Reminder: Joyce Myers Trust Fund Scholarships, Capital Acquisition Grants, due May 15 (final year)

The Board of Trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund created a Scholarship Fund as a means to assist our talented full-time student athletes in Atlantic Canada. Priority will be given to athletes attending Atlantic universities, colleges or vocational schools.  Three scholarships of $500 each will be awarded to each of the four Atlantic provinces to the successful applicants.  The total amount awarded will be $6,000.

The Board of Trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund also created the Capital Acquisition Grant as a means to assist member curling centres within Atlantic Canada with capital projects.  Seven grants of $1,500 each will be awarded to curling centres within the four Atlantic provinces.  The total amount awarded will be $10,500.

Both applications are below in MS Word format.  Please note the deadline for all applications is May 15, 2018.

Please note, all applications are to be submitted by email to:

Joyce Myers Capital Works Grant Application – 2018 (Final Year)

Joyce Myers Scholarship Application – 2018 (Final Year)

 After the successful applicants have received their funding this year, the Joyce Myers Trust Fund will be depleted. This Fund will have provided over $135,000 in support of young curlers and curling centres across Atlantic Canada over the past 9 years.

Information about the Joyce Myers Trust Fund:

Joyce Myers Trust Fund

The Joyce Myers Trust Fund is an Atlantic Canada initiative to foster the development and promotion of the sport of curling throughout Atlantic Canada.

The Trust Fund, which was established from profits from the 2003 Nokia Brier and 2005 Tim Horton’s Roar of the Rings, provides funding for the development of curling in Atlantic Canada through grant opportunities for Curling Club Capital Works projects, Student/Athlete Scholarships, and Curl Atlantic Member Association Program Initiatives.

The trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund announced plans for future investments in the sport of curling for Atlantic Canada and released its first grants during the 2009-2010 curling season.

Joyce Myers was inducted into both the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame and the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame as an athlete and a builder. Joyce’s accomplishments as an athlete, administrator, coach and official made her one of the most versatile and impacting persons in Nova Scotia sports. Her passion for sport and the countless hours she contributed to many individuals and events has left a lasting impression. Joyce was a true inspiration and mentor to many.

Capital Acquisition Grants

The Trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund created the Capital Acquisition Grants as a means to assist member curling clubs within Atlantic Canada with capital projects. Expenses that are of a special and/or extraordinary nature will be eligible for funding. In other words, programs and initiatives that are both unusual and occur infrequently; they are not part of the regular, day-to-day operation of the club. Listed below are a few possibilities:

The repair, replacement, purchase or construction of a curling facility or part of a curling facility. For example, the repair or replacement of a curling club roof; the repair, replacement or purchase of a plant asset or piece of equipment. For example, the repair or replacement of ice making equipment.

The purchase of special curling equipment. For example, the purchase of little rocks for a junior curling program.

Exempt from funding are any expenses of an operational nature. For example, membership dues, utility and tax bills do not qualify.


Curl Atlantic has implemented a scholarship to curlers who have enrolled in full-time studiesa in a post-secondary institution. The intention of these awards is to allow talented athletes to devote primary sources of time and energy to training, rather than extensive employment in order to fund post-secondary education. Recipients will be expected to devote a full-time, shared commitment to sport and education exclusively. This award is not intended to reward past achievements but rather a means to pursue further achievements that surpass the current level of performance. Priority will be given to athletes attending Atlantic universities, colleges or vocational schools.

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