Pepsi Junior Curling Championship Winners Circle

Following today’s final games at the Pepsi Provincial Junior Curling Championships at the Maple Leaf Curling Club, it was time to present the trophies to the winners and runners-up, as well as the certificates to the winners of the Asham Coaching Awards, as voted on by all the coaches, and the Sportsmanship awards, as voted on by the players.

Here is the winning junior women’s team, Team Lenentine:

(L-R): Lauren Lenentine, Kristie Rogers, Breanne Burgoyne, Rachel O’Connor, Pat Quilty (Coach)

Here is the runner-up junior women’s team, Team Ferguson:

(L-R): Lauren Ferguson, Katie Shaw, Alexis Burris, Lexie Murray, David Murphy (Coach)

Here is the winning junior men’s rink, Team MacFadyen:

(L-R): Alex MacFadyen James Dalton, Leslie Noye, Parker MacFadyen, David MacFadyen (coach) 

Here are the junior men’s runners-up, Team Mitchell Schut:

(L-R): Mitchell Schut, Nick Johnston, Liam Kelly, Colin MacKenzie, Lori Robinson (coach) 

Asham Coach Award – Men’s Division winner: David MacFadyen, coach of Team MacFadyen,

Women’s Division winner: Pat Quilty, coach of Team Lenentine.

 Sportsmanship Award – Junior Men’s Division winner: Alec Huestis from Team Devin Schut (no picture), Junior Women’s Division winner, Lexie Murray from Team Ferguson.


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