Team Edin names fourth team member for Players’ Championship

Sweden’s Team Edin have now named their fourth teammate for the Player’s Championship, April 17-22 in Summerside. Niklas Edin, who normaly skips the team, is sidelined due to back surgery, and third stone Sebastian Kraupp has moved up to skip for the event. The fourth player will be New Brunswick’s James Grattan.

James Grattan (CCA Photo: Michael Burns Photography)

There was a rumour on Thursday that Russ Howard would be the replacement player, but the team shot that down on Friday morning, and announced later in the day that Howard’s former teammate, Grattan, would spare for the team in the Players’ Championship. “Jimmy The Kid” as he is known, played third for Howard in the Brier in 2002-4, and again in 2009. He skipped his own team to a third place finish at the Brier in 1997, and skipped again in 2006, 2010 and 2011. Russ’ son Steve is a member of Grattan’s current team.

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