PEI Junior Curler does Heritage Fair project on Sandra Schmirler

Jack MacFadyen, a Cornwall Curling Club Junior Curler, did a Heritage Fair project at his school, on the life journey of Sandra Schmirler. His project is in the November 2014 issue of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation Newsletter. Click to read newsletter.

Here is the story, reprinted from the newsletter:



“Hi, my name is Jack MacFadyen. I’m nine years old and in grade four at Sherwood Elementary School in Prince Edward Island. I love the game of curling so much that I decided to do my Heritage Fair Project on the life of Sandra Schmirler, the QUEEN OF CURLING.

During my presentation my class clapped three times for all the information I was telling them about Sandra’s love of family and her passion for curling. I explained to them how Sandra, in grade seven, became interested in curling and over the years she curled in Provincial, Canadian, and World Championships and last but not least earned a Gold Medal at the Nagano Olympics. Everyone in my class was very sad when my presentation came to the part where she died from cancer in March, 2000.

I also told them about the Sandra Schmirler Olympic Gold Park built in her home town of Bigger, Saskatchewan to honour her curling achievements and because of Sandra’s love for family and children a non­profit Foundation for “Champions Start Small” was created by her family and friends after her death. The funds collected are used to care for premature babies and critically ill infants. Our own Queen Elizabeth Hospital in PEI has benefited from the Foundation. The nursery received a camera that helps test premature babies eyes and equipment for the care of the hearts and lungs of newborns.

Thank you Sandra for being such an inspiration to me.”

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