Fullerton evens the score with Veronica Smith at the Scotties (Journal)

ALBERTON — There are no longer any undefeated teams in either the P.E.I men’s or women’s curling championships.

Skip Sarah Fullerton releases a rock during the P.E.I. Scotties provincial women’s curling championship in Alberton as her front end, Aleya Quilty, left, and Anita Casey await sweeping instructions. Fullerton downed previously unbeaten Veronica Smith Friday night to move to 4-1 (won-lost) in the standings with Smith. – Eric McCarthy

Veronica Smith’s Cornwall Curling Club team was the last to fall, losing 4-3 to Sarah Fullerton Friday night in the ‘B’ Qualifier of the P.E.I. Scotties modified triple knock-out championship.
Smith, with hammer, blanked the first two ends, but it was Fullerton who got on board first, stealing a single in the third. The teams traded deuces the next two ends and, after Smith blanked the sixth, Fullerton stole another single in the seventh to go up 4-2. After Smith got one point back in the eighth, it was Fullerton’s turn to blank an end and she then ran Smith out of rocks in the tenth.

There were two elimination games on the Friday night draw with Suzanne Birt and Melissa Morrow both getting the win they needed to stay alive. Birt downed Lisa Jackson 11-1 in five ends, and Morrow sidelined Chloé McCloskey 8-1 in eight ends, with each advancing team recording six stolen points.

From a starting field of seven women’s teams in the modified triple knock-out championship, now just four remain and all four of them will see action in Saturday’s 2 p.m. draw. Smith plays Morrow for a second time and Birt plays Fullerton. Winners advance to the ‘C’ Qualifier at 7 p.m.

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