2020 Syngenta PEI Under 18 Curling Ch’ships

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Brayden Snow and Katie Shaw rinks win PEI Syngenta U18 Ch’ships

The Syngenta 2020 PEI Under 18 Curling Championships at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton, with three boy’s teams and an equal number of girl’s rinks taking part, concluded on Sunday afternoon with the Brayden Snow team from the Charlottetown Curling Club beating the two-time defending champion Mitchell Schut rink from Cornwall 5-3 to take the boy’s title, and Cornwall’s Katie Shaw team, three members of which were on last year’s championship rink, beating their clubmates the Rachel MacLean foursome, also by a 5-3 score, to take the girl’s. Both Snow and Shaw had won their respective “B” and “C” divisions in modified triple knockout play, with Schut and MacLean winning the “A”. As they had won two divisions, a win in either of two championship round games would have given Snow and Shaw the titles, but the evening draw was not necessary as both won their first games.

The Katie Shaw winning girl’s rink also includes third Alexis Burris, second Lexie Murray and lead Meghan Sherren, with coach David Murphy. 

The David MacFadyen-coached Brayden Snow boy’s championship team includes third stone Jack MacFadyen, second Liam Barbrick, and lead Davis Nicholson.

Rounding out the girl’s finalist Rachel MacLean foursome are third Lauren Ferguson, second Avery Nicholson, and lead Izzy Tatlock, with coach Pat Quilty.

Completing the boy’s finalist team skipped by Mitchell Schut are third Chase MacMillan, second Cruz Pineau, and lead Liam Kelly, with coach Brenda MacMillan.

The winning Snow and Shaw rinks now advance to the 2020 Canadian Under-18 Boys and Girls Curling ChampionshipsOperated by Curling Canada, April 20-25, 2020 at the Countryside Arena in Sudbury, Ont.

Complete end by end results from the provincial event are available at PEICurling.com.

Western Community Curling Club hosting 2020 U18 Ch’ships, sponsored by Syngenta

The Syngenta 2020 Provincial Under 18 Curling Championships, take place March 6-8 at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton, with three girl’s and three boy’s teams taking part, including two-time defending boy’s champs the Mitchell Schut rink, and the Katie Shaw team, three members of which were on the Lauren Ferguson rink who won the girl’s division the last two years. Ferguson is playing third stone on the Rachel MacLean team this year.

Both the boy’s and girl’s championships are modified triple knockout draws, starting Friday March 6 at 10:30 am. The winners from each of the three triple knockout sections of each event will advance to their respective two-game championship round on Sunday at 2:30 and, if necessary, 6:30 pm. With the modified format, section winners drop down to compete in the next section. If a team wins all three sections, they will win the event without a championship round. A double section winner will have a “double life” in the championship round, winning the event if they take either game, while their opponent would have to win both. If a team wins all three sections, they will be declared the champion, and the championship round will not be played.

This year’s winning teams advance to the 2020 Canadian Under-18 Boys and Girls Curling Championships, Operated by Curling Canada, April 20-25, 2020 at the Countryside Arena, Sudbury, Ont.

Live, end by end results from the provincial event will be available at PEICurling.com.

Draw Tree

(Will not be updated during event. Refer to live scoring for draw progression)


Boys Girls

Date Time Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3
Mar. 6
10:30 am 1 1 A  
2:30 pm 2   2 B
6:30 pm 3 C   3
Mar. 7
10:30 am 4 4 D  
2:30 pm 5   5 E
Mar. 8
10:30 am 6   F 6
2:30 pm 7   WA MA
6:30 pm 8 WB MB  


Explanation for MA/WA and MB/WB:
1. One team wins all three qualifiers: Championship Round is not required.

2. One team wins two qualifiers. They play in both MA/WA and MB/WB (and win the event if they win either game), while the other winner plays in MA/WA (and has to win to advance to MB/WB).

3. If there are three separate winners: the team that played in the most qualifying games* plays in MB/WB and the other winners play off in MA/WA If there is a tie in number of qualifying games played, then the team that qualified earliest goes to MB/WB and the other two teams play off in MA/MB.

*Qualifying games have game number/letter highlighted in yellow on the schedule.

Team Rosters

M=Boy’s teams, W=Girl’s teams
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Team Coach Affiliation Location
M – Team Rochford Edward White Silver Fox Curling Club Summerside, PE
M – Team Schut Brenda MacMillan Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
M – Team Snow David MacFadyen Charlottetown Curling Club Charlottetown, PE
W – Team Jack Shelley MacFadyen Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
W – Team MacLean Pat Quilty Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
W -Team Shaw David Murphy Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE

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