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The Prince Edward Island Curling Hall of Fame and Museum was established in October 2007.

The main objectives of the Hall of Fame and Museum are “to recognize, honour and pay tribute to individuals or teams on the basis of playing ability, sportsmanship and character, who have achieved extraordinary distinction in the sport of curling, whether that distinction be as an amateur or a professional” and “to recognize, honour and pay tribute to those individuals who have given distinguished service and have made major contributions to the development of curling on PEI”.

If you would like to submit a nomination, please use the following MS Word form:

PEI Curling Hall of Fame and Museum Nomination Form

Here are the web pages for each year’s induction ceremonies:

2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 20162015, 2014, 2013,  2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

Here is an Adobe PDF “Slideshow” of the inductees, including a condensed bio for each, plus a scan of the portraits of each inductee, drawn by Wayne Wright. Hover over the bottom part of the slide to view the page advance menu.


Click to read with your own PDF viewer.

Here are the members to-date. Click on name to view biography. Click on arrows at bottom to view remaining records. Click on table headings to sort. Use search box below to quickly locate a Hall of Fame member.

MemberBio LinkYear InductedCategory
Acorn, Edgar Franklin “Duck"Bio.2010Curler/Builder
Atkinson, KayBio.2016Builder
Bennett, Gordon Lockhart Bennett, O.C., LLD., D.C.L., M.Sc.Bio.2010Builder
Bernard, MelBio.2022Curler
Boomhower, JennieBio.2013Curler
Burke, Arthur Bio.2009Curler
Burke, Lorn "Luker"Bio.2011Curler/Builder
Butler, MarkBio.2017Curler
Cameron, Douglas Allison Bio.2011Builder
Cameron, Douglas Allison Bio.2007Curler/Builder
Cameron, NancyBio.2015Curler
Campbell, Honourable Thane A.Bio.2007Builder
Campbell, RobertBio.2017Curler
Coady, MikeBio.2014Curler
Currie, AnnBio.2013Curler
Currie, Barbara MaeBio.2011Curler/Builder
Dillon, Catherine Bio.2007Curler/Builder
Dillon, GeorgeBio.2007Curler
Dillon, MikeBio.2019Curler
Dillon, Robert FrancisBio.2007Curler
Dockendorff, MarionBio.2010Builder
Dolan, Kim (MacLeod)Bio.2012Curler/Builder
Enman, Genevieve (Gen) HelenBio.2010Curler
Foy, SandyBio.2014Curler
Gallant, KathieBio.2011Curler/Builder
Gallant, PeterBio.2017Curler/Builder
Gavin, RogerBio.2022Builder
Hunter, Annie "Wanda"Bio.2009Curler/Builder
Hutchinson, Donald. ABio.2012Curler
Jenkins, BillBio.2011Curler
Knox, Sharon RennerBio.2009Builder
Lank, ShirleyBio.2014Builder
Ledgerwood, AllanBio.2008Builder/Curler
Likely, JohnBio.2019Curler
Linkletter, W Elizabeth Bio.2007Builder
Llewellyn, Arnold (Lock)Bio.2013Curler
MacDonald, Daniel Alexander Bio.2007Builder
Macdonald, Dr. WenBio.2008Builder/Curler
Macdonald, ElizabethBio.2008Curler
MacDonald, Kathleen Bio.2007Builder
MacDonald, KenBio.2011Curler
MacDonald, PeterBio.2016Curler/Builder
MacDonald, RodBio.2016Curler/Builder
MacDougall (Allen), LeslieBio.2019Curler
MacEwen, DerekBio.2018Builder
MacFadyen, TedBio.2014Curler
MacFadyen, William (Bill)Bio.2010Curler
MacKinnon, IrvingBio.2012Curler
MacKinnon, Lt.-Col. Daniel A. "“Colonel Dan”Bio.2015Builder
MacLean, Dorothy Wanda (Rodd)Bio.2012Curler
Matheson, Dr. WayneBio.2019Curler
Mayhew, AlanBio.2011Curler
McInnis, SusanBio.2018Curler
Miles, FreemanBio.2008Builder
Millar, Beverly (Bev) J.Bio.2013Curler
Murphy, LeonardBio.2008Builder
Muzika, ShelleyBio.2019Curler
Nowlan, LouBio.2016Curler
O'Rourke, Daniel (Dan) LindsayBio.2013Curler/Builder
O'Rourke, KathyBio.2017Curler
O'Rourke, MarkBio.2017Curler
Poirier, CliffordBio.2018Builder
Proude, EarleBio.2022Curler
Robbins, HelenBio.2007Builder
Robbins, HughBio.2007Builder
Roper, Barbara M.Bio.2015Builder
Saunders, G. Allison (Joe)Bio. 2009Curler
Scales, JohnBio.2011Curler
Smith, AlanBio.2015Curler
Squarebriggs, John DrakeBio.2008Curler
Stavert, ErnieBio.2018Builder
Stewart, SandyBio.2011Curler
Sutherland, MarilynBio.2013Builder
Sweet, ClairBio.2018Builder
Toole, MarieBio.2008Curler
Blair WeeksBio.2022Builder
Wigginton, MerrillBio.2015Curller
Willis, OrvilleBio.2008Builder

Photo archives 


Photo archives from Senior Men’s and Women’s Ch’ships

Additional Photo Archives from Women’s Ch’ships

Here are members of the PEI Curling Hall of Fame and Museum executive as of November 2022 (missing: Al Ledgerwood)

Left to right:  Arleen Harris (secretary), Shelley Ebbett, Derek MacEwen, Margaret Nowlan, Bob Matheson, Jerry Muzika (chair), Wayne Wright, Paul H. Schurman, 

Missing from photo: Allan Ledgerwood,


Here are the members of the Hall of Fame and Museum Board of Directors as of October 2019:

Left to right:  Allan Ledgerwood, Jerry Muzika, Chair,  Derek MacEwen, Wayne Wright, Shelley Ebbett, Arleen Harris (secretary), Paul H. Schurman, Margaret Nowlan

Here are the members of the Hall of Fame and Museum Board of Directors as of summer 2012:

Hall of Fame Board of Directors 2012

Left to right: Paul H. Schurman, Allan Ledgerwood, Jerry Muzika, Chair, Margaret Nowlan, Arleen Harris

Here are the charter members of the Hall of Fame and Museum Board of Directors:


Left to right: Paul H. Schurman, Allan Ledgerwood, Jerry Muzika, Chair, Bev. Millar, Marilyn Sutherland. Missing: Barbara Currie (deceased)

Click for special insert dedicated to Barbara Currie, from 2010 induction ceremonies (PDF)