Curl PEI Ch’ship Season wraps up with 3 events, all starting on Friday: U13, Curling Club Ch’ships, Syngenta U18

It’s the grand finale for the Curl PEI provincial curling championship season, with three events starting on Friday – the U13 Open, the U18, with separate boy’s and girl’s divisions and new title sponsor Syngenta, and the PEI Curling Club Championships.


The Montague Curling Rink will play host to Curl PEI’s championship event for its youngest curlers — those under the age of 13 years, from March 6-8, with seven teams entered. This is an “open” event with any combination of boys and/or girls on a team. Teams play six-end games in a round-robin format. Final positions will be determined first by win/loss, then head to head between tied teams, then cumulative Last Stone Delivery (draw to the button) and finally by points (5 Points per win, 1 point per end and 1 point for difference of score to a max of 3).

Live results will be available at

Event website:

Round Robin Draw and Schedule

DateTimeDrawIce 1Ice 2Ice 3Ice 4BYE 
Mar. 6
2:30 pm11 – 23 – 45 – 6 7
6 pm2 2 – 51 – 34 – 76
Mar. 7
10:30 am33 – 61 – 42 -7 5
2 pm4 5 – 71 – 62 – 34
5:30 pm51 – 72 – 64 -5 3
Mar. 8
10:30 am64 – 61 – 53 -7 2
2 pm73 – 56 – 7 2 – 41
1MacLellanThere will be one pool. The pool will play a round robin.
2MacWilliamsThere will be no tie-breakers played for finals.
3YoungFinal positions will be determined first by win/loss, then head to head between tied teams, then cumulative Last Stone Delivery (draw to the button) and finally by points.
6Lenentine5 Points per win, 1 point per end and 1 point for difference of score to a max of 3.

Team Rosters

(Click team for individual players – some player names may not yet be available)

Team EasterAmy DuncanSilver Fox Curling ClubSummerside, PE
Team HartBobbi Jean BoylanMaple Leaf Curling ClubO’Leary, PE
Team HoganBev HardingMontague Curling ClubMontague, PE
Team LenentineRobbie LenentineCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
Team MacLellanDarren GallantCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
Team MacWilliamsGlen PhillipsMaple Leaf Curling ClubO’Leary, PE
Team YoungJamie NewsonSilver Fox Curling ClubSummerside, PE

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Curling Club Ch’ships

Charlottetown Curling Club hosting 2020 PEI Curling Club Ch’ships, starting Friday morning


The 2020 PEI Curling Club Championships, featuring the winning men’s and women’s teams from individual club playdowns, take place March 6-10 at the Charlottetown Curling Club. Curl PEI is pleased to welcome their newest affiliated curling club, the Souris Curling Club, who curl on arena ice out of the Eastern Kings Sportsplex, and have entered both a men’s and a women’s team. Six of the seven other affiliated clubs, with the exception of the Maple Leaf in O’Leary, have also entered men’s and women’s teams.

The seven Men’s and seven Women’s teams will play round-robin draws, Friday through Sunday, with the top three teams after any tiebreakers advancing to their respective championship round on Monday and, if needed, Tuesday.

End-by-end results are available at

Event website:

The provincial winners will advance to the 2020 Everest Canadian Curling Club Championships, which will take place Nov. 22-28 at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club.


Green = Men’s, Violet = Women’s

DateTimeDrawIce 1Ice 2Ice 3Ice 4BYE
Mar. 6
9 am11 – 23 – 45 – 6 7
12 pm2D – GB – EA – C F
4 pm34 -72 – 51 – 3F – G6
8 pm4A – BC – DE – F6 – 7G
Mar. 7
9 am53 – 6 2 -71 – 45
12 pm6A – GB – FD – E C
4 pm71 – 72 – 64 -5C – E3
8 pm8C – FA – DB – G3 – 5E
Mar. 8
9 am9 5 -71 – 62 -34
12 pm10 D – FC – GA – EB
4 pm11B – D4-63 -71 – 52
8 pm122 – 4E – GA – FB – CD
Mar. 9
10 am13Tie Breaker/OR/PA & P1 
2 pm14Tie Breaker/OR/PA & P1/OR/PB & P2 
6 pm15 PAP1  
Mar. 10
10 am16 P2PB  
2 pm17 PC*P3*  

