• How to play
  • CURL-Lingo
  • CURL-Lingo
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  • Get Rockin
  • CURL-Lingo
The rookie's guide to curling on PEI
-The Basics-


There are 2 teams of 4 players per team
(but if playing for fun outside of a league, you can play with more or less players)


Each team throws 8 shots alternately per
— Team A, Team B, Team A, etc. — for a
total of 16 stones per end

Points are determined by counting the rocks
closest to the button which is the middle of the
target/bullseye at the end of the ice


Only the team with the closest stones to the
button receives points end
per end


Games have 6-10 ends each (can be more
or less if playing for fun) with the team
scoring the most points at the end winning


In the event of a tie, you go to extra-ends which is similar to overtime in hockey

-The Players-

SKIP: Captain of the team who
determines the shots, weights and
line of the delivery, and throws the final two rocks

THIRD: Throws the 5th and 6th
stones and is also the Vice-Skip
or Mate, and discusses strategy
with the skip

SECOND:Throws the 3rd and 4th
stones, and sweeps the rest

LEAD: Throws the 1st and 2nd rocks and sweeps the others

-Type of Shots-

Thrown hard enough
to reach the house
Intended to knock other
stones out of play
A stone that stops in
front of another stone
A shot in which the
thrown stone bumps
another stone forward