Intro to curling

Curl PEI, with help from Fresh Media and PEI’s curling facilities, has launched a webpage to help get more people interested in our sport and into our clubs, by explaining how the game works, how to rent the ice, join a curling club, etc. – everything you need to know to “give curling a shot”. Check it out at

The following videos and information courtesy of the Canadian Curling Association, will provide a brief intro to the sport of curling, and the reasons why it is such a great sport!

For more info, including rules, strategy, equipment, and a glossary of curling terms, visit the “Become a Curler” section of Curling Canada’s website.

Here is a two minute guide to curling – How it’s played, scored, won, and why curlers yell so much!

The Curling Canada has released two new videos on learning to curl. The first covers delivering the rock, both from a traditional hack position, and by using a delivery stick.

The second covers Wheelchair Curling, showing the proper technique for delivering stones from a wheelchair, including some safety advice.