Nancy Cameron from the Scotties for Ocean 100

From the Ocean 100 Facebook page, here is another report from Nancy Cameron, a team member on PEI’s Kim Dolan rink, competing at the Scotties, in Red Deer:

Hello from Red Deer….Yesterday was a great day, so nice practicing on AMAZING ice and not having to bundle up to stay warm….Curling in TShirts and of course Curling Pants is the Best! The ice is FAST and swingy and such a treat to play on….

Last night we attended a Dinner sponsored by Kruger….As “Curlers” we look forward to this Dinner as it is when we receive our individual trophies for winning our Provincials….JEWELLERY! Let me explain, when you win a Provincial Scotties Championship for your very first time, Kruger gives you a GOLD Scotties Pendant and chain (four hearts joined together) When you win a Provincial Scotties Championship for the second time, Kruger puts a Diamond in one of the hearts in your Pendant, when you manage to fill the pendant with diamonds (4) Kruger then gives you a beautiful gold bracelet that already has 3 solid heart clusters with a diamond in the middle of one….Every time you win after that they add a diamond to one of the other clusters….if you keep on winning they simply add another cluster (with a diamond) into your bracelet….Kim, Rebecca Jean and I all have bracelets….Sinead received her first Diamond in her necklace and Michala is now sporting her Gold Pendant and Chain….It is a very exciting time to win any Provincial Championship but your first is beyond special….

Today is a big day for us, Opening Ceremonies at 9 AM, Game #1 vs Ontario at 1 PM….Bye for now!

CCA Photo by Andrew Klaver (L-R): Kim Dolan, Rebecca Jean MacDonald, Sinead Dolan, Nancy Cameron, Michala Robison

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