Cornwall hosting Stick Curling Bonspiel on Dec. 6

desjardinaThis bonspiel, sponsored by Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, is open to any stick curler, and takes place on Dec. 6 at the Cornwall Curling Club. Individual entry. A draw will be made where each person will play a minimum of 4 games with a different teammate each game. All games will be six ends. Two divisions, with a crossover game which may have fewer than six ends. Draw will be made on Dec. 2.


Coin toss for choice of rock or hammer. No practice shots. One point awarded for each end scored, two points for a win, and one to each team for a tie. Score will only come into play if needed to break a tie for the final game.

One hour time limit per game. First division begins play at 8 am SHARP. Second division at 9:10 am. Play will continue to 7 pm.

Lunch and a light snack between 5 and 6 pm are included.

Entry fee of $25 must be received by Nov. 25, 2014.
The 1st 32 paid entries accepted, with a waiting list in order of reecipt created after that (for last-minute cancellations)

Make cheque payable to:

Etta Reid
822 Suffolk Road Route 222
Suffolk PE    C1C 0P8

For more info, phone (902) 629-1454

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