Curl PEI taking orders for Trainwave Curling Edition Workbooks

Curl PEI is placing an order for Trainwave Curling Edition workbooks.  This is a sport-specific mental training workbook to support the programming efforts of curling coaches.  All activities, examples, and content have been reviewed and edited by Curling Canada’s national team coaches, athletes, and sport scientists to ensure accuracy, validity, and relevance.

Trainwave is designed in line with Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development framework and based on introductory sport psychology literature, as well as cognitive-behavioural interventions for psychological change.  Trainwave is packaged to be accessible, exciting, and practical for athletes.

The workbooks are $29 each (all fees in).

Please let Amy at Curl PEI know by Thursday, April 5 if you and/or your team is interested in purchasing.


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