PEI Curling Clubs “Chasing the Ace” to raise funds

Five of PEI’s seven full-time curling facilities are “Chasing the Ace” this season as a way to raise funds. This variant of the traditional “50X50” Draw offers more enticing payouts, as only 20% (number can vary slightly) of the money collected goes to to winner, 50% goes to the draw holder, and the remaining 30% goes into a pot that accumulates weekly until the Ace of Spades (or other designated card) is drawn from a deck of cards by the weekly winner. The card drawn is removed from the deck for the next draw. Usually, all tickets for a weekly draw are sold one evening, with the winner having to be there to draw the card, but there are also versions where tickets are sold in advance, and the winner doesn’t have to be present. These draws are open to non-members as well as Club members.

The Montague Curling Rink, in conjunction with the Montague Lions Club, has had great success with their “Catch the King of Clubs” version, which goes Thursdays from 6-8 pm. Last year they reported that it has brought many new people into their club, some of whom have also taken up curling, and others who just enjoy the “Pub Night” atmosphere.


The Silver Fox starts their Wednesday night Chase the Ace draws on Nov. 11, with the draw taking place at 8:30 pm.


Ticket purchasers do not have to be there to win, but their ticket must be on-site.

The Crapaud Community Curling Club holds Chase the Ace Friday evenings from 7:30-9. First draw was November 6th. This draw supports the curling club, South Shore Actiplex, Crapaud Community Hall, and the Crapaud Fire Department. Cost is $5.00.

The Charlottetown Curling Complex also runs Chase the Ace on Friday evenings, with tickets on sale from 5-7 pm.


Chasing the Ace, and watching curling at Charlottetown.

The Maple Leaf Curling Club in O’Leary, along with the O’Leary Legion, & Community Sports Center, hold draws on Saturdays at 10 pm at the Legion, 69 Ellis Av. Tickets are available from Board Members or at the Club. You do not have to be in attendance draw night to win.
Participate in Chase the Ace, have a fun night out, help your Club, and maybe win some cash, too.

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