PEI Curler wins, and gets curling mention, on Jeopardy!

Summerside native and Charlottetown resident Jonathan Greenan, a member of the Tuesday evening team league foursome which also includes Darren Higgins, Tim Hockin and Mike Spencer, at the Silver Fox club in Summerside, recently appeared on Jeopardy!, becoming a champion on his first appearance, but losing on his second show after not finding the Daily Doubles and not knowing the Final Jeopardy clue. His two-day winnings totalled $29,201.

(L-R): Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, Jonathan Greenan (contributed)

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek started off his contestant interview with Greenan with the line “You’re a professional curler”. Greenan responded, “I wouldn’t say professional, I’d say semi-professional at best, and only because we’ve won a little bit of money here and there, at bonspiels”. Trebek asked about the “Canadian Brier” and Greenan responded that “we’re not quite there yet”.

Greenan is in the back row of this team photo (Twitter @MSpence06)

Trebek also happens to know a thing or two about curling. “Curling announcer” was one of his many jobs at the CBC before he moved to the US.

From left to right: Doug Maxwell, Alex Trebek, Johnny Wayne and Hec Gervais are seen in a photo promoting CBC-TV Championship Curling series in January 1968. (Robert Ragsdale/CBC Still Photo Collection)

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