Team Assignments

 Men Women
DSilver Fox4Silver Fox
If no tiebreakers are required both playoffs will start at 10 am on Mar. 9
If only one division requires tiebreakers the other division will have their playoffs start at 10 am on Mar. 9
This same idea will be followed if one division requires two tiebreakers and the other only requires one

Ch’ship Round Draw Tree

Team Rosters

Click for player info. M=Men, W=Women
(Some players may not yet be listed)

M – Charlottetown CC Charlottetown Curling ClubCharlottetown, PE
M – Cornwall CC Cornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
M – Crapaud CCCSusan HubleyCrapaud Community Curling ClubCrapaud, PE
M – Montague CC Montague Curling ClubMontague, PE
M – Silver Fox CC Silver Fox Curling ClubSummerside, PE
M – Souris CC Souris Curling ClubSouris, PE
M – Western CCC Western Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE
W – Charlottetown CCRob RobertsCharlottetown Curling ClubCharlottetown, PE
W – Cornwall CC Cornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
W – Crapaud CCC Tammy DewarCrapaud Community Curling ClubCrapaud, PE
W – Montague CC Montague Curling ClubMontague, PE
W – Silver Fox CCPat AylwardSilver Fox Curling ClubSummerside, PE
W – Souris CC Souris Curling ClubSouris, PE
W – Western CCC Western Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE

Last year’s event:

Syngenta 2020 PEI U18

Western Community Curling Club hosting Syngenta 2020 PEI U18 Ch’ships, starting Fri. morning


The Syngenta 2020 PEI Under 18 Curling Championships take place March 6-8 at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton, with three girl’s and three boy’s teams taking part, including two-time defending boy’s champs the Mitchell Schut rink, and the Katie Shaw team, three members of which were on the Lauren Ferguson rink who won the girl’s division the last two years. Ferguson is playing third stone on the Rachel MacLean team this year.

Both the boy’s and girl’s championships are modified triple knockout draws, starting Friday March 6 at 10:30 am. The winners from each of the three triple knockout sections of each event will advance to their respective two-game championship round on Sunday at 2:30 and, if necessary, 6:30 pm. With the modified format, section winners drop down to compete in the next section. If a team wins all three sections, they will win the event without a championship round. A double section winner will have a “double life” in the championship round, winning the event if they take either game, while their opponent would have to win both. If a team wins all three sections, they will be declared the champion, and the championship round will not be played.

This year’s winning teams advance to the 2020 Canadian Under-18 Boys and Girls Curling Championships, Operated by Curling Canada, April 20-25, 2020 at the Countryside Arena, Sudbury, Ont.

Live, end by end results from the provincial event will be available at

Draw Tree

(Will not be updated during event. Refer to live scoring for draw progression)


Boys Girls

DateTimeDrawIce 1Ice 2Ice 3
Mar. 6
10:30 am11A 
2:30 pm2 2B
6:30 pm3C 3
Mar. 7
10:30 am44D 
2:30 pm5 5E
Mar. 8
10:30 am6 F6
2:30 pm7 WAMA
6:30 pm8WBMB 


Explanation for MA/WA and MB/WB:
1. One team wins all three qualifiers: Championship Round is not required.

2. One team wins two qualifiers. They play in both MA/WA and MB/WB (and win the event if they win either game), while the other winner plays in MA/WA (and has to win to advance to MB/WB).

3. If there are three separate winners: the team that played in the most qualifying games* plays in MB/WB and the other winners play off in MA/WA If there is a tie in number of qualifying games played, then the team that qualified earliest goes to MB/WB and the other two teams play off in MA/MB.

*Qualifying games have game number/letter highlighted in yellow on the schedule.

Team Rosters

M=Boy’s teams, W=Girl’s teams
Click team name for players.

M – Team RochfordEdward WhiteSilver Fox Curling ClubSummerside, PE
M – Team SchutBrenda MacMillanCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
M – Team SnowDavid MacFadyenCharlottetown Curling ClubCharlottetown, PE
W – Team JackShelley MacFadyenCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
W – Team MacLeanPat QuiltyCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
W -Team ShawDavid MurphyCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE

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