Provincial Under 13 and Under 18 Curling Ch’ships go this weekend

The KFC Provincial Under 13 Curling Championships take place Friday through Sunday at the Montague Curling Club, while the Curl PEI Provincial Under 18 Curling Championships also start on Friday, and continue until Monday at the Crapaud Community Curling Club.

The KFC Under 13  is an “open” event, meaning any combination of boys and/or girls may be on a team. Games are six ends. Last year’s winners were the Lauren Ferguson, Connor Lilly, Mitchell Schut, and Hayden Ford rinks (1st through 4th, respectively). Schut and Ford are both back this year, along with seven other teams.The teams will divided into a four team and a five team pool, with each team playing a “crossover round robin” against only the teams in the other pool. The top two ranked teams from each pool advance to semi-finals, with the winners advancing to the final. Event website:

The Under 18 has both men’s and women’s divisions, with four teams entered in each. Last year’s champions were the Jenny McLean and Alex MacFadyen rinks from the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in Summerside. MacFadyen is back this year. Both divisions will play modified triple-knockout draws, qualifying teams for a championship round.If a team wins all three triple knockout sections, the championship round will not be played. If a team qualifies in two sections, they would play in both championship games and win the title if they take either game, while their opponent would have to win both. Games are eight ends. Head to head results followed by a points system will be used to break ties. Event website:

Results from both events available at

Here are the Under 13 schedule and team rosters:

Date Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
Mar. 6 1pm Ford vs K. Shaw S. Shaw vs MacLean Schut vs Sanderson Burris vs Dunphy-Condon
4:30pm Schut vs Dunphy-Condon Burris vs Pineau Ford vs MacLean S. Shaw vs Sanderson
Mar. 7 1pm Burris vs K. Shaw Ford vs Sanderson S. Shaw vs Dunphy-Condon Schut vs Pineau
4:30pm S. Shaw vs Pineau Schut vs K. Shaw Burris vs MacLean Ford vs Dunphy-Condon
Mar. 8 10am Schut vs MacLean Burris vs Sanderson Ford vs Pineau S. Shaw vs K. Shaw
1:30pm A1 vs B2 B1 vs A2
9 Teams Two Pools play cross over games only, top two ranked teams from each pool advance to semis, two semi winners play in final.
Pool A Pool B
Ford K. Shaw
S. Shaw MacLean
Schut Sanderson
Burris Dunphy-Condon
Games are 6 ends.
No tie breaker games will be played. Ties will be broken by points system:
5 points for a win
1 point per end won
1/2 point for a blank end
1 point difference of score (maximum 3 points)

U13 Team Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Coach(es) Club
Cruz Pineau Brock Rochford Logan Rogers Braydon Snow Shelley MacFadyen Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
Alexis Burris Sydney Howatt Meghan Sherren Madelyn Cantwell Phyllis Stretch Crapaud Community Curling Club
Hayden Ford Chase MacMillan Lilly Taweel Liam Barbrick Chad MacMillan Cornwall Curling Club
Jordan Dunphy-Condon Nicole Lawlor Megan MacDonald Julia Wier Shelley MacFadyen Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
Rachel MacLean Avery Nicholson Gracie Gaudet Grace Bulger Carl Nicholson Cornwall Curling Club
Emily Sanderson Kaylee Stewart Allie Collings Ben MacKay Nancy Collier, Owen Collier Montague Curling CLub
Mitchell Schut Liam Kelly Michael MacEwen David Drake Nancy Yeo Cornwall/ Charlottetown
Katie Shaw Amy Spence Izzy Tatlock Lexie Murray Leigh Gustafson, Susan Dowling- Shaw Charlottetown Curling Complex
Samuel Shaw Nicholas Dijkema Nathaniel Shaw Quentin Curran Owen Collier, Nancy Collier Montague Curling Club

Here is the Under 18 draw, schedule, and team rosters:

Opening draw for March 6:

2 pm:

Ice 1: Moerike vs Griffin
Ice 2: Lenentine vs Mackay
Ice 3: DeWolfe vs Schut
Ice 4: Noye vs MacFadyen







U18 Men’s Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Coach Club
Donald DeWolfe Avery Wells Cameron Jenkins Nick Johnston Lori Robinson Cornwall Curling Club
Alex MacFadyen James Dalton Matthew MacDonald Parker MacFadyen Dave MacFadyen Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club
Leslie Noye Jacob Wilkins Dylan Vincent Alex Gallant Roger Gavin Western Community Curling Club
Devin Schut Tyson Smith Logan Maker Colin MacKenzie Dario Zannier Cornwall Curling Club


U18 Women’s Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Alt Coach(es) Club
Emma Jean Griffin Hailey Wilson Isabelle Getson Emily Lewis Alyssa Wilkins Mike Trudeau, Norma Jean Griffin Western Community Curling Club
Lauren Lenentine Meghan Ching Rachel O’Connor Breanne Burgoyne Pat Quilty, Aleya Quilty Cornwall Curling Club
Kaleigh Mackay Danielle Collings Alyssa Wright Kaleigh Peters AJ Campbell Crapaud/ Montague/ Charlottetown
Lauren Moerike Ashley Gallant (1st) Annika Kelly (2nd) Tati Kelly (3rd) Angela Hodgson Charlottetown Curling Complex

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