Canadian Stick Curling Championship- Thank you

 The PEI Stick Curling Association and the Cornwall Club received many compliments from all across Canada as we played host to 62 teams from 8 provinces and the Yukon from March 31 to April 3. This was the largest championship in the history of Canadian stick curling. We were fortunate to have had the expertise and dedication of many people to make this happen. 
I will not attempt to name every person at the Charlottetown and Cornwall Clubs who helped make the event successful. However, I will identify the people who assumed leadership positions. They are: a)the core Host Committee from Stick Curl PEI- Audrey Callaghan, Roger Gavin, Shirley  Lank, Bryan Sutherland, and Ernie Stavert, b)managing the two days at Charlottetown were Kimball Blanchard, Cathy Dillon, and Dennis Fleming, c) Carolyn Crockett who coordinated the hospitality at Cornwall, d)Angela Hodgson who chaired the official opening e) Sterling Stratton for taking care of the entertainment at a very successful banquet, f) the staff at Cornwall under the leadership of Club Manager, Bev McCormick (special thanks to Lance Lowther and his crew for doing the ice every 2 hours for 4 long days). Bev’s experience and dedication were much appreciated g) finally to Amy Duncan and Derek MacEwen  for doing the program and live scoring for what was likely the largest event in the computer era of curling on PEI. Their work received accolades from many, many participants including the Canadian Stick Curling Executive. h)finally to Ruth Stavert for her assistance and patience over many months. To quote Bev McCormick, ” When the Staverts volunteer for something, you get two for one”
Once again thanks to all who contributed to a successful event.
Ernie Stavert  Chair

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