Peter Gallant to coach Switzerland’s Tirinzoni team

Charlottetown’s Peter Gallant, who recently coached the South Korean Women’s Team to an Olympic Silver Medal, announced this evening that he will be taking on a new coaching assignment next season, for the Silvana Tirinzoni women’s rink, who were Switzerland’s representatives at the Olympics in PyeongChang.

Sportsnet Photo By: Anil Mungal

The Swiss team at the Olympics consisted of skip Tirinzoni, along with third Manuela Siegrist, second Esther Neuenschwander, and lead Marlene Albrecht, but announced recently that while Silvana and Esther are continuing on for the next Olympic cycle, third Manuela will “step back for a while to fully recover her knee injuries” and that “Marlene wants to take it easier next season but will still be seen on the ice here and there.” Alina Pätz and Melanie Barbezat will now join the team, so the new lineup will be Silvana Tirinzoni, Alina Paetz, Esther Neuenschwander, and Melanie Barbezat. Pätz is a two-time World champion who currently skips her own team on the World Curling Tour and is the former alternate player for the Mirjam Ott rink which represented Switzerland at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Melanie Barbezat is the skip of another Swiss team.

Peter Gallant

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