Cornwall Cup Stick Tourney set to go at Cornwall. Teams, format, Friday Draw

There is now a full draw of 16 teams for the Cornwall Cup Stick Curling Tournament on January 10-11.

Here are the teams entered and the draw format:

  The Cornwall Cup – January 10th & 11th. 2020    
        Group A      Group B     Group C       Group D
Janette Fraser   Alva Clarey   Myrna Craswell   Shelley Ebbett
Carolyn Crockett   John Dunsford   Barry Craswell   Shoji Yamamoto
Sterling Higginbotham   Vern Chowan   Leslie Hardy   Ruth Stavert
Wayne Chiasson   Bill Allen   Ensor Waite   Gloria Clarke
Joe Gill    Italo Marzari   Paul Arsenault   Wayne MacPherson
Doug Campbell   Glen Singleton   Roddie MacLean   Chuck Sawatsky
Bernie Field   Bernard Keefe   Tom O’Rourke   Elaine Hughes
Paul Field   Anne Marie DesRoches   John MacDonald   Etta Reid
Qualifiers on Friday. (Playoffs on Saturday.)
Top two teams qualify from each group.
Tie-breakers. (1) Head-to head. (2) Total points. (3) Total number of ends won. (4) Draw to the button – 1 per team.
Hammer decided by coin-toss.
POINTS – 6 for a win (3 each for a tie) / 1 point for each end won. (ZERO for blank ends.) / Maximum of 3 points for point difference.

Here is the Draw for the Friday Qualifying Round:

  Sheet 1   Sheet 2                      Sheet 3               Sheet 4    
9 a.m. Fraser / Crockett   Gill / Campbell   Clarey / Dunsford   Marzari / Singleton  
  v   v   v   v  
  Higgenbotham / Chiasson   Field /  Field   Chowan / Allen   Keefe / DesRoches  
10 a.m. Craswell / Craswell   Arsenault / MacLean   Ebbett / Yamamoto   MacPherson /Sawatsky  
  v   v   v   v  
  Hardy / Waite   O’Rouke / MacDonald   Stavert / Clarke   Hughes / Reid  
11 a.m. Clarey / Dunsford   Fraser / Crockett   Higgenbotham / Chiasson   Chowan / Allen  
  v   v   v   v  
  Marzari / Singleton   Gill / Campbell   Field / Field   Keefe / DesRoches  
1 p.m. Ebbett / Yamamoto   Craswell / Craswell   Hardy /Waite    Stavert /Clarke  
  v   v   v   v  
  MacPherson / Sawatsky   Arsenault / MacLean   O’Rourke / MacDonald   Hughes /Reid  
2 p.m. Higgenbotham / Chiasson   Clarey / Dunsford   Chowan / Allen   Fraser / Crockett  
  v   v   v   v  
  Gill / Campbell   Keefe / DesRoches   Marzari / Singleton   Field / Field  
3 p.m. Stavert / Clarke   Ebbett / Yamamoto   Craswell / Craswell   Hardy / Waite  
  v   v   v   v  
  MacPherson / Sawatsky   Hughes / Reid   O’Rourke / MacDonald   Arsenault / MacLean  

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