Curl Moncton hosting International Junior Summer Spiel in mid-August

August 14
August 16
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Felipe Marin
(506) 654-6284

HAVE FUN!  It’s summer time

  • Format is round-robin
  • The winner of the round-robin will be the winner of the spiel
  • Tie-breaking procedure:
    • Record versus each other: if two teams tied, or if three teams end up tied, but one team beat other two
    • Accumulative LSD: if more that two teams are tied, and if record versus each other doesn’t break tie (all LSD shots count towards team total)
  • All games are 8 ends & 5-rock rule in effect
  • If score ends tied, play extra end(s)
  • Rock colour is pre-determined on draw sheet
  • Each team will have a 10-minute pre-game practice
  • Blue rocks practice first and throw clockwise turn for LSD
  • Yellow rocks practice second and throw counter-clockwise turn for LSD
  • After 9 minutes, the team will throw a draw to the button to determine hammer
  • Each player must throw at least one LSD
  • If the LSD is not in the rings or covering the pin, a different player will throw another LSD
  • If two teams are tied after two LSD’s each, a coin toss will determine hammer
  • There will be a 4th end break for 3 minutes
  • If there is an extra end, 1-minute break before extra end
  • Each team will have two 1-minute time-outs, during the game and one 1-minute time-out in the extra end(s)

Info and registration:

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