Team Bottcher and Team Carey win the 2012 Red Deer Curling Classic, Team Webster goes 3-3 (WCT)

Red Deer, ALBERTA (November 5, 2012) – Brendan Bottcher defeated Kevin Koe by a score of 6-3 in the final of the Red Deer Curling Classic. The team from Edmonton, Alberta received $9,000 in prize money for their victory at the Red Deer Curling Centre in Red Deer, Alberta.

When asked about the win, Bottcher exclaimed "It feels pretty good!".

"We played [Koe] a couple weekends ago and beat them. We have a bit of a rivalry going."

Brendan BottcherBrendan Bottcher (Wikipedia photo)

Bottcher was able to steal two points in the first end to take an early lead.

"Koe had a double for two, but hit the front guard.", explained Bottcher.

Koe fought back to tie the game in the third end but Bottcher was able to counter in the fourth to regain the lead, which he kept for the rest of the match.

Bottcher beat Tom Appelman and Wade White in the playoffs on his way to the final.

Runner-up Kevin Koe defeated Rob Armitage and Matthew Blandford in the playoffs. Team Koe received $6,000 for their second place finish. This is the third event in a row that Koe has made the final, and the only one of the three that he has lost.

* Kevin Koe (Calgary, AB)         0020100X 3
  Brendan Bottcher (Edmonton, AB) 2002002X 6
* indicates last stone first end

The final on the Women's side of the draw had Chelsea Carey defeating Jennifer Jones by a score of 7-3 in the final. Team Carey received $9,500 in prize money for their victory.

"The final was really tricky.", said Carey. "We got a couple of breaks early with two missed shots from them."

Carey took an early three point lead after two ends and was able to manage the scoreboard to keep the lead throughout the match.

"They stole in four, we got one back in five, stole one in six and was pretty much in control from there.", stated Carey.

After many final appearances at other events, Team Carey was able to chalk up their first win of the season.

"[The win] felt much better and is the vote of confidence we were hoping to get.", stated Carey.

Carey defeated Cheryl Bernard and Mirjam Ott on her way to the final.

Team Jones was skipped by Cathy King who spared for Jennifer Jones. Jones is taking time off to recuperate from knee surgery and prepare for the birth of her first child. Team Jones beat Valerie Sweeting and Manuela Siegrist on her way to the final. They received $6,500 for their second place finish.

* Chelsea Carey (Winnipeg, MB)  21001102 7
  Jennifer Jones (Winnipeg, MB) 00110010 3
* indicates last stone first end

[ addendum:]

Calgary’s Crystal Webster rink, which includes PEI natives Erin Carmody and Geri-Lynn Ramsay, finished with a 3-3 win-loss record and had this to say after the event: “Ok … Another event with some disappointing results. However, all of our games are very close and we believe things are going to turn around for us! We are working hard and looking forward to 3 more events this month. Next stop …. Saskatoon. Thank you for your support!”

Team Webster results:

vs. Sidorova (RUS)W 7-2
vs. Richter (BC)L 3-4
vs. Thurston (MB)W 8-4
vs. Bernard (AB)W 5-4
vs. Tirinzoni (SUI)L 6-7
vs. Jensen (AB)L 7-8

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