Lenentine 1-2, DeWolfe 0-4 at Canadian U18 Ch’ships

Two round robin games, at 10 Thursday against the Northwest Territories, and at 2 pm against the host province, remain for PEI’s Lauren Lenentine-skipped girl’s team, while there’s one game left in the round robin for the Island’s Donald DeWolfe rink, at 2 pm Thursday against Newfoundland and Labrador at the inaugural Canadian Under 18 Boy’s and Girl’s Curling Championships in Moncton. Lenentine has one win so far against two losses, while DeWolfe has four losses.

Team PEI (Photo by Doug Kelly)

In Wednesday boy’s action, DeWolfe lost a 4-3 extra-end decision to Saskatchewan, and lost 6-1 to Northern Ontario. Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario have only one loss, tied with Nova Scotia at the top of their pool, while BC is undefeated in the other pool, and Quebec has only one loss.

In girl’s play, Lenentine had only one game Wednesday, losing 6-4 to Nova Scotia. New Brunswick’s Comeau rink is still undefeated in girl’s play, while Nova Scotia, Northern Ontario, and Alberta each have one loss.

The top three teams in each pool will move into a six-team championship pool, and from there, the top four teams will go into the semifinals Saturday at 1 p.m., with first playing fourth and second playing third.

The semifinal winners will then play for gold and silver, while the semifinal losers will play for bronze, at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Additionally, the teams that don’t make the playoffs will take part in a mixed doubles competition all day Saturday.

For information on team lineups, schedules and tickets, go to the event website: www.curling.ca/2017under18/.


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