PEI Travelers Curling Club Ch’ships start Friday in Alberton

 The PEI curling championship season wraps up this weekend, with the KFC Under 13 in Summerside, and the Travelers in Alberton.  

The PEI Travelers Curling Club Championships, for men’s and women’s teams who have won their club playdowns, will take place March 10-14 at the three-sheet Western Community Curling Club in Alberton. The winning provincial teams will advance to the 2018 Travelers Curling Club Championship, to be played Nov. 20-25 2017 at the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club in Kingston Ont.

Live, end by end results will be available at:!/competitions/2369

Event website:

The men’s and women’s teams will play round robin draws, advancing the top three teams from the round robin, and any tiebreakers, to a championship round. If a team goes undefeated, a second championship game will be added, and they will have to be beaten twice.

Draw Schedule

Men’s Women’s

Date Time Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3
Mar-10 9
1 Corn v Chtn ML v SF West v Cra
2 Mon v West ML v Cra SF v Corn
4:30 PM 3 SF v Chtn West v Corn Cra v Mon
4 Cra v Chtn West v SF Mon v ML
Mar-11 9
5 West v Cra Chtn v Mon SF v Corn
12:30 PM 6 ML v Corn Mon v Cra West v Chtn
7 Corn v Mon SF v West Chtn v Cra
7:30 PM 8 SF v Chtn West v ML Mon v Corn
Mar-12 9
9 SF v Cra Chtn v Corn West v Mon
12:30 PM 10 West v Corn Mon v Chtn Cra v SF
11 Chtn v West SF v Mon Corn v Cra
8 PM 12 Mon v SF Cra v Corn ML v Chtn
Mar-13 9:30 AM 13 TIE BREAKERS/PA/P1
5:30 PM 15 PA/P1/PB/P2/PC/P3
Mar-14 9 AM 16   PA P1
17 PB P2  
18   PC P3

 Chtn = Charlottetown Curling Complex, Corn = Cornwall Curling Club, Cra= Crapaud Community Curling Club, ML = Maple Leaf Curling Club (O’Leary), Mon = Montague Curling Club. SF = Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Community Complex, West = Western Community Curling Club (Alberton)

If no tiebreakers are required both playoffs will start at 9 am on March 13  
If only division requires tiebreakers the other division will have their playoffs start at 9 am on March 13
This same idea will be followed if one division requires two tiebreakers and the other only requires one                                                                                                                                         

Ch’ship Round Draw Tree

Team Rosters


Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Alt. Club
Paul Arsenault Paul Durant Edgar Coffin David Murphy   Cornwall Curling Club
Alan Inman Steven Thomson Daniel MacFadyen Nathan Hardy   Crapaud Community Curling Club
Matthew MacDonald Steven MacLeod Leonard McIsaac Harry Vanden Broek   Montague Curling Club
Bob Matheson Muncey Harris Dan Connelly Wayne Arsenault Ian MacMillan Maple Leaf Curling Club
Mitch O’Shea Rodney Hood Cory Arseneau Brent Campbell   Charlottetown Curling Complex
Leo Stewart Barry Cameron Darrell Thibeau Cory Montgomery   Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Community Complex
Glen Betts Eric McCarthy Russell Campbell Russell Neufeld   Western Community Curling Club


Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Club
Tammy Dewar Darlene London Robyn MacDonald Gail Greene Montague Curling Club
Susan Dowling-Shaw Melissa Morrow Jodi Murphy Cassandra McNaughton Charlottetown Curling Complex
Karen Gallant Wendy Fraser Anne Marie Muise Meaghan Henderson Western Community  Curling Club
Amanda MacLean Darcee Birch Lindsey Spencer Miranda Ellis Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Community Complex
Julie Mutch (throws 3rd) Lindsay Moore (throws 4th) Terri Wood Heather MacRae Crapaud Community Curling Club
Debbie Rhodenhizer Nancy MacFadyen (throws 2nd) Cindy Nicholson (throws 3rd) Sandra Sobey  Cornwall Curling Club

Last year’s event:

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