Former PEI Junior Men’s (“Schoolboys”) Champion skip Peter Johnston passes away at age 71

Peter won the PEI Junior Men’s (known then as the “Pepsi Schoolboys” – there was no junior women’s event) championship back in 1967-1968, as skip for Phil Michael, Don Vickerson, and Ken Smallwood.

History of Junior Curling (Wikipedia):
The event began in 1950 as the National Schoolboys Championship, and all members of a team had to attend the same high school. From 1950 to 1957, teams played for the Victor Sifton Trophy. Sifton’s newspaper chain was the sponsor of the event during this time. From 1958 to 1975 the event was sponsored by Pepsi and was known as the Pepsi Schoolboys, becoming the Pepsi Juniors in 1976. At that time, the age limit of the event was adjusted to match the eligibility for the World Junior Curling Championships which began in 1975. In 1971 a separate women’s event was created, and was initially called the Canadian Girls Curling Championship. In 1980 Pepsi began sponsoring the women’s juniors as well. In 1987 the events were combined into one national junior championship and held at the same venue. Pepsi continued to be the event sponsor until 1994. In 1995, the event was added to the Canadian Curling Association‘s “Season of Champions” programme.

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