About Ice Tech Workshops

Without ice there would be no curling at all – and without first-rate ice, there can be no first-rate curling.  Therefore, the quality of curling ice is all-important to the game and to the success of the individual club.

The Canadian Curling Association and Curl PEI recognize the need for a National Ice Technician Education Certification Program. Managers and Board members of clubs should strive to provide their memberships with quality playing conditions.

The Level 1 course contains information on all aspects of curling ice maintenance, such as using a scraper and burner, plus sweeping and pebbling techniques.

The Level 2 course includes a refrigeration segment, classroom instruction and ice installation. The prerequisities for Level 2 are Level 1 certification and two years experience as a curling club ice-maker.

For further information on ice technician workshops and certification, please contact:

Curl PEI Office
[email protected]