Hockey rink to curling rink in one day – Curl Atlantic Ch’ship starts Thursday at CARI


It only took a day to convert the ice surface at MacLauchlan Arena in Charlottetown’s CARI complex from hockey to curling, so the ice will be ready in plenty of time for the Curl Atlantic Championship, which gets underway Thursday afternoon. Tickets to see Atlantic Canada’s best curlers in action are on sale now,  online at or in person at the CARI Complex Control Desk, through September 11, and at the event Box Office beginning September 12. Tickets ordered online will be available for pick up at the Control Desk until September 11, or at the Box Office “Will Call” desk beginning September 12.

Debit and credit cards (VISA and Mastercard) will be accepted at the CARI Control Desk, Credit Cards or PayPal are accepted online, and Cash only is accepted at the Box Office.

Ticket options:

  • Full Championship Pass: $30 ea.

  • Youth (16 or under)/Senior (60 or over) Championship Pass: $20 ea.

  • General Day Pass: $10 ea.

  • Children 6 years of age or under are free.

Teams entered from PEI are skipped by Suzanne Birt, Kathy O’Rourke, Eddie MacKenzie, Rod MacDonald, and Jamie Newson. MacKenzie, and Newfoundland and Labrador’s Stacie Devereaux are the defending champion skips, while New Brunswick’s James Grattan and PEI’s Suzanne Birt won the inaugural event in 2011.

2013 Curl Atlantic Championship Team rosters (SKIP to lead, province)



A1: Andrea Crawford, Rebecca Atkinson, Danielle Parsons, Jodie de Solla (New Brunswick)

A2: Mary-Anne Arsenault, Kim Kelly, Christie Gamble, Jenn Baxter (Nova Scotia)

A3: Stacie Devereaux, Erin Porter, Marie Christianson, Noelle Thomas-Kennedy (Newfoundland)

A4: Kathy O’Rourke, Meaghan Hughes, Robyn Green, Tricia Affleck (Prince Edward Island)

A5: Colleen Pinkney, Wendy Currie, Shelley MacNutt, Susan Creelman (Nova Scotia)

A6: Christina Black, Jane Snyder, Katarina Hakansson, Mary Sue Radford (Nova Scotia)



C1: Suzanne Birt, Shelly Bradley, Michelle McQuaid, Susan McInnis (Prince Edward Island)

C2: Heather Smith-Dacey, Jill Brothers, Blisse Joyce, Teri Lake (Nova Scotia)

C3: Sylvie Robichaud, Mary Jane McGuire, Megan McGuire, Marie Richard (New Brunswick)

C4: Shelly Nichols, Michelle Jewer, Kelli Turpin, Rhonda Rogers (Newfoundland)

C5: Melissa Adams, Jaclyn Crandall, Abby Burgess, Shelby Wilson (New Brunswick)

C6: Beth Hamilton, Jillian Waite, Lauren Wasylkiw, Adrienne Mercer (Newfoundland)




B1: James Grattan, Jason Roach, Darren Roach, Josh Barry (New Brunswick)

B2: Mark Dacey, Stuart Thompson, Steve Burgess, Andrew Gibson (Nova Scotia)

B3: Zach Eldridge, Chris Jeffrey, Brian King, Robert Daley (New Brunswick)

B4: Rod MacDonald, Kevin Champion, Mark O’Rourke, Mark Victor (Prince Edward Island)

B5: Peter Burgess, Craig Burgess, Jared Bent, Todd Burgess (Nova Scotia)

B6: Jamie Newson, Andrew Robinson, Sean Clarey, John Desrosiers (Prince Edward Island)



D1: Jamie Murphy, Jordan Pinder, Mike Bardsley, Donald McDermaid (Nova Scotia)

D2: Ian Fitzner-LeBlanc, Ian Juurlink, Graham Breckon, Kelly Mittelstadt (Nova Scotia)

D3: Eddie MacKenzie, Tyler MacKenzie, Anson Carmody, Sean Ledgerwood (Prince Edward Island)

