Canadian Mixed live coverage on Eastlink


The Canadian Mixed Curling Championships get underway on Sunday in Yarmouth NS. PEI is represented by the Cornwall Curling Club team of Veronica, Tyler, and Sabrina Smith, along with Dylan Lowery.


Selected games (see schedule) from this event will be broadcast live on Eastlink TV, available to Eastlink subscribers on channel 10 and HD Channel 610. As well, the games will be available for viewing later via their Eastlink On Demand channels.

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Broadcast schedule (subject to change)

  • Sunday, November 13th – 6:00pm
    Opening Ceremonies
  • Sunday, November 13th – 7:00pm
    Draw #1 – Saskatchewan vs. Quebec
  • Monday, Nov. 14th – 2:30pm
    Draw #2 – New Brunswick vs. Prince Edward Island
  • Monday, Nov. 14th – 7:00pm
    Draw #3 – Nova Scotia vs. Yukon Territory
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15th – 2:30pm
    Draw #5 – Northwest Territories vs. Saskatchewan
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15th – 7:00pm
    Draw #6 – Yukon Territory vs. New Brunswick
  • Wednesday, Nov. 16th – 2:30pm
    Draw #8 – Newfoundland and Labrador vs. Ontario
  • Wednesday, Nov. 16th – 7:00pm
    Draw #9 – Alberta vs. Nova Scotia
  • Thursday, Nov. 17th – 2:30pm
    Draw #11 – Teams TBD
  • Thursday, Nov. 17th – 7:00pm
    Draw #12 – Teams TBD
  • Friday, Nov. 18th – 2:30pm
    Draw #14 – Teams TBD
  • Friday, Nov. 18th – 7:00pm
    Draw #15 – Teams TBD
  • Saturday, November 19th- 2:00pm
    Gold Medal Game – Teams TBD

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