, while the runners -up would receive tote bags and all would receive provincial crests.

The third order of business was to revisit and re-support an earlier motion to have the entry fees for the provincial spiel raised to $100.00 per team, with the understanding that this additional money would be used to offset the travel costs of teams representing the province. (unanimous)

The fourth order of business was to report that PEI is to host MMC (in Cornwall) in 2005.

The final order of business was the election of a new chair for the year 2004. Alfred “Chick” Morrison was duly installed.

Meeting Adjourned.


Annual Meeting of PEI Masters
January 19, 2005
Alberton Curling Club

The Chair, Alfred “Chick” Morrison, called the meeting to order. There were approximately 30 curlers in attendance. The minutes of the previous year’s meeting were read by acting secretary Ernie Stavert and approved by the meeting. Next year’s executive was elected as follows:

Co-Chair Alfred Morrison (re-elected)
Co-Chair June Duffenais
Treasurer Gordon Dockendorff (re-elected)

Motions were moved by Fr. Austin Pendergast, seconded by Eileen Blanchard and carried.

The chair circulated a financial statement from the treasurer. It was moved by Peter Buchanan and seconded by Charlie Curry that any 2 of Jim Smith, Gordon Dockendorff and one of the Co-chairs be signing officers for the coming year. Motion carried.

The Chair informed the meeting of the site rotations for the coming years.

PEI Masters: 2006 Summerside, 2007 Montague, 2008 Cornwall
Maritime Masters: 2005 Cornwall, 2006 Dartmouth, 2007 Fredericton,
2008 PEI (possibly Crapaud)

The meeting agreed to adjust the current draw so that no team would have to play more than 2 games per day which is a violation of the P.E.I.C.A. rules.

The chair informed the meeting that the P.E.I.C.A. now has a part-time executive director - Greg Lucas and that the current President is Lyndon Mayhew from Crapaud. The Vice President is Shirley Lank from Cornwall and that Jody Jackson from Charlottetown/Crapaud is the Events Chair.

It was announced that the National Masters is being held this year in Brandon, Manitoba and that PEI is eligible to send a representative. At this point there is no financial assistance available as PEI Masters do not pay participants fees to the P.E.I.C.A.

Regarding last years decision to increase the team registration fee to $100.00. Chick informed the meeting that the P.E.I.C.A. had not acted on this because no motion authorizing the increase had been presented to the annual meeting of the P.E.I.C.A. He volunteered to present the motion at this year’s meeting.

Ernie Stavert informed the meeting that the 2005 55+ Winter Games were being held in Summerside on March 18, 19, 20 and that the categories for curling were 55+, 65+, men, women and mixed. The meeting moved a vote of thanks to the Alberton Curling Club for their excellent hospitality.

There being no further business, the Chair declared the meeting adjourned.

Ernie Stavert, Secretary Pro Tem



Held at Silver Fox Curling Club Jan. 16th to 19th, 2006

The Annual Meeting of the PEI Masters Curling Championships was held at the Silver Fox Curling Club on Tuesday, January 17th, 2005 in conjunction with the Bonspiel and during the Soup and Sandwich Luncheon.

The meeting was called to order at 11:30am by Chick Morrison, Co-chairman of the above Championships. Co-chairperson Jeanne Duffenais and Event Chairman Vernon Simpson were also in attendance along with approximately 40 of the curlers taking part in the bonspiel.

Chick Morrison informed the meeting that Treasurer Mr. Dockendorff has not been well and unable to complete a financial statement. A Get Well card was circulated to be forwarded to Mr. Dockendorff.

The chairman introduced the Officers and then asked Kimball Blanchard to give his Nominating Report. He nominated that Chick Morrison and Jeanne Duffenais be returned as co-chairpersons of this event for the coming year. There were no other nominations so these officers were declared elected.

Mr. Morrison then read highlights from the last year’s annual meeting prepared by Ernie Stavert.

Co-chair Chick then advised that the PEI Masters Championships will be in Montague in 2007, the Maritime Masters to be held in Fredericton, NB FOR 2007 and the games for 2008 are scheduled for the Silver Fox Summerside in 2008.

The PEI Masters Curlers Financial Statement dated December 31, 2005 prepared by Acting Treasurer Chick Morrison was presented showing a balance of $1,134.12 in the account at Bank of Montreal. Kimball Blanchard moved that the Financial Report be accepted. Seconded by Vince Fisher.
Motion carried.


In response to a question from the audience, Co-chair advised that the “stick” has been approved for use in delivering rocks at the Masters Bonspiels. No more than two games per team are permitted on each day of the Championships. Winners and Runners-up are eligible to go to the Maritime Masters Championships. Winners of Maritime Masters are eligible to go to Nationals.

John Baird asked the question as to why the Curling Teams are not permitted to have a ten minute practice before each scheduled game. It was suggested that when making up the Draw, there was concern about lack of time for practice. Some expressed concern that teams from other rinks felt at an unfair advantage not being familiar with the ice. The chairman asked for a show of hands by those wishing the practice time in future Masters and this was strongly supported.

Chick informed the meeting that there is $100.00 available for each of the four winning teams (mens and ladies). Going to the Maritime Masters Championships. Winners of Maritime Masters get $100.00 if they go to Nationals.

The meeting was advised that the 55 Plus Games will be held in Charlottetown March 24th and 25th and Nationals held in August at Portage La Prairie.

John Baird asked how the “host club” for the PEI Masters is selected and when it was last held in Charlottetown. He was informed that the schedule has been drawn showing that Charlottetown will be selected in 2011 but did not have any information on when they were last held in Charlottetown. Clifford Poirier advised that the rule was that club chosen to host the Mixed Championships normally hosts the Masters as well.

Chick Morrison thanked Jeanne Duffenais and Vernon Simpson for their help in running this bonspiel and also Carl Delaney for his assistance.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.

Vernon Simpson
Acting Secretary

NOTE: It was also agreed that the Ladies Draw and Presentations be at the same time as the Men’s when possible.

Helen Robbins to be consulted regarding Chair for the meeting bonspiel.


JANUARY 23, 2007

The meeting was called to order by Co-Chair Chick Morrison and Co-Chair Jeanne Duffenais. A moment of silence in memory of deceased curlers was observed. Curlers were asked to remember, particularly, Gordon Dockendorff, who had served as a number of years as Treasurer. The recent passing of Bob Clow was also mentioned.

Howard Kerwin then brought greetings from the Montague Curling Club and Mayor MacGowan.

The Financial Report of the “Duck Acorn Fund” was presented. It was noted that without some form of fund raising or sponsorship this fund would soon be depleted.

The Chair then explained a background paper that has been prepared for the P.E.I.C.A. Executive. The intent of the paper was to provide the Masters event full status with other events and secure funding for prizes and travel allowances for teams participating in Maritime Championships. The P.E.I.C.A. has approved the same prize structure $50 Value for first and second place teams, and $200 per team to attend the Maritime Playoffs. $200.00 is to be provided to the Host Committee in those years that the spiel is held in PEI.

Elections of Co-chairs then took place. Chick was returned by acclamation. Jeanne Duffenais resigned and no replacement nomination was forthcoming.

The Chair asked that $100.00 be refunded to him for expenses to attend the Annual Meeting in Halifax, February 2006. Motion carried.

Several announcements as to upcoming events were made. PEI Masters ‘08 – Summerside, National Masters ‘07 Hamilton, 55+ Games March 27th - 29th, Stick Curling Championship, Montague
March 16th -18th.

Meeting Adjourned.

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