D4: Marc le Cocq, Andy McCann, Scott Jones, Jamie Brannen (New Brunswick)

D5: Tom Sullivan, Paul Dobson, Chris MacRae, Kerry MacLean (Nova Scotia)

D6: Chad Stevens, Cameron MacKenzie, Scott Saccary, Philip Crowell (Nova Scotia)

Curl Atlantic Championship draw (sheets 1 through 5)

Thursday Sept. 12

1:00 PM Black (NS) vs. Crawford (NB), Devereaux (NL) vs. O’Rourke (PE), Pinkney (NS) vs. Arsenault (NS), Eldridge (NB) vs. MacDonald (PE), Newson (PE) vs. Grattan (NB)

5:00 PM Stevens (NS) vs. Murphy (NS), Smith-Dacey (NS) vs. Adams (NB), Hamilton (NL) vs. Birt (PE), Nichols (NL) vs. Robichaud (NB), Burgess (NS) vs. Dacey (NS)

9:00 PM Fitzner-LeBlanc (NS) vs. Le Cocq (NB), MacKenzie (PE) vs. Sullivan (NS), Crawford (NB) vs. O’Rourke (PE), Pinkney (NS) vs. Devereaux (NL), Arsenault (NS) vs. Black (NS)

Friday Sept. 13

8:00 AM Grattan (NB) vs. Burgess (NS), MacDonald (PE) vs. Dacey (NS), Newson (PE) vs. Eldridge (NB). Birt (PE) vs. Adams (NB), Smith-Dacey (NS) vs. Nichols (NL)

12:00 PM Arsenault (NS) vs. O’Rourke (PE), Murphy (NS) vs. Le Cocq (NB), Sullivan (NS) vs. Fitzner-LeBlanc (NS), MacKenzie (PE) vs. Stevens (NS), Robichaud (NB) vs. Hamilton (NL)

4:00 PM Dacey (NS) vs. Eldridge (NB), Black (NS) vs. Pinkney (NS), Adams (NB) vs. Nichols (NL), MacDonald (PE) vs. Grattan (NB), Devereaux (NL) vs. Crawford (NL)

8:30 PM Hamilton (NL) vs. Smith-Dacey (NS), Birt (PE) vs. Robichaud (NB), Fitzner-LeBlanc (NS) vs. MacKenzie (PE), Burgess (NS) vs. Newson (PE), Sullivan (NS) vs. Murphy (NS)

Saturday Sept. 14

8:00 AM Crawford (NB) vs. Pinkney (NB), O’Rourke (PE) vs. Black (NS), Grattan (NB) vs. Dacey (NS), Devereaux (NL) vs. Arsenault (NS), Le Cocq (NB) vs. Stevens (NS)

12:00 PM Newson (PE) vs. MacDonald (PE), Burgess (NS) vs. Eldridge (NB), Robichaud (NB) vs. Smith-Dacey (NS), Adams (NB) vs. Hamilton (NL), Nichols (NL) vs. Birt (PE)

4:00 PM Murphy (NS) vs. Le Cocq (NB), Stevens (NS) vs. Fitzner-LeBlanc (NS), Black (NS) vs. Devereaux (NL), Le Cocq (NB) vs. Sullivan (NS), O’ Rourke (PE) vs. Pinkney (NS)

8:00 PM Smith-Dacey (NS) vs. Birt (PE), Dacey (NS) vs. Newson (PE), Eldridge (NB) vs. Grattan (NB), Arsenault (NS) vs. Crawford (NB), MacDonald (PE) vs. Burgess (NS)

Sunday Sept 15

8:00 AM Robichaud (NB) vs. Adams (NB), Nichols (NL) vs. Hamilton (NL), MacKenzie (PE) vs. Le Cocq (NB), Fitzner-LeBlanc (NS) vs. Murphy (NS). Stevens (NS) vs. Sullivan (NS)


4:00 PM WOMEN’S FINAL (Sheet 2),  MEN’S FINAL (Sheet 4)

For ongoing information on the championship, visit or follow @CurlAtlantic on Twitter.


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