Q and A with PEI Travelers Women’s Team (Curling Canada)

(by Jean Mills) The 2017 Travelers Curling Club Championship is just a few months away. As curlers prepare to represent their province or territory in Kingston, teams are making important decisions about game strategy and tactics. We wanted to dig deeper and hear about some other important team decisions, opinions – and quirks!

Today’s interview is with the Team Prince Edward Island Women,  from the Crapaud Curling Club.
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Photo (L-R): Skip – Julie Mutch, Third – Lindsay Moore, Second – Terri Wood, Lead – Heather MacRae

Kingston is the home of one of Canada’s most iconic bands, the Tragically Hip. What Hip song best represents your team?

“When the weight comes down” – (Terri and Heather have to sweep harder!)

Being a curler would you rather a) Use a classic Hammer as your broom, or b) Slide with only duct tape?

Definitely duct tape – because we are fans of Red Green and generally carry duct tape with us at all times. Who doesn’t need more duct tape in their lives?

Who does your team want to represent Canada in curling at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea?

Ideally our local curling club heros: Alan, Steven, Daniel and Nathan….
No seriously though we can’t not choose our Island boy Brett Gallant and Team Gushue!

For the women’s side, while we would love to be the team selected, reality has set in… so we are all Team Homan!

Of curlers past and/or present, what’s the Dream Olympic Team you would hand pick to represent Canada? Men’s, Women’s or intriguing Mixed team perhaps?

Johnny Mo (skip), Cathy O (third), Kerry Galusha (second), Randy Ferbey (lead)

If you could create a slogan for your team, what would it be?

“Thank god we aren’t wearing mics!”

Outside of curling, obviously, what are some of your favourite things to do in your home province?

Well, a typical day on the Island for our team is starting out at the Spring Valley Building Centre – buying some green duct tape. Then we would travel north to the Cavendish Tourist Mart to stock up on some cold beverages. We would continue south to Kingston, P.E.I., to pick up some freshly dug new P.E.I. potatoes at Sky View Farms! (Shout out to our awesome off ice sponsors!)

What are you most looking forward to in Kingston during your team’s off time?

Not doing housework – Terri
Visiting my old workplace, Sir John A. MacDonald house – Julie
Not being at work or studying – Heather
Seeing if Lindsay gets put in the Pen – The whole team

Kingston is home to Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald –If you could be PM for a day would you do?

We would give more funding to small rural community curling clubs across the country!

What’s your most memorable team bonding experience?

The last couple of years our team has helped organize our Curling Club’s Annual Take-out Dinners, which is the biggest fundraiser for the club. Great Bonding time in the kitchen!

Aside from, of course, your own, which province/territory would you most like to live in and for what reasons?

Newfoundland: Remote and hard to get to! – Lindsay
British Columbia: On the ocean like P.E.I., except much warmer and with mountains! – Heather
Saskatchewan: Lots of Black Angus cattle as far as the eye can see! – Julie
Newfoundland: To keep Lindsay out of trouble – Terri

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The 2017 Travelers Curling Club Championship takes place November 20-25 at the Cataraqui Golf & Country Club in Kingston, Ont.

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