Women in Sport Encouragement (WISE) Fund grants available

The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical activity (CAAWS) it is offering twelve grants of $900 to active girls and women and/or organizations offering sport programs targeted to girls and women.  The WISE (Women in Sport Encouragement) Fund was developed in 2004 in response to the ongoing financial need within the sport community.  The fund is designed to help support MSO/NSO/PSO sport initiatives in an effort to financially assist members of the sport community in Canada.  This fund is provided by CAAWS, with support from Sport Canada.  Since 2004, CAAWS has supported 92 individuals and organizations through this fund, dispersing over $82,800 to members of the sport community.

Please feel free to forward this information within your community as you see fit. National and Multisport Service Organizations, as well as their provincial affiliates, clubs, and teams are encouraged to apply.  Coaches, officials and sports administrators may also apply.  Please note that CAAWS will no longer be accepting applications from individual athletes.

All details related to the WISE Fund submission criteria, application process and deadlines can be found online at www.caaws.ca/e/grants/wise.  Applications will only be accepted between November 21, 2011 and December 9, 2011. Any applications received before or after these dates will not be considered.  The 2012 WISE Fund recipients will be announced in February 2012.

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