• How to play
  • CURL-Lingo
  • CURL-Lingo
  • Where to Play
  • Get Rockin
  • CURL-Lingo
The rookie's guide to curling on PEI


The skip stands at the opposite end of the sheet and uses his broom to give his teammates a target for their shots. Once the stone has been thrown, the skip yells to the sweepers to let them know when to sweep and how hard. aka HURRY HARD!

When the skip shoots the last two stones of a team's end, the Vice-Skip takes over calling the shots.

Since there are often several games being played at the same time, players yell loudly to be heard. And basically… players really just love yelling at each other.

Where you play
is called THE SHEET
and is often 150 feet
long and about 15 feet wide
You throw STONES which are
approximately 44lb granite
rocks, which you spin upon
release to make them CURL or
curve as the go down the ice
The ice is covered with tiny
droplets of water called
PEBBLE which cause friction
between the ice and the stones

Players SWEEP the ice to raise
the temperature in front of
the stone, diminishing the
friction, and helping the stones
moving in a straight line
THE HOUSE is the 12'
diameter target/bullseye at
the ends of the sheets
The middle of the house is
THE BUTTON, and the object
of the game is to get your
stones closer than the other
team does to the button

When throwing the stone, you
start in THE HACK (like a
starting block in track & field)
and you must release the
stone before THE HOG LINE
(a line in the ice)
Similar to hockey having
periods, each round of play is
called an END and the last
stone per end is called
When you want your
teammates to sweep faster,
that's when you get to yell the