2018 PEI Under 16 Curling Championships

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The 2018 Provincial Under 16 Curling Championships, with boy’s and girl’s divisions for curlers a maximum of 15 years of age on June 30 2017, take place March 2-4 at the Montague Curling Club.

The Mitchell Schut rink from Cornwall won the boy’s division the last two years, while the Katie Shaw team from Charlottetown took the 2017 girl’s title. Schut is back this year looking to add to his U16 medal collection. Four boy’s and six girl’s teams are competing this year.
Pool A (Boys) will play a Round Robin and the four will advance to a playoff. Pools B & C (Girls) will play a Round Robin and the six will advance to a playoff.
Rankings: First by win/loss, then head to head between tied teams, and finally cumulative last stone draw results.
Pool A
Pool B
Pool C
1-MacMillan A-Jack X-Gaudet
2-Schut B-MacLean Y-Ferguson
3-Shaw C-McDonald Z-Howatt
Date Time Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
2 pm 1 1-MacMillan  vs 2-Schut A-Jack vs B-MacLean 3-Shaw vs 4-Pineau X-Gaudet vs Y-Ferguson
6 pm 2 B-MacLean vs C-McDonald 2-Schut vs 3-Shaw Y-Ferguson vs Z-Howatt 1-MacMillan vs 4-Pineau
10 am 3 1-MacMillan vs 3-Shaw X-Gaudet vs Z-Howatt 2-Schut vs 4-Pineau A-Jack vs C-McDonald
2 pm 4 W1   W2  
10 am 5 M1 W3 M2 W4
2 pm 6   M3 W5  

Playoff Draw Tree

(will not be updated – refer to online scoring for draw progression)

Team Coach Affiliation Location
B-Team MacMillan Rob Roberts Charlottetown Curling Complex Charlottetown, PE
B-Team Pineau Shelly MacFadyen Silver Fox Summerside, PE
B-Team Schut Mike Schut Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
B-Team Shaw Nancy Collier & Kyle MacDonald Montague Curling Club Montague, PE
G-Team Ferguson David Murphy Charlottetown, Cornwall, Crapaud curling clubs Charlottetown, Cornwall, Crapaud PE
G-Team Gaudet Sinead Dolan Charlottetown Curling Complex Charlottetown, PE
G-Team Howatt A.J. Campbell Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
G-Team Jack Aleya Quilty Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PEI
G-Team MacLean Carl Nicholson Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
G-Team McDonald N/A Montague Curling Club Montague, PE
Specific Rules of Play for the Provincial U16
1. Competitors
a. Competitors will be a maximum of 15 years of age on June 30 of the year prior to the competition.
b. Teams must consist of no less than 4 males or 4 females.
c. All teams must have an adult coach or Chaperone on-site for each game. Minimum certification is not required to access field of play.
2. Games
a. Games will be eight (8) ends.
b. Tied games will be decided by extra end(s).
3. Game Timing
a. Time clocks will not be used.
b. A mandatory 5-minute break will take place at the conclusion of the fourth end.
4. Timeouts
a. Each team is allowed two 90 second timeouts per game.
b. Timeouts must be called clearly from the playing surface.
c. Only the coach of the team calling the timeout may go to the away end. The other may only meet their team at the home end. Both coaches should go out and come in together.
d. If an extra end(s) is required, each team will be allowed a ninety (90) second timeout during the extra end(s).
5. Pre-Game Practice
a. Teams are asked to be ready 30 minutes prior to game time for the coin toss for choice of 1st or 2nd practice OR rock colour. Failure to be present means you forfeit both.
b. Practice will be 9 minutes OR 8 rocks, up and back, whichever comes first.
6. Last Stone Advantage (hammer)
a. First end hammer will be skill based.
b. Last stone advantage (hammer) will be decided by a draw to the button (last stone draw – LSD) following each team practice.
c. Each team member must deliver 1 LSD before any team member can deliver a second.
d. Within one (1) minute of the pre-game practice a player from the team will throw a stone (full sweeping allowed) and the closest to the button between the two teams will receive the last stone advantage in the first end.
e. The draw to the button will be played toward the home end.
f. If a team records a distance of 0.0 or 185.4, a second person from that team will deliver a draw to the button.
7. Measurements
a. All measurements for points will be done by the teams involved.
b. If teams involved cannot decide, signal for an umpire to measure.
8. Administrative Considerations
a. The U16 will be held the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March whichever the host club has to offer.
b. There must be an official at all draws.