Resolutions for AGM

The following are the resolutions that have been submitted for consideration at the PEICA’s Annual General Meeting on May 28th:

1. Proposal to move entry deadline for all PEICA events to 6 weeks prior to start date and all registrations must be done online to be included in any event. These entries will be listed on the main PEI curling site as they are received.

2. Develop a draw committee with a member from each of the following events: (Tankard, Scotties, Senior Men and Women, and the Mixed). This committee will construct options on draws for these events depending on the club, amount of teams and time availability. They would then present the options to the teams and majority rules on the vote. This would happen 3-4 weeks out from the start date so lots of time to promote the event. Draw will be on the appropriate web site 3 weeks prior to the 1st day of the event.

3. Credit Union Seniors be broken into 2 clubs or 2 different dates if same club.

4. Head official be named to PEICA to oversee the 5 major events, bringing some consistency. All officials meet before the season and go over rules and situations that might come up, everyone on the same page.

5. Swapping of events or working together for their mutual benefit between clubs is legal as long as the clubs deal with it and can fit within the schedule and timelines of the existing schedule.

6. If Men’s open is 16 teams or under it would be over 1 weekend, and club that would host the final 8’s gets the event for that year. If 17 or more teams then would go with original schedule.

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